Francois Basile Pitre

1804 Assumption, LA 1876 Lafourche, LA



Continuation of tree (8th child of Martin Benoni Pitre/Jeanne Dantin); all known surname descendants:

            6          Francois Basile Pitre  b: 28 June 1804  Plattenville, Assumption, LA; d: 28 August 1876  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                               +Scholastique Boutary  b: Abt. 1808  Lafourche, LA; m: 30 August 1830  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Antoine/Marie Madeleine Hebert]; d: Bet. 1860-1870  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                        7           Marie Esther Pitre  b: 21 August 1831  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 7 November 1870  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                                         + Mathere Hebert  b: 14 January 1831  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 8 October 1849  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Francois Louis/Lucie Adelaide Lirette]; d: Aft. 1880  Terrebonne, LA

                        7          'Henri' Francois Pitre  b: 25 February 1833  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 4 July 1899  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                                         + Celesie Rose Legendre  b: 1 December 1837  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 19 April 1856  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Adolph Jean/Adelaide Celeste Ledet]; d: 18 January 1872  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                                      *2nd Wife of Henri Francois Pitre:

                                         + Victoria Glairdon  b: 22 July 1846  Lafourche, LA; m: 20 February 1873  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Pierre/Marie Louise Barque]; d: 14 October 1915  Lafourche, LA

                        7           Louis Prospere Pitre  b: 26 August 1838  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 7 January 1888  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                                         + Marie Elisa Lirette  b: 18 July 1836  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 14 October 1858  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Jean Pierre/Celeste Hebert]; d: Bef. 1880

                                         *2nd Wife of Louis Prospere Pitre:

                                         + Emelie Lirette  b: 1 April 1852  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 24 January 1880  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Jean Guillaume/Marie Adeline Ledet]; d: 16 September 1919  Delta Farm, Lafourche, LA

                        7          Marie Aurelia Pitre  b: 1 October 1840  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 20 June 1916  Lafourche Crossing, Lafourche, LA

                                         + James O. Ballard  b: Abt. 1818  North Carolina; m: 1 May 1855  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Jesse/Mona Cox]; d: Aft. 1869  Lafourche, LA

                        7          Auguste Etienne Pitre  b: 12 December 1841  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 12 May 1918  Convent, St. James, LA

                                         + Clara Sarah Sevin  b: 12 February 1848  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 19 June 1867  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Marcelline/Marguerite Carmelite Leblanc]; d: 16 July 1904  New Orleans, LA

                        7          Eugene Pitre  b: 14 April 1843  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 11 February 1873  Opelousas, St. Landry, LA

                                         + Eugenie Aimee Molaison  b: 6 April 1848  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 19 November 1868  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Jean Baptiste/Emelie Marie Leblanc]; d: 22 June 1937  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                        7          Julien Hypolite Pitre  b: 16 September 1845  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 12 March 1866  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                        7          Silvain Homere Pitre  b: 16 September 1845  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 27 December 1919  Lafourche, LA

                                         + Marie Lirette  b: March 1850  Lafourche, LA; m: 18 June 1870  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Celestin/Alice ---]; d: 21 May 1927  Lafourche, LA

                        7           Leufroy Servillia Pitre  b: 3 May 1849  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 21 May 1927

                                         + Pauline Emelie Boutary  b: 15 July 1852  Lafourche, LA; m: 21 February 1871  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Francois Celestin/Marie Pauline Pitre]; d: 15 January 1921  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA

                        7          Victorin Pitre  b: 17 March 1853  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 19 August 1926  Lafourche, LA

                                         + Marie Phelonise Molaison  b: 28 October 1850  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 17 March 1874  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Pierre Melius/Marie Phelonise Doucet]; d: 12 August 1918  Lafourche, LA



Notes for Francois Basile Pitre:

Francois-Basile's family was probably one of the most prolific for the Bayou Lafourche area group.  He was the 8th child of a large family and had 10 children of his own.  The 1840 Terrebonne Parish census finds the young family with 2 young sons & a daughter: Esther 9, Henri 7, and Louis 2.  Ten years later and the family has grown with the additions of Marie 10, Auguste 9, Eugene 7, Sylvain 5, Julien 5, & Leufroy 10 months.


By the 1860 census the family has shifted from Terrebonne Parish back into Lafourche and Francois-Basile is working his $600-value farm, and has $250 personal estate.  Eldest daughter Esther is newly married but is listed with the family without her husband Mathere Hebert.  Sons Henri-Francois & Louis-Prospere have both married as has younger sister Marie-Aurelia to James Ballard.  Sons Auguste-Etienne 18, Eugene 16, Julien-Hypolite 13, Sylvain-Homere 13, Leufroy-Servillia 11, & Victorin 6 complete the family.

Eldest daughter Esther dies in 1870.  Sons Henri & Louis are married and living in Lafourche, and Auguste with his new wife and two sons in Laplace.  Sylvain will be married in a few months & Leufroy the following year.  The now-widowed Francois-Basile 55 has moved to Laplace in St. Martin Parish and is living with son Eugene 25 & his wife Aimee Molaison 23 and daughter Bertilde.  His youngest son Victorin 18 is also there.  Son Julien-Hypolite has died in 1866 aged 20.  Son Eugene dies in 1873, and Francois-Basile dies in 1876 at the age of 72.

Obituaries for the children:

Marie Aurelia Pitre:  The Lafourche Comet (Thibodaux, LA), Thursday, 22 June 1916:  Death last Tuesday claimed another venerable citizen of this parish when Mrs. James O. Ballard, of Lafourche Crossing, was called to eternal rest.  The deceased had reached the age of 74 years, 8 months and 19 days and therefore had lived long enough to experience all the things that human beings crave and to realize prophetic words of the poet, who declared that "there is nothing true but Heaven."  The deceased was a native of Lafourche parish and in her maidenhood she was Mary Pitre.  Her husband preceded her to the grave, but there are left to mourn her dear memory four daughters and one son.  The daughters are Mrs. James Murphy, Mrs. Alex. Hebert, Mrs. Henry Gautreaux and Miss Sarah Ballard.  The son is Mr. Robert Ballard, at one time a barber in this town, but now of Port Arthur, Texas.  The body was brought to Thibodaux yesterday forenoon and after services in St. Joseph Catholic Church was confined to its last resting place.

- Misc.:  26 April 1869 - Mistress Marie Bouterie, Widow of Jean Baptiste Hache, resident of Lafayette Parish makes donation to Mrs. Marie Pitre, wife of James O. Ballard.  Because she raised Marie Pitre from infancy and considering her and recognizing her as her own child, Marie Bouterie donates to Marie Pitre a tract of land.  Marie Pitre accepts donation and obligates herself to support, nourish and give lodgement to said Mrs. Hache during her natural life and to treat her as her mother.

Tombstone Inscription, St Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux: Bouterie Tomb, includes Marie Pitre Ballard / 1841 - 1916



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