Pierre Lepitre

1842 Nicolet, Quebec – 1922 South Troy, Vermont



Continuation of tree (1st child of Pierre Lepitre/Marguerite Lemire); all known surname descendants:

               8          Pierre Lepitre  b: 26 June 1842  St. Jean Baptiste, Nicolet, Quebec; d: 14 February 1922  South Troy, Orleans, VT

                                +Marie Elizabeth Fecteau  b: 12 November 1843  St. Felix, Kingsey, Drummond, Quebec; m: 14 July 1861  Sacre Coeur, Stanstead, Quebec [Jean Baptiste/Julie Martel]; d: 23 October 1909  Barton, Orleans, VT

                          9          Olive Lepitre  b: 11 August 1862  Sacre Coeur, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 22 May 1947  Newport, Orleans, VT

                                         +George Francis Dilley  b: October 1857  Irasburg, VT; m: 10 November 1879  Barton, Orleans, VT [James/Margaret Paquet]; d: 24 January 1937  Glover, Orleans, VT

                          9          Marie Exilda 'Julia' Lepitre  b: 23 May 1864  Derby, Orleans, VT; d: 27 May 1891  St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT

                                         +Joseph Elie Brunelle  b: 11 February 1858  St. Eusebe, Princeville, Arthabaska, Quebec; m: 9 October 1881  Greensboro, Orleans, VT [Elie/Adeline Morelle]; d: 3 June 1940  St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT

                          9          Flavien Lepitre  b: 21 February 1867  Sacre Coeur, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 21 October 1940  Lancester, Coos, NH

                                         +Marie Flore Victoria Matte  b: 26 August 1873  St. Pierre les Becquets, Nicolet, Quebec; m: 29 June 1892  Westmore, Orleans, VT [Philippe/Aglae Dube]; d: 30 January 1964  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                                     *2nd wife of Flavien Lepitre:

                                         Margaret Ann Sheridan (Smith)  b: 2 July 1895  Bethlehem, Grafton, NH; m: 19 April 1928  Jefferson, NH [John/Mary J. Atkinson]; d: 19 May 1964

                          9          Marie Isabelle Lepitre  b: 4 April 1869  Holland, Orleans, VT; d: 31 January 1899  Barton, Orleans, VT

                                         +Pierre Joseph 'Peter' Cote  b: 29 June 1867  L'Avenir, St. Pierre de Durham, Drummond, Quebec; m: 26 December 1891  Irasburg, Orleans, VT [Joseph/Sara Demange]; d: 24 August 1950  Newport, Orleans, VT

                          9          Emma Lapete  b: 25 July 1871  Barton, Orleans, VT; d: 14 September 1958  Newport, Orleans, VT

                                         +Alfred Blais (aka Blair)  b: 20 April 1865  St. Croix, Lotbiniere, Quebec; m: 11 November 1889  Barton, Orleans, VT [Placide/Delina Deroucher]; d: 6 July 1938  Barton, Orleans, VT

                          9          Mary Jane Lapete  b: 6 April 1874  Barton, Orleans, VT; d: 28 January 1949  Morrisville, Lamoille, VT

                                         +Alfred Demars  b: 4 February 1870  St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT; m: 16 June 1900  Hardwick, Caledonia, VT [Telesphore/Celina Larochelle]; d: 18 March 1949  Hardwick, Caledonia, VT

                          9          Alfred 'Frederick' Lapete  b: 30 November 1876  Barton, Orleans, VT; d: 14 September 1889  Barton, Orleans, VT  [diphtheria]

                          9          Rosela Lapete  b: 6 June 1879  Barton, Orleans, VT; d: 4 November 1911  Barton, Orleans, VT

                                         +Loumey Gideon Turcotte  b: 21 July 1873  Newport, Orleans, VT; m: 10 August 1896  St. Pauls, Barton, Orleans, VT [Gedeon/Katherine Caron]; d: 5 February 1953  Pawtucket, Providence, RI

                          9          Josephine Mary Lapete  b: 15 February 1882  Westmore, Orleans, VT; d: 9 July 1964  Newport, Orleans, VT

                                         +Charles Mitchell Leonard  b: 23 May 1885  Barton, Orleans, VT; m: 24 June 1907  Barton, Orleans, VT [Mitchell/Rose Jerome]; d: 4 June 1924  Barton, Orleans, VT

                                       *2nd Husband of Josephine Mary Lapete:

                                         +William Frank Vaillancourt  b: 21 February 1881  Hatley, Stanstead, Quebec; m: 8 November 1926  Barton, Orleans, VT [Joseph/Angeline Lesperance]; d: 21 November 1956  Caledonia, VT

                          9          Levi Joseph Lapete  b: 27 April 1884  Westmore, Orleans, VT; d: 5 February 1968  Jefferson, Coos, NH

                                         +Alvina L. Dupero  b: 8 March 1892  Greensboro, Orleans, VT; m: 27 April 1908  Barton, Orleans, VT [Oliver/Lucinda Joyal]; d: November 1976  Lancaster, Coos, NH


                           *2nd Wife of Pierre Lepitre:

                                 +Marie Jeanne Valley (Cadaret)  b: 4 March 1878  Quebec; m: 27 April 1914  Newport, Orleans, VT [George/Celima Marquis]; d: 13 November 1932  Hartford, Washington, NY

                          9          infant Lapete  b: 21 January 1915  Westfield, Orleans, VT; d: 21 January 1915  Westfield, Orleans, VT



Notes for Pierre Lepitre:


- 1880 Barton, Orleans, Vermont:  Peter La Pete 38 (farmer), wife Lizzie 37, Olive 17, Julia 15, Lizzie E. 11, Emma 8, Mary J. 6, Fredrick 3, Rose 1.  [Flavien 13 - ?]

- 1900 Barton, Orleans, VT:  Peter Lapete 56, wife of 37 years Isabel 55 (7 of 10 children still alive), Mary J. 26, Josie 18, Levi 16.

- 1910 Barton, Orleans, VT:  Levi Lapete 24, wife Alvina L. 19, Marjorie M. 4 months, widowed father Peter 66.

- 1920 Westfield, Orleans, VT:  Peter Lapete 69, 2nd wife Mary V. 42, Catherine 8 (probably Cadaret also), stepdaughter Alice Cadaret 16.

Misc. Notes:

All excerpts taken from the Orleans County Monitor:

- 27 April 1874Peter LaPete chopped one of his great toes off last Thursday.  It was purely accidental and no blame is attached to him.

- 31 October 1881 - R.S. Twombly has sold 75 acres off his Westmore farm to Pete LaPete for $1325.  LaPete has sold his land in district No. 2 to C.J. Ufford.

- 24 December 1883S.G. Bean once in a while makes a mistake in seizing smuggled horses.  He came here recently and picked up one belonging to Pete LaPete which never saw Canada.  LaPete bought one in Canada, but it was taken sick and quarantined north of forty-five, and ‘Sile’ didn’t hear that part of the story.

- 19 November 1888 – Westmore – Peter LaPete has put up a very good house on his place in the west part of the town.

- 3 June 1889 – Barton – Pete LaPete is painting his big house this spring.

- 16 September 1889Peter LaPete lost a son of about fifteen years of age of diphtheria on Saturday.  The family has had diphtheria, and this boy was hoped to be out of danger, when he rapidly sank and died.  The family were at Mr. Dilley’s during their sickness, and probably took the disease there.

- 6 October 1890 – There was a county fair.  Mention made of some very good draft animals owned by Pete LaPete of Barton, and Flavia Lapete’s draft horse team which managed to drag a 3000 pound load a short distance.

- 3 November 1890Pete Lapete recently thrashed for A. Tripp 228 bushels of oats, and 38 bushels of barley twice through the machine, in one day.

- 31 October 1892Pete LaPete will sell 5 colts, 13 cows, and 60 tons of hay at auction next Saturday, at 1 o’clock p.m.

- 6 February 1899Mrs. Peter Cota, died last Wednesday.  Mrs. Cota had been in poor health for some time and was treated at a hospital last fall, but did not receive the benefit which it was hoped she might, and had gradually failed since then.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaPete.

- 28 January 1901A.P. Bean has sold his woodland lot near Little Pond to Pete LaPete of Barton.

- 29 April 1901 - Peter Lapete had his leg broken Wednesday night by being kicked by a vicious cow.  C.C. Grow and a physician who were passing at the time were called in and found Mr. Lapete in the stable with the injured limb.  They carried him to his house where the physician set the limb and he is apparently doing well.  Peter works for a living and dislikes to be obliged to take an enforced vacation during spring's work.

- 10 June 1901 Peter Lapete was in the village last Friday for the first time since breaking his leg.

- 18 Nov 1901 Peter Lapete has exchanged farms with Benjamin Mossman.  He will move on to the farm which Mr. Mossman owned near Thomas Murray’s as he wants more land than there is in his river farm.

- 24 June 1907Miss Josephine Lapete and Charles Leonard, both of Barton, were married this morning by Rev. J.E. Leblanc.


Obituary:  Orleans County Monitor (Barton, VT), Wednesday, 15 February 1922: Barton - Peter LaPete, aged 82 years, a former resident of this town, died in South Troy Tuesday morning, February 14.


Tombstone Inscription, St. Pauls Cemetery, Barton:  Pete Lapete / 1842 - 1922  //  Elizabeth / Lapete / 1843 - 1909


Notes for Marie Elizabeth Fecteau:

Obituary:  Orleans County Monitor (Barton, VT), Wednesday, 27 October 1909:  Mrs. Pete LaPete died Saturday evening after a long and serious illness.  Isabel Facto was born in June 1843, was married to Pete LaPete in Stanstead 49 years ago and ten children have been born to them, seven of whom are living.  Mrs. LaPete had lived in Barton thirty years and for the past six years had been a great sufferer.  The funeral services were held Tuesday morning at St. Paul's church at 10 o'clock.


Notes for Marie Jeanne Valley:

Obituary:  The Post Star (Glens Falls, NY), Wednesday, 16 November 1932:  Mrs. Bombard Funeral - Whitehall - Mrs. John Bombard, 57, mother of Mrs. Clarence Perry of this village, died at her home in Hartford Sunday morning.  The body has been brought to the daughter's home and funeral services will be conducted from Notre Dame des Victoires church this morning at 9:30 o'clock by the Rev. Father Arthur J. Dandaneau.  Burial will be in Greenmount cemetery.  Besides her husband Mrs. Bombard is survived by three daughters and three brothers.

Misc.:  Marie Jeanne first married Joseph Philias Cadaret (1 Apr 1862-8 May 1912), having 3 daughters (Alice m. Joseph Derome; Rose m. Clarence Perry; and Catherine m. Arthur Bardwell).  About 6 years after Pierre's death she married John (La)Bombard.  She is referred to as Mrs. John Labombard in her mother's obituary in 1929.


Obituaries for the children:

Olive Lepitre:  The Newport Daily Express (Newport, VT), Thursday, 22 May 1947:  Dilley, Mrs. Olive, passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Irene Smith, 68 Highland Ave., this morning, May 22, at the age of 84 years.  Friends may call at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Cavanaugh, 52 Highland Avenue.  Funeral services will be held at 9 A.M. Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church with Rt. Rev. Msgr. D. Carrieres officiating.  Burial in the family lot in St. Paul's Cemetery with the Converse Funeral Service in charge.

Tombstone Inscription, St. Paul's Cemetery, Barton:  DILLEY / George F. / 1858 - 1937  //  Olive / his wife / 1862 - 1947


Marie Exilda 'Julia' Lepitre:  Mount Calvary Cemetery, St. Johnsbury:  Exillia Lepitre / son epouse / 1864-1891  //  Joseph Brunelle / 1858-1940


Marie Isabelle Lepitre:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Pauls Cemetery, Barton:  Peter Cote / June 18, 1867 / Lizzie Lapete / his wife / Apr. 4, 1869 / Jan. 31, 1899 / at rest / COTE//  Lizzie L.


Emma Lapete:  The Newport Daily Express (Newport, VT), Monday, 15 September 1958:  Mrs. Emma Lepete Blais - Funeral services for Mrs. Emma Lepete Blais who died Sunday, Sept. 14, at a local hospital will be held at the St. Mary's Catholic church in Newport Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. when a solemn high Mass of requiem will be celebrated.  Interment will be at the family lot in the St. Paul's Cemetery in Barton.  Mrs. Blais was born in Barton, Oct. 26, 1871, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Isabel Facto) Lepete.  She was the widow of Alfred Blais who died in 1937.  She resided in Barton until six years ago when she came to Newport to make her home.  She was a member of the Ladies Aid of the St. Paul's Parish in Barton.  Survivors include her children: Edmond Blais of Hartford, Conn.; Mrs. Isabel Bryant of Burlington; Mrs. E. J. (Florence) Lamothe of Newport; Mrs. Ernest (Laura) Collette of Orleans; Mrs. Raoul (Annette) Pelland of Woonsocket, R. I.,; and Alfred Blais of Hilliston, Mass.  Also 29 grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Josephine Vaillancourt of Coventry and one brother, Levi Lepete of Bethlehem, N. H.  Friends may call at the Rushford Funeral Home in Newport Monday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.

Tombstone Inscription, St. Pauls Cemetery, Barton:  BLAIS / Alfred / 1865 - 1939 / Emma L. / 1871 - 1958


Mary Jane Lapete:  The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, VT), Saturday, 29 January 1949:  Mrs. Fred Demars.  Hardwick, Jan. 28 - Mrs. Mary (LaPete) Demars, 74, died this evening in Copley Hospital, Morrisville.  She is survived by her husband, Fred A. Demars, with whom she operated the Travelers' Inn here for many years.  She was born April 6, 1874 in Barton.  She is also survived by four children, Mrs. Myrtle Lemire of Hardwick, Perley Demars of Montpelier, Mrs. Dora Henes of Barre and Mrs. Loraine Silver of Greensboro; one brother, Levi LaPete of Littleton, N. H., and two sisters, Mrs. Emma Blair of Barton and Mrs. Jesie Vancour of Coventry.  A funeral service will be held in St. Norbert's Church here Monday at 9 with Rev. R. E. Blais officiating.  Funeral arrangements are in charge of the Holcomb Funeral Home, Hardwick.


Rosela Lapete:  Orleans County Monitor (Barton, VT), Wednesday, 8 November 1911:  Mrs. L. G. Turcot died at her home on Saturday night after an illness of over two years of tuberculosis.  She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaPete, being one of ten children, six of whom are living.  During the last year Mrs. Turcot had been a constant sufferer and the tender devotion and watchful care of the husband has been marked.  A woman of character and worth, respected and loved by all who knew her, she will be sadly missed in her circle of friends and the loss is especially hard upon her husband and two small boys, Austin, aged five, and Ralph, aged seven years.  The funeral was held from St. Paul's church on Tuesday morning.

Tombstone Inscription, St. Pauls Cemetery, Barton:  TURCOTTE / (reverse) Rosella / 1880 - 1911


Josephine Mary Lapete:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Pauls Cemetery, Barton:  Josephine M. Vancour / 1882 - 1964


Levi Joseph Lapete:  Union Leader (Manchester, NH), Wednesday, 7 February 1968:  Bethlehem - Levi J. LaPete, 84, died at a Jefferson nursing home Monday evening after a long illness.  A native of Westmore, Vt., he had lived in this area most of his life.  He was a member of Christ the King parish.  The family includes his wife, Mrs. Alvina (Deturo) LaPete of Whitefield; three sons, Raymond LaPete of Dover, Ernest LaPete of Manchester and Maurice LaPete of Whitefield; four daughters, Mrs. Richard Ingerson, Mrs. Kendall Huntoon and Mrs. William Stone, all of Bethlehem, and Mrs. Lester Houlett of Springfield, Ill.; 33 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.  The funeral will be held Friday morning from the Pillsbury Funeral Home, Littleton, followed by a high mass of requiem at Christ the King Church.  Burial will be in Maple Street Cemetery.  Friends may call at the funeral home today and Thursday afternoons and evenings.


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