Toussaint Pitre

1863 Anchorville, Michigan 1952 Merrill, Michigan



Continuation of tree (8th child of Francois Pitre/2nd wife Pauline Adelaide Dequindre); all known surname descendants:

              7          Toussaint Pitre  b: 5 November 1863  Anchorville, St. Clair, MI; d: 28 September 1952  Merrill, Saginaw, MI

                               +Gilfera 'Mary' Bethui (aka Betwe)  b: 12 March 1867  Ira, St. Clair, MI; m: 13 October 1885  Bay City, Bay, MI [Alexander/Adaline Gosselin]; d: 13 February 1937  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI

                         8          Walter Stephons Petre  b: 10 August 1886  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 30 June 1958  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI

                                        +Grace Alma Lee  b: 17 June 1892  Hunter, Greene, NY: m: 6 April 1910  Stamford, Delaware, NY [David/Ida Dibble]; d: 1 May 1939  Stamford, Delaware, NY

                         8          Floyd Louis Petre  b: 28 February 1888  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 5 June 1970  Billings, Yellowstone, MT

                                        +Rosa Jock  b: February 1889  Michigan; m: 25 November 1908  Merrill, Saginaw, MI [Richard/Josephine Peltier] (divorced 6 April 1915); d: 25 October 1950  Highland Park, Wayne, MI

                         8          Mary Belle Petre  b: 6 December 1889  Reese, Tuscola, MI; d: 6 July 1970  Merrill, Saginaw, MI

                                         +Howard Lyle Barber  b: 27 March 1889  St. Louis, Gratiot, MI; m: 9 July 1917  Merrill, Saginaw, MI [David L./Ida Visbee]; d: 19 February 1951  Merrill, Saginaw, MI

                         8           Leo Julius Petre  b: 21 February 1891  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 25 October 1948  Ontario, San Bernardino, CA

                                        +Bessie Marilla Snyder b: 16 February 1890  Midland Co., MI; m: 4 August 1913  Billings, Yellowstone, MT [William F./Mary O'Donnell]; d: 20 January 1989  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

                         8          Clarence Obary Petre  b: 13 May 1894  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 5 February 1955  Merrill, Saginaw, MI

                                        +Martha J. Leedke  b: 4 November 1895  Richland, Saginaw, MI; m: 27 November 1923  Merrill, Saginaw, MI [Herman/Anne Riley]; d: 4 October 1977  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI

                         8          Herbert A. Petre  b: 17 November 1895  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 23 November 1933  Pomona, Los Angeles, CA

                                        +Jessie Mildred Cadwell  b: 6 October 1899  St. Charles, Saginaw, MI; m: 27 August 1921  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI [Charles Edwin/Mina King]; d: 4 May 1995  Placerville, El Dorado, CA

                         8          female Petre  b: 13 September 1897  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 14 September 1897  Gilford, Tuscola, MI

                         8          Lottie Petre  b: 12 July 1898  Gilford, Tuscola, MI; d: 11 December 1980  Cedar Springs, Kent, MI

                                        +Frank J. Shannon  b: 29 December 1883  Merrill, Saginaw, MI; m: 29 October 1928  Merrill, Saginaw, MI [John R./Mary Keenan]; d: 5 November 1964  Saginaw, MI

                         8          Delos Petre  b: 4 July 1900  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI; d: 15 November 1958  Houghton Lake, Roscommon, MI

                                        +Bernice M. Leddy  b: 1 April 1906  Thomas, Saginaw, MI; m: 3 November 1926  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI [Michael/Margaret Davis]; d: 27 October 1992  Midland, Midland, MI

                         8          Della Petre  b: 15 May 1903  Reese, Tuscola, MI; d: 24 March 1968  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI

                                        +Sigmund A. Kwiatkowski  b: 12 May 1903  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI; m: 1 September 1932  Merrill, Saginaw, MI [W.G./Mary Donitski]; d: 13 August 1975  Au Gres, Arenac, MI

                         8          Charles Leonard Petre  b: Abt. 1905  Saginaw, MI; d: 2 August 1939  Ontario, San Bernardino, CA

                                        +Eileen Catherine Skillman  b: 7 September 1907  Ontario, San Bernardino, CA; m: 15 June 1935 [Arthur D./Julia D. Early]; d: 31 August 1960  Clearwater, BC

                         8          Grace Petre  b: 27 September 1907  Jonesfield, Saginaw, MI; d: 10 August 1987  West Branch, Ogemaw, MI

                                        +Gerald Trahan  b: 11 September 1907  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI; m: 12 June 1929  Merrill, Saginaw, MI [Clarence/Blanche Bander]; d: 25 July 1948  Merrill, Saginaw, MI

                                      *2nd Husband of Grace Petre:

                                        +--- Walker


Notes for Toussaint Pitre:


- 1900 Gilford, Tuscola, Michigan:  Tousaint Petre 36 (farmer), wife of 14 years Mary 33 (7 of 8 children still living), Walter 12, Floyd 12, Bell 10, Leo 9, Clarance 6, Herbert 3, Lottie 1.

- 1910 Jonesfield, Saginaw, MI:  Tusan Petre 45, wife of 26 years Mary 43 (11 of 12 children still living), Leo J. 19, Clarence 15, Herbert 14, Lottie 11, Dalor 10, Ducea 6, Leonard 4, Grace 2, widowed brother-in-law Alexander Batour 46.

- 1920 Jonesfield, Merrill, Saginaw, MI:  Tusan Petre 56 (RR laborer), wife Mary 52, Lottie 21, Della 16, Leonard 14, Grace 12, brother-in-law Alexander Beture 57 (farm laborer).

- 1930 Merrill, Saginaw, MI:  Tusan Petrie 66, wife of 44 years Marie 63, Dellad 26, Deloss Petrie 29, his wife of 3 years Bernies 24, Robert D. 6 months.  In Tekonsha, Calhoun, MI: Leonard Petrie 24 printer/newspaper.

- 1940 Merrill, Saginaw, MI:  Delos Pitre 39 section laborer/P.M. Railroad, wife Bernise 34, Robert 10, Mary 7, widowed father Tusan 76 retired farmer.  [Jonesfield, 126 Railroad]   In Ontario, San Bernardino, CA:   Leonard's widow Eileen C. Petre 32 teacher/public school, Ann C. Petre 1, living with her parents & brother.

- 1950 Merrill, Saginaw, MI:  Delos Petre 49 trackman/railroad co., wife Bernice 44, Mary 17 saleslady/drug store, widowed father Tousan 86.

Tombstone Inscription, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saginaw, MI:  PETRE / Mary G. / 1867 - 1937 / Tousan / 1863 - 1952



- Saginaw News, Saturday, 7 September 1918:  Merrill -  Mr. and Mrs. Tusan Petre of Merrill, have a splendid military record in their family.. They have seven sons, three of whom are in service in France, one in Camp Syracuse, Syracuse, N.Y., and two in the draft age.  The other is in school.

- Saginaw News, Friday, 8 November 1918:  Merrill - In a letter to his mother, Mrs. Mary Petre, Deloss Petre states that he took part in the great allied counter-attack on the Marne salient July 18 that started the Huns backwards towards Germany and began the disintegration of the German western front.  In that battle the marines covered themselves with glory, but at a terrible cost of killed and wounded.

- Saginaw News, Saturday, 10 May 1919:  Merrill - Herbert Petre, who has been in overseas service, arrived in Merrill Wednesday night and is at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tusan Petre.

- Saginaw News, Friday, 25 July 1919:  Clarence Petre is spending a 30-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tusan Petre.  He has been in military service since October, 1909 and still has some time to serve.  He spent four years in the Philippines and two years in France.  He came to Merrill from Newport News, Va., and at the close of his furlough will go to Douglas, Arizona.

- Saginaw News, Thursday, 23 February 1922:  Merrill - Mr. and Mrs. Tusan Petre spent a week with friends at Clio.

- Midland Daily News (Midland, MI), Tuesday, 7 November 1950:  Mt. Haley - Tousan Petre, grand old man of Merrill, was the honor guest at an open house given for him by his daughter, Mrs. Grace Trahan, at the Trahan home Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Petre celebrated his 87th birthday.  He suffered a fractured hip in the spring but has recovered enough to get around with the help of a crutch and cane.


WWI registration records (sons):

Walter Stephons Petre:  Walter S. Petre; res. Oneonta, N.Y.; born 10 Aug 1886 (Gilford, MI); RR trainman; wife & 2 children; medium height, medium build; gray eyes & black hair; 5 June 1917.

Floyd Louis Petre:  Floyd Louis Petre, res, Billings, MT; b. 28 Feb 1888 Gilford, MI; farmer; single; short height, stout build, blue eyes/brown hair; 5 June 1917

Obituaries for the children:

Walter Stephons Petre:  Tombstone Inscription, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Saginaw, MI:  Walter S. / Petre / Michigan / CPL / 71 Engineers / World War I / August 10, 1886 / June 30, 1958


Floyd Louis Petre:  The Billings Gazette (Billings, MT), Saturday, 6 June 1970:  Floyd Lewis Petrie, 82, of 812 Custer Ave., died Friday morning at New Western Manor.  He had been in the nursing home since Nov. 14, 1969.  Mr. Petrie was born Feb. 28, 1888, in Gilford, Mich., a son of Mr. and Mrs. Tousan Petrie.  He married Rose Jock in Merrill, Mich., in 1909.  They moved to Billings in 1914 and started in the dairy business.  In 1947 he began farming east of town until he moved into town in 1950.  He was a member of the St. Pius Catholic Church.  Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Dallas Clark, Clawson, Mich., and Mrs. Thelma Clark, Santa Anna, Calif.; three sisters, Mrs. Lottie Shannon and Mrs. Bell Barber, both of Merrill, Mich., and Mrs. Grace Walker of Texas; four grandchildren.  Rosary will be in Smith's Funeral Chapel, Monday, 7:30 p.m., and requiem mass will be in St. Pius Catholic Church, 10:00 a.m., Tuesday.  Burial will be in Mountview Cemetery.


Mary Belle Petre:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Mary's Cemetery, Hemlock, MI:  Howard L. Barber / Michigan / Asst Band Ldr 328 FA 85 Div / World War I / March 27, 1889 - Feb. 19, 1951  //  Mary B. Barber / 1889 - 1970


Clarence Petre:  Tombstone Inscription, Hemlock Cemetery, Hemlock, Saginaw, MI:  Clarence O. Petre / Michigan / PVT Co F 19th Infantry / May 13, 1894 - Feb. 5, 1955 // Martha Petre / 1895 - 1977


Herbert A. Petre:  Tombstone Inscription:  Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA:  Herbert A. / Petere / Michigan / chauffeur / 1103 AERO SQ. / November 23, 1933


Lottie Petre:  Tombstone Inscription, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Lakefield, MI:  Father / Frank J. Shannon / 1883 - 1964  //  Mother / Lottie Shannon / 1898 - 1980


Delos Petre:  Lansing State Journal (Lansing, MI), Sunday, 16 November 1958:  Delos Petre, 58, of Merrill, suffered the fatal heart attack while hunting in Roscommon county.

Tombstone Inscription, St. Marys Cemetery, Hemlock, MI:  Delos J. Petre / Michigan / CPL BTRY F 18 Field Arty / World War I / July 4, 1900 - Nov 15, 1958


Della Petre:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Andrew Cemetery, Saginaw, MI:  Kwiatkowski / Mother / Della B. / 1903 - 1968 / Father / Sigmund A. / 1903 - 1975


Charles Leonard Petre:  The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, CA), Friday, 4 August 1939:  Life Ended by Long Illness - Ontario, Aug. 3 - Charles Leonard Petre, 34, West California boulevard, died late yesterday at San Antonio hospital, following a long illness with undulent fever, complicated a week ago by leukaemia.  Many blood transfusions administered in an effort to save his life proved unavailing.  Mr. Petre, who was employed at the Ontario plant of the General Electric Co., is survived by his wife, Eileen Skillman Petre; a daughter, Ann Cathryn Petre, age one year; his father, Tousan Petre, Merrill, Mich.; four sisters, Mrs. H. L. Barber, Mrs. Frank Shannon and Mrs. Grace Trayham, Merrill, Mich., and Mrs. P. Kowquaski, Saginaw, Mich.; and five brothers, Leo of Ontario, Walter, Clarence and DeLos of Merrill, Mich., and Floyd of Great Falls, Mont.  A rosary service was conducted at 8 o'clock this evening at the Richardson mortuary, 123 West G street, and the funeral will be held tomorrow, 9 a.m., at St. George's Catholic church, of which Mr. Petre was a member.  The Rev. James Houlihan will officiate and interment will be in Bellevue cemetery.


Grace Petre:  Tombstone Inscription, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saginaw, MI:  Grace Trahan / 1907 - 1987  //  Gerald Trahan / 1907 - 1948


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