Claude Pitre

1727 Acadia – 26 February 1769 France



Claude Pitre was born c1727 at Cobequit, Acadia, the 2nd of eight sons to Claude Jean Pitre and Marguerite Doiron.  Claude does not show up in the 1752 Ile St. Jean census, but it is there at Port Lajoie he married Rosalie Landry in November of 1752.  Presumably both families were late arrivals to the island.  Having found no records of children, one might conclude that Rosalie died soon after the marriage.


On 20th July 1759 Claude and his brothers Paul, Francois and Raphael arrived at St. Malo from CherbourgClaude initially lived in Pleudihen but was taken prisoner by the English and spent the next few years in EnglandClaude returned to Pleudihen in 1763 and remarried to Marie Blanche Richard the following year.  Marie Blanche was ten years his junior and another Acadian refugee.  They had three children, Honore Marie, Olivier Charles & Marie Charlotte.


The hardships Claude had endured finally took its toll and he died in Mordreux listed as aged 40, only two weeks after the birth of his daughter.  Son Honore Marie succumbed that summer and Olivier Charles died at the age of 6 ˝.


In 1785 the remains of Claude’s family sailed for Louisiana on La Ville d'ArchangelMarie Richard widow of Claude Pitre 42, and their daughter Marie 16.  Marie Charlotte married in January 1786 to Joseph Marie Boudrot.  They, along with her mother, settled in Lafourche.  Marie Blanche Richard moved in with the family of widower Francois Landry and was found there in 1788 and 1791.



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Claude Jean Pitre/Marguerite Doiron); all known surname descendants:

     4     Claude Pitre  b: Abt. 1727  Cobequit, Acadia; d: 26 February 1769  Mordreux, France

                  +Rosalie Landry  b: Abt. 1734  Acadia; m: 6 November 1752  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean [Joseph/Elizabeth Vincent]; d: Bef. 1764 


              *2nd Wife of Claude Pitre:                                                        

                  +Marie Blanche Richard  b: Abt. 1737  Acadia; m: 25 September 1764  Pleudihen, Cotes du Nord, France [Pierre/Marie Boudrot]; d: Aft. 1791  Lafourche, LA      

            5          Honore Marie Pitre  b: 26 June 1765  La Chapelle de Mordreux, France; d: 31 August 1769  La Chapelle de Mordreux, France

            5          Olivier Charles Pitre  b: 20 January 1767  Pleudihen, Cotes du Nord, France; d: 3 November 1773  Pleudihen, Cotes du Nord, France

            5          Marie Charlotte Pitre  b: 13 February 1769  Pleudihen, France; d: 14 November 1786  Ascension, Lafourche, LA

                                    + Joseph Marie Boudrot  b: 30 September 1765  Mordreux, France; m: 28 January 1786  St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA [Etienne/Marguerite Thibodeau]; d: Abt. 1812  Lafourche, LA     



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