Prospere Pitre

1831 Rustico, PEI before 1881



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Zozime Pitre/Rose Arseneau); all known surname descendants:

              7     Prospere Pitre  b: 10 December 1831  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: Bet 1877-1881

                             +Marie Gallant  b: 1 August 1830  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: 19 October 1852  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Jacques/Rose Julie Gautrot]; d: Abt. 1861  Rustico, PEI      

                        8       Jerome Pitre  b: 11 August 1853  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 7 April 1909  Salem, Essex, MA

                                    + Justine Isabella Pitre  b: 11 September 1856  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: 26 October 1875  St. Alexis, Matapedia, Quebec [Severe/Charlotte Doiron]; d: 1 March 1941  Salem, Essex, MA             

                        8       Veronique Pitre  b: 15 December 1854  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 18 May 1900  Rogersville, Northumberland, NB

                                    + Jerome Blaquiere  b: 1 October 1849  Rustico, PEI; m: Abt. 1874 [Amand/Marguerite Pitre]       

                        8      Rose Pitre  b: 16 November 1856  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI

                        8      Moyse Pitre  b: 26 February 1859  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: Bef. 1860

                        8      Moyse Pitre  b: 13 October 1860  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI


                               *2nd Wife of Prospere Pitre:                                                     

                                    +Seraphine Martin  b: 26 May 1839  Rustico, PEI; m: 21 January 1862  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Lazare/Charlotte Blanchard]; d: Aft. 1891  Hope River, PEI

                        8      Andre Pitre  b: 30 November 1862  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 20 May 1898  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI

                                    +Veronique Doiron  b: 25 July 1870  Rustico, PEI; m: Abt. 1889 [Pierre/Edesse Buote]; d: 30 December 1938  Charlottetown, PEI

                        8      Judith Pitre  b: 12 January 1865  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1881    

                        8      Francoise Charlotte Pitre  b: 12 May 1866  Rustico, PEI; d: 23 January 1928  North Rustico, PEI

                                    +Pierre Blaquiere  b: 12 February 1862  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: 21 January 1890  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI [Fidele/Isabelle Pineau]; d: 5 July 1946  Rustico, PEI   

                        8      Pacifique Pitre  b: 29 November 1867  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 1947  Rockland, Plymouth, MA 

                                    +Mary Josephine Kelly  b: Abt. 1887  County Cork, Ireland; m: 1 October 1907  Weymouth, Norfolk, MA [John/Mary Sullivan]; d: 1941  Rockland, Plymouth, MA

                        8      Napoleon Pitre  b: 10 March 1872  Rustico, PEI; d: 12 September 1936  Charlottetown, PEI

                        8      Jeremiah Pitre  b: 2 February 1874  Rustico, PEI; d: 23 November 1947  Kennebunkport, York, ME

                        8      Eusebe Pitre  b: c10 October 1875  Rustico, PEI; d: 1951  Brockton, Plymouth, MA

                                    +Katherine Rose Downey  b: Abt. 1886  Somerville, Middlesex, MA; m: 9 June 1909  Weymouth, Norfolk, MA [John/Jane McManus]; 9 June 1909  Weymouth, Norfolk, MA [John/Jane McManus];

                        8      Joseph Pitre  b: 9 November 1877  Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1917  PEI                                             

                                    +Madeleine Pitre  b: 25 May 1884  Hope River, PEI; m: Abt. 1901 [Laurent/Mary Ann Beaudin]; d: Aft. 1917



Notes for Prospere Pitre:


- 1881 PEI, Lot 23:  Widow Syraphin Peters 40, Andrew 18, Judith 16, Frances 14, Pacifique 12, Napolean 10, Jeremiah 8, Eusebe 7, Joseph 4.

- 1891 PEI, Lot 23E:  Widow Catherine Peters 50, Pacifique 23, Napoleon 20, Jerry 18, Euzeb 14, Joseph 12; son Andrew Peters 30 (farmer), wife Verona 19, Jeremiah 1.


Obituaries for the children:

Francoise Charlotte Pitre:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Thursday, 16 February 1928:  Mrs. Peter Blaquier - At North Rustico on Monday, Jan. 23rd, Mrs. Peter Blaquier, in the 61st year of her age.  The deceased was a model of virtue, a good friend, a sincere Christian, a quiet and peaceable neighbor, a kind and loving wife and mother.  It is doubly sad as this is the third death in the family in the last nineteen months.  She received the last Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church from her kind pastor, Rev. Father Chaisson.  She leaves to mourn a husband, two sons and three daughters: Mrs. Florence  (sic Lawrence)Peters, Mont St. Mary's, Ch'town; Mrs. James Doiron, Milton, Mrs. Edgar Doiron, North Rustico, Joseph, North Rustico, and Fedile at home.  The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon from her home to St. Augustine's cemetery.  The pallbearers were: Messrs. Burre, Jeremiah, J. Gallant, Joseph S. Gallant, George A. LeClair, Jerome Gallant and Robert Arsenault.  May her soul rest in peace.


Pacifique Pitre:  Tombstone Inscription, Holy Family Cemetery, Rockland, MA:  PETERS / 1866 Poss Peters 1947 / his wife / 1889 Mary J. 1941 / 1903 / 1903 Sister Marintha C.S.J. 1998 / 1863 Mary Sullivan 1948 / 1919 Elizabeth C. Thibeault 1953 / 1919 Leo E. Thibeault 1994


Napoleon Pitre:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Tuesday, 15 September 1936:  The Late Napoleon Peters - The funeral of Napoleon Peters who passed away in the City Hospital September 12th took place from the residence of his brother, Joseph Peters, Malpeque road yesterday morning at 8:45 to Saint Dunstan's Basilica.  Pallbearers were: James Smith, Joseph Curley, Abraham Peters, Frank Roper, Henry Callbeck, Ivan Mitchell.  Service at the church was conducted by Father McCardell and at the grave by Father Dougan.  The late Mr. Peters was an employee of the Experimental Station for a number of years.


Jeremiah Pitre:  Tombstone Inscription, Home Cemetery, York Co., ME:  J.P. / Jeremiah Peters / Feb. 2, 1874 / Nov. 23, 1947



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