Leon Pitre

1883 Petit Rocher, New Brunswick 1944 Robertville, NB



Continuation of tree (9th child of Lazare Pitre/Adele Roy); all known surname descendants:

               8        Leon Pitre  b: 20 May 1883  St. Polycarpe, Petit Rocher, Gloucester, NB; d: 14 April 1944  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB

                                +Florence Landry  b: 7 June 1888  Lugar, Gloucester, NB; m: 1 October 1906  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Jean/Elizabeth Lavigne]; d: 26 May 1983  Petit Rocher, Gloucester, NB

                           9        Joseph Edward Pitre  b: 17 January 1908  Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 29 April 1961  St. John, St. John, NB

                           9        Joseph Urbain Pitre  b: 24 April 1909  Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 6 May 1909  Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                           9        Joseph Henry Pitre  b: 16 April 1910  Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 29 October 1975

                                      +Mary Adele Boudreau  b: 21 September 1913  Robertville, Gloucester, NB; m: 26 November 1934  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Alexander/Marie Jeanne Bertin]

                           9        Mary Laura Pitre  b: 13 February 1912  Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                                      +--- Saulnier

                           9        Joseph Mary Leonard Pitre  b: 25 March 1913  Ste. Therese, Berseford, Gloucester, NB; d: 3 July 1953  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                      +Marie Rita Boudreau  b: 22 December 1924  Petit Rocher, Gloucester, NB; m: 10 April 1939  Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Edmond/Marie Anne Bertin]; d: 6 April 1956  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                           9        Joseph Florent Pitre  b: 25 August 1914  Ste. Therese, Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 20 November 1998

                                      +Marie Azilda Godin  b: 4 December 1919  Robertville, Gloucester, NB; m: 21 February 1938  Ste. Therese, Gloucester, NB [Clement/Marie Frenette]; d: 2 May 2014  Robertville, Gloucester, NB

                           9        Therese Malvina Pitre  b: 5 September 1915  Lugar, Beresford, NB; d: 15 November 2001  Petit Rocher, Gloucester, NB

                                      +George Morris  b: 12 June 1914  Robertville, Gloucester, NB; m: 25 June 1935  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Felix/Louise Boudreau]; d: 1990  Petit Rocher, Gloucester, NB

                           9        Marie Clara Pitre  b: 5 December 1916  Robertville, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                                      +Joseph Maurice Richard  b: 17 October 1911  Tracadie, NB; m: 2 October 1945  Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Michel/Catherine McLaughlin]

                           9        Marie Leonie Pitre  b: 13 June 1918  Robertville, Gloucester, NB; d: Aft. 1997

                                      +Harold Taylor

                           9        Marie Malva Pitre  b: Abt. 1920  Lugar, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                                      +Francois Zenon Morris  b: 10 August 1921  Lugar, Beresford, Gloucester, NB; m: 23 June 1941  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Felix/Louise Boudreau]

                           9       Edgar Joseph Pitre  b: Abt. 1922  Robertville, Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 29 August 2001  Robertville, Gloucester, NB

                                      +Yvonne Lavigne  b: Abt. 1923  Robertville, Gloucester, NB; m: 14 October 1950  Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Wilfred/Beatrice Godin]; d: 29 September 2010  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                           9        Gerard Pitre  b: 26 April 1924  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB

                                      +Myrtle Ayotte

                           9        Bernice Pitre  b: 1927  Robertville, Gloucester, NB; d: 1981

                                      +Jean Gilbert Lecouter  b: Abt. 1921  Miscou, Gloucester, NB; m: 23 May 1945  Robertville, Gloucester, NB [Ben/Victoria Beaudin]

                           9        Rita Pitre  b: Abt. 1932  Lugar, NB; d: 16 November 1997  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                      +Armand Boudreau

                           9        Leo Pitre

                                      +Rose Brown

                           9        Lucien Pitre



Notes for Leon Pitre:


- 1911 Lounger, Gloucester, New Brunswick:  Leon Petre 28 (farmer), wife Florance 23, mother Adelle 68, Edouard 3, Anrie 1.


- 1921 Middle Ste. Louise, Gloucester, NB:  Leon Pitre 38, wife Florence 33, Edward 13, Henry 11, Lora 9, Leonard 8, Florent 7, Melvina 5, Clara 4, Leonie 3, Melva 1.

Obituaries for the children:

Rita Pitre:  l'Acadie Nouvelle, Caraquet, NB, Tuesday, 18 November 1997:  Robertville - Died at the regional Hospital of Bathurst, on Sunday November 16, 1997, at the age of 65 years, Rita Pitre Boudreau, domiciled in Robertville.  Born in Lugar, she was the daughter of the late Leon and Florence (Landry) Pitre.  She leaves in mourning three brothers: Edgar (Yvonne) of Beresford, Florent (Azilda) of Robertville, and Leo of Toronto, Ont; also two sisters: Malvina Morris of Petit-Rocher, and Leonie Taylor (Harold) of Halifax, N.E.  The viewing of the deceased is at the funeral home Heritage, 270 rue Centre at Beresford.  The funeral will take place in the church of Ste. Therese de Robertville, this Tuesday 18th November, at 7pm.  Burial will be in the parochial cemetery.



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