Benjamin Pitre

1725 Acadia – 30 September 1782 France




Benjamin Pitre was born c1725 at Cobequit, Acadia, the eldest child of Claude Jean Pitre and Marguerite Doiron.  He was followed by seven brothers.


About 1747 Benjamin married Jeanne Moyse, the eldest daughter born at Port Royal of Francois Moyse and Marie Brun.  Benjamin and Jeanne had a son Canute, and two daughters Agnes and Francoise, before being deported to France.  This, as for so many other families, became an ill-fated journey.


Only Benjamin and his oldest daughter Agnes survived the crossing.  They arrived at St. Malo on 23rd of January 1759 from one of the "Five Ships".   They lived in St. Suliac for the first six months and in La Gouesniere for the last six months of 1759.  It was at La Gouesniere where Benjamin married again to Marguerite Boudrot, a woman about 15 years his junior.  They settled in St. Suliac where their first five children were born. 


On 15 September 1772 Benjamin was listed as 45 years old, a widower (sic), a little deranged, and as being from St. Malo. Marguerite Boudrot, his second wife, spins and sews.


Following the birth of the next two children, Benjamin Pitre, wife Marguerite Boudrot, and their family totaling nine persons, were in the 4th Convoy leaving Chatellerault for Nantes (6 March –13 March 1776).  At Nantes, Benjamin’s eldest daughter Agnes married Joseph Guerin.  Six years later Benjamin died at the age of 57. 


Only three years later the remaining family members left France for Louisiana on L’Amite.  They consisted of Benjamin’s widow Margueritte Boudrou 46, children Marie 23, Magdelaine 21, Cecille 15, Marguerite 14, Etienne 7, and Jean 4.  (Agnes’ family left France for Louisiana as well.)


The 1788 Lafourche census (left bank) found Margueritte Boudreaut widow Pitre 47, Marie 25, Magdeleinne 23, Olivette 19, Margueritte 17, and Jean 6 with 6 arpents of land, 20 quarts of corn, and 1 swine.  (Marie, Madeleine and Marguerite were actually already married at this point.)




Continuation of tree (1st child of Claude Jean Pitre/Marguerite Doiron); all known surname descendants:

     4     Benjamin Pitre  b: Abt. 1725  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 30 September 1782  St. Pierre de Reze, Bretagne, France

                  +Jeanne Moyse  b: 29 July 1714  Port Royal, Acadia; m: Abt. 1747  Acadia [Francois/Marie Brun]; d: 1758  at sea during the crossing to France

            5          Agnes Pitre  b: Abt. 1748  Cobequit, Acadia; d: Aft. 1798  Louisiana

                          +Joseph Guerin  b: Abt. 1753  Acadia; m: 30 April 1776  St. Similien, Nantes, France [Dominique/Anne Leblanc]; d: 12 December 1813  Plattenville, Assumption, LA

            5          Francoise Pitre  b: Abt. 1749  Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France

            5          Canute Pitre  b: Abt. 1755; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France


            *2nd Wife of Benjamin Pitre:                                                 

                  +Marguerite Boudrot  b: Abt. 1741  Acadia; m: 27 November 1759  La Gouesniere, Ille-et-Villaine, France [Jean Baptiste/Catherine Brassaud]; d: Aft. 1788  Louisiana

            5          Marie Pitre  b: 25 November 1761  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: 2 December 1825  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                          +Antoine Marin  b: Abt. 1746; m: Abt. 1787  Lafourche, LA; d: Bef. 1825

            5          Madeleine Modeste Pitre  b: 22 July 1763  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: 26 October 1793  Plattenville, Assumption, LA

                          +Jean Alain Gautrot  b: 27 September 1764  Pleslin, Cotes du Nord, France; m: 21 January 1786  St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA [Alexandre/Marguerite Hebert]

                         *2nd Husband of Madeleine Modeste Pitre:

                          +Antoine Renaud  b: Abt. 1760  Bordeaux; m: 17 August 1792  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA [Francois/Marie Berrinel]; d: Aft. 1793

            5          Jean Baptiste Pitre  b: 22 December 1765  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: 13 January 1767  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France

            5          Cecile Olive Pitre  b: 19 January 1768  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: Aft. 1788 Louisiana

            5          Marguerite Charlotte Pitre  b: 25 January 1770  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: Bet. 1798-1807  Lafourche, LA

                          +Armand Philipe Fremin  b: Abt. 1768  Chantenay, Bretagne, France; m: 14 February 1787  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA [Armand/Anne Taunee]; d: Bet. September 1808-1820

            5          Francois Jean Baptiste Pitre  b: 12 August 1773  St. Suliac, Bretagne, France; d: 20 September 1781  St. Pierre de Reze, Bretagne, France

            5          Genevieve Louise Pitre  b: 17 July 1775  Vienne, France; d: 9 September 1777  St. Pierre de Reze, Bretagne, France

            5          Etienne Pitre  b: Abt. 4 June 1778  France; d: Bet. 1785 - 1788 Louisiana

            5          Jean Pitre  b: Abt. 2 October 1780  St. Pierre de Reze, Bretagne, France; d: Bet. 1813-1832  Ascension, LA

                          +Marie Reine Bourg  b: Abt. 17 November 1789  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA; m: 1 September 1808  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA [Jean/Catherine Viaud]; d: 10 November 1832  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

            5          Mathurin Pitre  b: Abt. 24 January 1783  Nantes, France; d: 3 February 1783  Nantes, France



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