Flavien Lepitre

1867 Stanstead, Quebec – 1940 Lancaster, New Hampshire



Continuation of tree (3rd child of Pierre Lepitre/Marie Elizabeth Fecteau); all known surname descendants:

                9          Flavien Lepitre  b: 21 February 1867  Sacre Coeur, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 21 October 1940  Lancaster, Coos, NH

                                    +Marie Flore Victoria Matte  b: 26 August 1873  St. Pierre les Becquets, Nicolet, Quebec; m: 29 June 1892  Westmore, Orleans, VT [Philippe/Aglae Dube]; d: 30 January 1964  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                           10        Alfred Thomas Lepitre  b: 1 June 1895  Barton, Orleans, VT; d: 23 October 1991  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                                          +Beatrice Bonneau  b: 15 March 1901  Claremont, Sullivan, NH; m: 12 February 1923  Claremont, Sullivan, NH [Arthur/Emma Picard]; d: August 1984  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                           10        Marie Exilia 'Julia' Lepitre  b: 10 October 1897  St. Andre, Sutton, Brome, Quebec; d: 8 October 1989  Keene, Cheshire, NH

                                          +Joseph Stanislaus Ouellette  b: 31 August 1897  Sutton, Worcester, MA; m: 2 October 1922  Claremont, Sullivan, NH [Augustine/Pamelia Dezeal]; d: 23 December 1971  Keene, Cheshire, NH

                           10        Marie Elize Lepitre  b: 12 May 1899  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 29 July 1990  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                                         + Arthur L. Brodeur  b: 11 June 1897  New Bedford, Bristol, MA; m: 28 April 1919  Claremont, Sullivan, NH [Edmund/Louisa Brodeur]; d: 3 November 1960  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                           10        Marie Alma Lepitre  b: 28 November 1901  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 16 January 2000  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                                         +Joseph Arthur Lefebvre Descoteau  b: 10 August 1895  L'Avenir, St. Pierre de Durham, Drummond, Quebec; m: 1 July 1918  Claremont, Sullivan, NH [Michel/Alexina Labonte]  (divorced); d: 31 January 1977  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                                       *2nd Husband of Marie Alma Lepitre:

                                         +Thomas W. Vance  b: 26 September 1910  Bangor, Penobscot, ME; m: Abt. 1951 [Amos H./Ada M. Pesley]; d: April 1973  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                           10        Laurence Lepitre  b: 3 January 1903  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 26 February 2000  St. Cloud, Osceola, FL

                                          +Sylva Joseph Brault  b: Abt. 1904  St. Angelle, Quebec; m: 17 February 1919  Newport, Sullivan, NH  [--- Brault/Jane ---]   (divorced 6 May 1932)

                           10        Joseph Edmond Lepitre  b: 21 May 1904  Harlington, Quebec; d: 26 October 1933  Keene, Cheshire, NH

                                          +Pearl Winifred Patenaude  b: 5 October 1908  Winchester, Cheshire, NH; m: 5 December 1930  Keene, Cheshire, NH [Edward/Ida Briggs]; d: 2 January 2005  Port Charlotte, Charlotte, FL

                           10        Flavien Joseph Lepitre  b: 21 June 1905  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: Bef. 1911

                           10        Emma Antoinette Lepitre  b: 30 June 1907  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: August 1993  Keene, Cheshire, NH

                                          +Leo Raymond Courtemanche (aka Short)  b: 15 April 1899  Haverhill, Essex, MA; m: 11 November 1922  Claremont, Sullivan, NH [Alfred Peter/Matilda Petit]; d: 23 November 1970  East Swanzey, Cheshire, NH

                           10        Henri Lepitre  b: 25 September 1908  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 9 March 1938  Claremont, Sullivan, NH (burned in explosion at Dartmouth Woolen Mills)

                                          +Marie Zelia Alice Provencher  b: 15 February 1912  St. Denis sur Richelieu, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec; m: 1 September 1930  Claremont, Sullivan, NH [Telesphore/Antoinette Vandal]; d: 21 August 1971  Claremont, Sullivan, NH

                           10        Albert Joseph Lepitre  b: 21 July 1910  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec; d: 20 February 1911  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec

                           10        Regis Lepitre  b: March 1912  Stanstead, Quebec; d: 19 September 1913  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec

                           10        male Lepitre  b: 11 February 1913  Stanstead, Quebec; d: 11 February 1913  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Stanstead, Quebec


                                 *2nd Wife of Flavien Lepitre:

                                         +Margaret Ann Sheridan (Smith)  b: 2 July 1895  Bethlehem, Grafton, NH; m: 19 April 1928  Jefferson, Coos, NH [John/Mary J. Atkinson]; d: 19 May 1964

                           10        Flavius Joseph Lapete  b: 1 April 1928  Hartford, Orleans VT (illegitimate); d: Bef. March 2015

                                          +Edith Della Stanford  b: 12 May 1925  New Hampshire; m: 2 June 1945  Whitefield, Coos, NH [Clesson Charles/Beatrice Bessie Page]; d: May 1978  Littleton, Grafton, NH

                           10        Chester Napoleon  Lapete  b: 7 July 1930  Whitefield, Coos, NH; d: 11 June 2021  Berlin, Coos, NH

                                           +Doris Juliette Clay  b: 28 October 1930  Laconia, Belknap, NH; m: 13 December 1955  Lancaster, Coos, NH [Harriman/Juliette Camden]; d: 2 September 2012  Berlin, Coos, NH

                           10        Pauline Lapete [Sister Lorraine]  b: Abt. 1932; d: 17 March 2015  Windham, Rockingham, NH

                           10        Eugene Paul Lapete  b: Abt. 1935; d: Aft. June 2021

                                          +Barbara ---



Notes for Flavien Lepitre:


- 1901 Beebe Plains, Stanstead, Quebec:  Flavye Lapete 34, wife Victoria 26, Alfred 5, Julia 3, Lizzie 1.


- 1911 Stanstead, Stanstead, Quebec:  Flavys LaPete 44 (carter), wife Victoria 38 (stitcher), Alfred 16 (farmer), Julia 13, Lizzie 11, Alma 9, Lawrence 8, Edmund 6, Antoinette 4, Henry 2.


- 1920 Whitefield, Coos, New Hampshire:  Flavius Lapete 52 (dairy farmer) (states divorced).

- 1920 Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire: Victoria Lepitre 45 (states widow - immig. 1919), Alfred 24, Julia 22, Edmond 16, Antoinette 14, Henery 12.


- 1930 Whitefield, Coos, NH:  Flavys Lapete 63, wife Margarette A. 34, Flavys J. 2; stepsons James W. Smith 12 & Stephen J. Smith 10.

- 1930 Claremont, Sullivan, NH:  Victoria Lapete 53, Henry 20.


- 1940 Twin Mountain, Carroll, Coos, NH:  Flavys Lapete 72 [$4000 house value] farm manager/farm, wife Margaret 44, Flavys 12, Chester 9, Pauline 7, Eugene Paul 4, stepsons James Smith 22 truck loader/wood contractor & Stephen Smith 20 farm helper/farm  [Whitefield Road]

- 1940 Claremont, Sullivan, NH:  Victoria La Pietre 67  [20 Lincoln Street]


Wedding photo online:  http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/33292322/person/18428089760/media/2?pgnum=1&pg=0&pgpl=pid%7cpgNum


Misc. Excerpts from the Orleans County Monitor:

- 6 October 1890 – There was a county fair.  Mention made of some very good draft animals owned by Pete LaPete of Barton and Flavia Lapete’s draft horse team which managed to drag a 3000 pound load a short distance.

- 2 February 1891Flavia LaPete is drawing logs from the Buswell timber lot, etc.

- 24 April 1893Flave Lapete has finished his lumber job and his men have gone back to Canada.


- Border crossings, 18 August 1915, at Newport, Vermont:  Alma Rose Lepete (born Beebe Plains, Quebec; overall maker, age 14 years 7 months, 5', dark complexion, brown hair & eyes), brother Edmond Lepete (age 11) sister Laura Lepete (age 12).

- Border crossings, August 1915, at Newport, Vermont:  Victoria Lepete (age 41, married, overall maker, born Beebe), daughters Julia (age 17), & Lizzie (age 16).


Notes for Marie Flore Victoria Matte:

- Daily Eagle (Claremont, NH), Thursday, 20 November 1958:  If you suffer a hip fracture when you're 84, there's more than a chance that you'll never walk again.  If you undergo an emergency gall bladder operation when you're 85, there's an excellent chance that you'll never survive.  But there's a Claremont woman who has repealed the law of averages in both these instances.  She is Mrs. Victoria Lepitre of 9 Hanover street, now convalescing at her home after surgery which the medical profession views, at her age, as something of a minor miracle.  Mrs. Lepitre came home from the Claremont General hospital on Monday.  On Tuesday she sat up at lunch with members of her family.  The only thing that was missing was a pork chop, which she hopes will come later.  Maybe it will come for Christmas.  The doctor hasn't said yes yet, but she has it close to the top of her gift list.  The Claremont woman, whose outward appearance of frailness is given the lie by her medical record, was in the hospital from October 13 to October 24.  A week later she returned there - "was rushed," to use a cliche - for an emergency gall bladder operation.  Doctors viewed it as a last-ditch effort to save her life, with chances dubious indeed.  The number of such operations which succeed, when the patient is in her 80th year, are few.  But Mrs. Lepitre fooled them all.  Seventeen days after the operation she was able to come home.  In the interim, after the first few days of discomfort, her own private brand of humor made her a favorite with nurses, and other hospital staffers.  Now, though still spending much time in bed, she's the life of her Hanover street apartment, chatting happily with family members, relatives from elsewhere, and visitors in general.  "I'm going to go skating this Christmas," she assured the writer.  "You going with me?"  Keeping our fingers firmly crossed, we accepted the invitation.  If Mrs. Lepitre knew how many years it had been since we were on skates, she would have dated someone else instead.  "Don't forget," she repeated.  "You're going skating with me.  And I'm going to have that pork chop for Christmas, too."  We don't know about the pork chop, but we're betting on Mrs. Lepitre.  We don't know about her skating, but we wouldn't put it past her.  Last fall, when she was in her 85th year, she fractured her hip.  It was pinned at the Claremont General hospital, and it slowed her down only temporarily.  By Christmas of last year, she was not only up and about, but dancing.  Mrs. Lepitre's hospital experiences have been limited to the past seven years.  Until she was well past 75, she had never been in hospital - as a patient, that is.  That's another record which the average Claremonter can't touch.  Seven years ago she went to the Mary Hitchcock Memorial hospital at Hanover for major cranial surgery.  At that time, her daughter says, she was unconscious for a total of six days.  But she bounced back as good as ever.  "They scrambled my brains all around," she said, with a sly look.  "But they were nice to me.  So were the folks up here."  Mrs. Lepitre, born in Beebe Plain, Que., on August 27, 1873, is the widow of Flavian Lepitre.  She came here from Canada 40 years ago, and has been a Claremont resident ever since.  She lives in her own apartment in the home of her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brodeur of 11 Hanover street.  She has another daughter here, Mrs. Thomas Vance.  Her other four children live nearby - Alfred Lepitre in Kelleyville, Mrs. Julia Oulette in Keene, Mrs. Edward Roche in Jaffrey, and Mrs. Emma Short in Winchester.  There were 12 children born to the senior Lepitres, but only six are now living.  Moving on to other descendants, we find the number mounting.  Members of the family aided us in tabulating them.  There are living today 41 grandchildren of Flavian and Victoria Lepitre; there are 85 great-grandchildren also.  And two youngsters - one of them pictured with his great-great-grandmother - represent the fifth generation.  Mrs. Lepitre is anxious to be up and about as soon as she gets her strength back.  Two of her favorite occupations - reading and crocheting - she can do in bed.  But she doesn't want to stay there and longer than she can help.  She wants to be ready for Christmas - and that skating date - and that pork chop.  Enjoying life as she so obviously does, she can't bear to be bedridden any longer than is necessary.

Tombstone Inscription, Claremont, NH:  Henry J. Lepitre / 1909 - 1938 / his wife / Alice Provencher / 1912 - 1971 / Victoria Lepitre / 1874 - 1964


Obituaries for the children:

Alfred Thomas Lepitre:  Tombstone Inscription:  St Mary Cemetery, Claremont, Sullivan, NH: (front) LEPITRE / (reverse) Alfred T. / 1895 - 1991 / his wife / Beatrice D. / 1901 - 1984


Marie Exilia 'Julia' Lepitre:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Joseph Cemetery, Keene, Cheshire, NH:  OUELLETTE / Stanley J. / 1897-1971 / Exilia J. / 1897-1989


Marie Elize Lepitre: Tombstone Inscription, St. Mary Cemetery, Claremont:  BRODEUR / (reverse) Arthur L. Brodeur / 1897 - 1960 / his wife / Elise L. Lepitre / 1899 - 1990 / sons / 1924 Norman L. 2004 / 1928 Maurice E. (blank)


Marie Alma Lepitre:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Mary's Cemetery, Claremont, Sullivan, NH:  VANCE / Thomas W. / 1910-1974 / wife / Alma / 1901-2000; also Alma Descoteau Vance / 1901-2000


Edmond Lepitre:  Tombstone Inscription:  St. Joseph Cemetery, Keene, Cheshire, NH:  LEPITRE / Edmond J. / 1905-1933 / Pearl W. / 1908 - (blank)


Henri Lepitre:  Tombstone Inscription, Claremont, NH:  Henry J. Lepitre / 1909 - 1938 / his wife / Alice Provencher / 1912 - 1971 / Victoria Lepitre / 1874 - 1964


Pauline Lapete:  New Hampshire Union Leader (Manchester, NH), Wednesday, 18 March 2015 -  Sister M. Lorraine Lapete, Sister of Mercy - Windham -- Sister M. Lorraine (Pauline) Lapete, 81, a Sister of Mercy for 62 years, died Tuesday, March 17, 2015, at Warde Health Center in Windham after a period of declining health.  A native of Whitefield, she was the daughter of Flavius and Margaret (Sheridan) Lapete.  Sister Lorraine held a bachelor's degree in education from Mount St. Mary College, Hooksett, and a master's degree in religious education from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass.  A dedicated educator, Sister Lorraine taught in Catholic schools in New Hampshire, including St. Raphael in Manchester, Immaculate Conception in Penacook and Sacred Heart in Lebanon.  After completing her studies in religious education, she served as director of religious education (DRE) and parish minister at Holy Angels Parish in Plaistow.  She also served as DRE at St. Patrick Parish in Jaffrey and St. Joseph Parish in Salem.  After serving for a time as activities aide at Pearl Manor and program aide at Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, both in Manchester, Sister Lorraine took on the duties of director of pastoral care at Mount Carmel Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Manchester.  She is survived by two brothers, Chester Lapete of Shelburne and Eugene Lapete of Whitefield; several nieces and nephews; and her Mercy community.  Sister Lorraine was predeceased by three brothers, Stephen Smith, James Wheeler Smith and Flavian ("Bud") Lapete.  Services: Friends may call at the Warde Health Center, 21 Searles Road, Windham, on Friday, March 20, from 9:30 to 11 a.m.  A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. in the chapel.  Burial will follow in St. Joseph Cemetery, Bedford. 

Tombstone Inscription, New St. Joseph Cemetery, Bedford:  Sr. M. Lorraine / Lapete / March 17, 2015 / R.I.P.


Chester Napoleon Lapete:  July 7, 1930 - June 11, 2021:  Chester N. Lapete, 90, of Shelburne, passed away peacefully on Friday, June 11, 2021, at the St. Vincent de Paul Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Berlin.  He was born on July 7, 1930, in Whitefield, NH the son of the late Flavys and Margaret (Sharidan) Lapete and resided in the North Country all of his life.  Chester served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War.  He had been employed for many years by Gorham Savings Bank, retiring as Bank President.  Chester was always a pillar of his community.  He was the president of his class and captain of his baseball team.  He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Air Force.  He became President of Gorham Savings Bank.  He was a founding member of the Gorham Development Corp. whose sole purpose was to build the Gorham Medical Center.  He was a two-time president of the Gorham Rotary Club and also served on the board of the United Way.  He was a Gorham School Board member where he pushed to hire a coach and won a championship for Gorham High School.  He also did many smaller but no less significant things such as reading for the blind and was a little league coach.  I am proud to call him my father. -Paul.  Members of his family include his children: Stephen Lapete and wife Beth of Tamworth, NH, Michael Lapete of Gorham, Jocelyn Lapete and partner Bill of Greenfield, NH, Paul Lapete of Berlin and Mark Lapete of Gorham; five grandchildren: Vanessa, Derek, Michael, Eric, and Arligh; four great-grandchildren with two more on the way; brother Eugene Lapete and wife Barbara of Whitefield, NH; several nieces, nephews, and cousins.  He was predeceased by his wife Doris (Clay) Lapete, and siblings Stephen Smith, James "Wheeler" Smith, Flavys "Bud" Lapete, and a sister Sr. Mary Lorraine "Polly".  Services: A Funeral Service will be held on Friday, June 18, 2021, at 10 AM at the Bryant Funeral Home, 1 Promenade Street, Gorham, NH, with interment to follow in Holy Family Cemetery.  Relatives and friends are invited to a walk-through visitation on Thursday, June 17th from 5 PM to 7 PM.  Those who wish may make donations in Chester's memory to the Granite United Way, Berlin, NH.



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