Moses Pitre

1853 Tignish, PEI 1933 Howlan, PEI



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Sylvain Pitre/Barbe Gallant); all known surname descendants:

              8       Moses Pitre  b: 24 January 1853  St. Simon & St. Jude, Tignish, PEI; d: 21 March 1933  Howlan, PEI

                               +Judith Julie Gallant  b: 1 August 1852  Tignish, PEI; m: 8 November 1875  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI [Francois/Julienne Arseneau]; d: 5 May 1922  Howlan, PEI

                         9          Pierre Peters  b: 1 June 1876  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: 8 February 1955  Lawrence, Essex, MA

                                       +Marie Rose Emma Dube  b: 1 July 1902  Berlin, Coos, NH; m: Abt. 1918 [Adelard/Celina Vachon]; d: 2 June 1982  Lawrence, Essex, MA

                         9          Mary Josephine Pitre  b: 15 September 1877  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI

                                       +Geoffrey Gold  b: Abt. 1874  Georgetown, PEI; m: 28 January 1896  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI [Francois/Adele Clare]

                         9          Jacquelina Marie Peters  b: 19 July 1879  Bloomfield, PEI; d: Aft. 1901

                         9          Francois Pitre  b: 8 November 1881  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI

                                        +Minnie Garnier  b: Abt. 1882  Newfoundland; m: 27 June 1904  Halifax, Halifax, NS  [Adolph/E. ---]

                         9          Barbara Julienne Pitre  b: 27 December 1883  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: 29 May 1967  Berlin, Coos, NH

                                        +Joseph Benjamin Arsenault  b: 19 November 1878  PEI; m: Abt. 1903 [Joseph H./Marie Doiron]; d: 16 November 1923  Berlin, Coos, NH

                         9          Joseph Pitre  b: 8 May 1886  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: Bef. 1889

                         9          Joseph 'Emanuel' Pitre  b: 2 August 1889  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: 15 March 1977  Westbrook, Cumberland, ME

                                        +Mary Blanchard  b: 8 September 1898  Canada; m: 4 October 1920  Bemis, ME; d: December 1976  Westbrook, Cumberland, ME

                         9          Atanase Pitre  b: 9 November 1892  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: Aft. May 1958

                                        +Rose Ann Arsenault  b: Abt. 1893; m: Abt. 1915; d: Aft. 1921

                         9          Antoine Pitre  b: 9 November 1892  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: 26 February 1893  Bloomfield, PEI


                         *2nd Wife of Moses Pitre:

                               +Edesse Gallant (Gallant)  b: November 1870; m: Bet. 1922-1931; d: 10 June 1950  Howlan, PEI



Notes for Moses Pitre:


- 1881 PEI, Lot 5 Alberton Creek:  Moses Peters 27, wife Julia 26, Peter 4, Mary 3 Acquelina 2.

- 1891 PEI, Lot 5F:  Moise Pitre 38 (farmer), wife Julitte 38, Pierre 15, Marie M. 12, Jacqueline 11, Francois 9, Barbe Anne 7, Joseph E. 1.

- 1901 PEI, Lot 5E2:  Moses Pitre 50, wife Julia 48, Peter 25, Marie 21, Francois 19, Babby J. 17, Emanuel 11, Athanas 8.

- 1911 PEI, Mill River:  Mosses Pitre 58 (farmer), wife Julete 59, Piere 34, Emanual 22, Thanase 19.


- 1921 PEI, Bloomfield, Lot 5:  Mosey Peter 70 farmer, wife Julian 70, Tennos 27 RR/section man, wife Rose 26, Bertha 4, Francis 2.


- 1931 Howlan, Bloomfield, Prince, PEI:  Moiese Pitre 79 farmer, wife Therese 69, Athanase 38 section man/steam railway, wife Rose Alma 36, Bertha 14, Francois 12, Edmond 9, Aldona 9 months.

Notes for Edesse Gallant:

Obituary:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Monday, July 3, 1950: In Memoriam - Mrs. Edesse Peters - The residents of Howlan were saddened on Saturday, June 10th, when it became known that the angel of death had hovered over and claimed for its victim the soul of Mrs. Edesse Peters at the ripe age of 79 years and 7 months, widow of the late Mosie Peters, who predeceased her some 18 years ago.  Since his death she has always resided at the home with her stepson and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Tenis Peters, who tenderly cared for her as a real mother unto the end.  The late Mrs. Peters was twice married.  Her first husband was the late Simon Gallant.  No children were born to her of either marriage.  About a year and a half ago the late Mrs. Peters suffered a slight stroke which weakened her so that she never left her room but was able to be up and sit in her chair until about last December when she became bedfast.  Mrs. Peters was never one to lament and was always cheerful and satisfied.  She will be sadly missed by all but more so in the home where she was so dearly loved.  During her illness she was frequently visited by her pastor, Rev. M. J. Rooney, who on Wednesday previous to her death anointed her and prepared her soul for its homeward journey.  Her funeral, which was largely attended, was held at St. Anthony's R.C. church of which she had been a lifelong and devoted member, on Monday with her pastor, Rev. M. J. Rooney officiating at Mass and grave.  Her pall-bearers were Fermin Perry, Joseph J. Peters, Alban D. Arsenault, Wm. Shield, Jerry Arsenault, and Arthur Richards.  She leaves to mourn her irreparable loss the following foster children: Tenis Peters, with whom she resided; Emmanuel Peters of West Brook; Mr. Peter Peters of Lawrence, Mass; Mrs. Julia Arsenault of Berlin, N.H.; Sylvang Gallant of Charlottetown, and Philip Gallant of Halifax, besides a large number of step-grandchildren.  Her beautiful casket was adorned with many Mass cards; also a pillow of flowers from the Peters family and a cross from Sylvang Gallant and his sons Hector and Louis.


WWI registration records (sons):

Joseph 'Emanuel' Pitre:  Manuel Peters; Berlin, Coos, NH; born 25 Aug 1892 (Bloomfield, PEI); single; medium height, medium build; gray eyes & brown hair; woodsman; sister at #5 Hitchins St.


Obituaries for the children:

Barbara Julienne Pitre:  Tombstone Inscription, Saint Anne Cemetery, Berlin, NH:  ARSENAULT / (reverse) Joseph B. Arsenault / Nov. 19, 1878 - Nov. 16, 1923 / wife Julia B. Peters / Dec. 27, 1883 - May 29, 1967 / son Joseph M. / June 22, 1904 - Feb. 27, 1969 / wife Blanche Bergeron / Mar. 13, 1905 - Feb. 4, 2005 / Rocco Alonzo / Dec. 16, 1909 - June 13, 1989 / wife Delia Arsenault / Nov. 30, 1905 - Apr. 21, 1998 / Patrick J. Hickey / July 4, 1909 - Apr. 2, 1974 / wife Priscilla Arsenault / June 24, 1913 - Sept. 25, 1997



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