Olivier Pitre

1741 Acadia – 1784 France



Olivier Pitre was born c1741 at Cobequit, Acadia, the 7th of eight sons born to Claude Jean Pitre and Marguerite Doiron.  His parents had died by the time he was 18, but what became of him in the interval is somewhat vague.


His brothers, Benjamin, Claude, Paul, Francois & Raphael, all arrived in France in 1759 but, for whatever reason, Olivier is not recorded with that group.  We know that he ended up eventually at Louisbourg, Isle Royale (now Cape Breton).


On 23rd April 1763 at Louisbourg, Olivier married Marie Latreille Moyse, the daughter of Louis Moyse and Marie Petitpas.  While on Isle Royale, their first two children were born, Jean Baptiste & VictoireOlivier is then found on Miquelon on 15th May 1767, listed as Olivier Pitre 24 (come from Louisbourg), wife Marie Moyse 22, son Joseph 3, daughter Marie 2, and Louis Moyse 38 (Marie's brother).


The family left Miquelon six months later and arrived in St. Malo on 13th November 1767 on the schooner La Creole.   Olivier, wife Marie, Jean and Victoire settled in St. Suliac.  Daughter Marie Cecile was born the following month (died at age 3 ½), followed by Francoise Olive, Marie Ludivinne (died at age 9 months) & Louis Constant.  On 15th November 1775 the remaining family was in the 2nd Convoy leaving Chatellerault for Nantes, consisting of Olivier Pitre 38 seaman (listed as absent), Marie Moyse 37, and children Victoire 12, Jean-Baptiste 13, Francoise 5, & Louis-Constant 1.


Two more daughters were born: Julie Aimee (died as an infant), and Marie Martine (died about age 4).  Probably Olivier died at about the same time because his widow Marie Moyse 45 boarded L’Amitie with only their children Victoire 19, Francoise 14 & Louis Constant 10, and left France for Louisiana in 1785.


The following spring Francoise Olive married Mathurin Chevalier Frelot , and nine months later Victoire married Jean Saisizo.  The 1788 & 1791 Lafourche censuses show Marie Moyse and Constant on a six-arpent lot, with corn and hogs.  Son Louis Constant married in 1797 to Marie Rose Guidry, and it is likely that his mother lived out her days with his family.




Continuation of tree (7th child of Claude Jean Pitre/Marguerite Doiron); all known surname descendants: 

     4     Olivier Pitre  b: Abt. 1741  Cobequit, Acadia; d: Abt. 1784  France       

                  +Marie Latreille Moyse  b: Abt. 1741  Isle Royale; m: 23 April 1763  Louisbourg, Isle Royale [Louis/Marie Louise Petitpas]; d: Bet. 1810-1820  Lafourche, LA

            5          Jean Baptiste Pitre  b: Abt. 8 June 1764  Cap Breton, NS; d: 22 March 1785  Chantenay, Bretagne, France

            5          Victoire Pitre  b: Abt. 21 December 1765  Cap Breton, NS; d: 25 July 1829  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                                    +Jean Saisizo  b: Abt. 1760; m: 14 February 1787  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA; d: Abt. 1797  Lafourche, LA

                            *2nd Husband of Victoire Pitre:                   

                                    +Etienne Gabriel Poirau  b: Abt. 1765  St. Sebastien, Nantes, France; m: 30 May 1798  Plattenville, Assumption, LA [Eteinne/Louise Isabel Leboeuf]

            5          Marie Cecile Pitre  b: 19 December 1767  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: 23 May 1771  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France

            5          Francoise Olive Pitre  b: 17 November 1770  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: Abt. 9 May 1826  Lafourche, LA

                                    +Mathurin Chevalier Frelot  b: Abt. 1757; m: 9 May 1786  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA; d: Bet. 1795-1802  Lafourche, LA

                            *2nd Husband of Francoise Olive Pitre:         

                                    +Jean Baptiste Boudrot  b: 21 October 1767  Trigavou, Cotes du Nord, France; m: 26 December 1802  Plattenville, Assumption, LA [Olivier/Anne Dugas]; d: 13 June 1807  Opelousas, St. Landry, LA

                            *3rd Husband of Francoise Olive Pitre:                    

                                    +Jean Lafont  b:  Bordeaux, France; m: 1 September 1808  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA [Joseph/Louise Auray]

            5          Marie Ludivinne Pitre  b: 24 September 1772  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: 23 June 1773  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France

            5          Louis Constant Pitre  b: Abt. 1774  St. Roman, Poitiers, France; d: Aft. 1820  Lafourche, LA

                                    +Marie Rose Guidry  b: 19 April 1779  St. Donaciano, Nantes, France; m: 28 August 1797  Plattenville, Assumption, LA [Pierre Janvier/Marie Josephe Lebert]; d: Aft. 1822  Lafourche, LA

            5          Julie Aimee Pitre  b: Abt. 1777  Chantenay, Bretagne, France; d: 5 December 1777  Chantenay, Bretagne, France

            5          Marie Martine Pitre  b: Abt. 1779  Chantenay, Bretagne, France; d: 2 June 1783  Chantenay, Bretagne, France




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