Claude Jean Pitre

1701 Port Royal – Bef. 27 November 1759



Claude Jean Pitre was born circa 1701 in Acadia, the third child of Jean Denis Pitre and Francoise Babin.  The 1701 census of Riviere de l’Ascension at Les Mines lists the family of four which included Claude Jean’s older brothers Jean & Joseph.  Within two years they were located at Beaubassin with Claude Jean now making 3 sons for the couple.  They were found at Cap Sable in 1708, and by 1717 the family had removed to Ile Royale and had increased to 5 boys and 5 girls.


Circa 1724 Claude Jean married sixteen-year-old Marguerite Doiron.  (Two of Claude Jean’s siblings would go on to marry two of Marguerite’s siblings.)  They had seven sons over the next 20 years (with a possible eighth who died at the age of 12 in Cherbourg).


Cobequid appears in the council records of Port Royal in December of 1744.  The council had ordered an investigation into Acadian support of the enemy, and two representatives (Claude Pitre & Pierre Therriot) from Cobequid showed up.  Although they denied assisting Duvivier, it came out that Joseph Dugas and Joseph LeBlanc had sent two herds of cattle and sheep from Minas to Louisbourg via Cobequid.  It doesn't seem that any action was taken.


Both Claude Jean and Marguerite probably died before or during the deportations as there is no sign of them having sought refuge elsewhere.  Oldest son Benjamin, a widower, and his daughter Agnes arrived at St. Malo on 23rd January 1759 from one of the "Five Ships".  Four other sons, Claude, Paul, Francois, and Raphael, arrived at St. Malo from Cherbourg on 20th July 1759.  Younger brother Olivier, his wife and children arrived at St. Malo from St. Pierre and Miquelon on 13th November 1767 on the schooner La Creole.  (Unknown what became of Jean Baptiste.)



Continuation of tree (3rd child of Jean Denis Pitre/Francoise Babin); all known surname descendants:

      3     Claude Jean Pitre  b: Abt. 1701  Acadia; d: Bef. 27 November 1759

                 +Marguerite Doiron  b: Abt. 1708  Acadia; m: Abt. 1724  Cobequit, Acadia [Noel/Marie Henry]; d: Bef. 27 November 1759

        4       Benjamin Pitre  b: Abt. 1725  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 30 September 1782  St. Pierre de Reze, Bretagne, France

                        +Jeanne Moyse  b: 29 July 1714  Port Royal, Acadia; m: Abt. 1747  Acadia [Francois/Marie Brun]; d: 1758  at sea during the crossing to France

        4       Claude Pitre  b: Abt. 1727  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 26 February 1769  Mordreux, France

                        +Rosalie Landry  b: Abt. 1734  Acadia; m: 6 November 1752  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean [Joseph/Elizabeth Vincent]; d: Bef. 1764

                  *2nd Wife of Claude Pitre:

                        +Marie Blanche Richard  b: Abt. 1737  Acadia; m: 25 September 1764  Pleudihen, Cotes du Nord, France [Pierre/Marie Boudrot]; d: Aft. 1791  Lafourche, LA

        4       Jean Baptiste Pitre  b: Abt. 1729  Acadia

        4       Paul Hypolite Pitre  b: Abt. 1732  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 31 January 1767  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France

                        +Marguerite Louise Valet  b: 15 December 1743  St. Pierre du Nord, Ile St. Jean; m: 8 February 1763  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France [Louis Vallet dit Langevin/Marie Brigitte Pinet]; d: Aft. 1780

        4       Francois Pitre  b: Abt. 1734  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 18 September 1762  Pleurtuit, France

                        +Ursule Breau  b: Abt. 1740  Cobequit, Acadia; m: 18 March 1762  Pleurtuit, Ille et Villaine, France [Joseph/Ursule Bourg]; d: Bet. 1791 - 1795  Lafourche, LA

        4       Raphael Pitre  b: Abt. 1739  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 30 June 1763  Mordreux, France

        4       Olivier Pitre  b: Abt. 1741  Cobequit, Acadia; d: Abt. 1784  France

                        +Marie Latreille Moyse  b: Abt. 1741  Isle Royale; m: 23 April 1763  Louisbourg, Isle Royale [Louis/Marie Louise Petitpas]; d: Bet. 1810 - 1820  Lafourche, LA

        4       Ambroise Pitre  b: Abt. 1746  Acadia; d: 14 December 1758  Cherbourg, France



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