Andre Gratien 'Raphael' Pitre

1847 Lafourche, LA 1878 Jefferson, LA




Continuation of tree (9th child of Louis Auguste Pitre/Marie Clotilde Lefort); all known surname descendants:

              7      Andre Gratien 'Raphael' Pitre  b: 18 December 1847  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 15 October 1878  Cheniere Caminada, Jefferson, LA            

                               + Marguerite Landry  b: Abt. 1850  Lafourche, LA; m: 11 May 1870  Barataria, Jefferson, LA; d: 9 November 1883  Cheniere Caminada, Jefferson, LA

                         8           Louis Raphael Pitre  b: 1 March 1870  Lockport, Lafourche, LA; d: 16 September 1944  Golden Meadow, Lafourche, LA

                                          + Edea Marie Vizier  b: 15 May 1873  Caminadaville, Lafourche, LA; m: 1 June 1889  Caminadaville, Lafourche, LA [Silas Joseph/Caroline Marie Trahan]; d: Abt. 1903  Lafourche, LA    

                                        *2nd Wife of Louis Raphael Pitre:                                                         

                                          + Louise M. Bruce (Plaisance)  b: Abt. 1887  Marrero, Jefferson, LA; m: Abt. 1910  Lafourche, LA; d: 27 August 1957  Marrero, Jefferson, LA

                         8           Andre Pitre  b: 13 November 1872  Larose, Lafourche, LA; d: Aft. 1880          

                         8           Didier Leon 'David' Pitre  b: 13 November 1872  Larose, Lafourche, LA; d: 11 October 1936  Cut Off, Lafourche, LA

                                          + Julia Marie Pitre  b: 2 January 1876  Larose, Lafourche, LA; m: Abt. 1892  Lafourche, LA [Richard Martial/Augustine Adrienne Pitre]; d: 28 July 1952  Cut Off, Lafourche, LA

                         8           Gratien Augusta Pitre  b: 14 February 1874  Larose, Lafourche, LA; d: Bef. 1880

                         8           Emma Marguerite Pitre  b: 28 March 1876  Larose, Lafourche, LA; d: Bef. 1880    

                         8           Alcide Ernest Pitre  b: 3 February 1878  Larose, Lafourche, LA; d: Bef. 1880 

                         8           Felix Teobert Pitre  b: 6 June 1879  Lockport, Lafourche, LA; d: 15 February 1931  Cut Off, Lafourche, LA

                                          + Aglonie Bruce  b: 30 October 1878  Lafourche, LA; m: 8 June 1898  Larose, Lafourche, LA [Adam/Eulalie Pierce]; d: 14 November 1905  Lafourche, LA

                                       *2nd Wife of Felix Teobert Pitre:                                                          

                                          + Julienne Pitre  b: 19 June 1890  Lafourche, LA; m: 18 December 1909  Lafourche, LA [Leonce Julien/Augustine Ernestine Pitre]; d: 7 May 1970  Galliano, Lafourche, LA



Notes for Andre Gratien 'Raphael' Pitre:


- 1870

- 1880 Jefferson:  Widow Marguerite Pitre 30 (disease of the throat), Raphael 9, twins Andre 7 & Didier 7, Felix 1.


Succession of Margaret Landry & Gracien Pitre (21 Nov 1890):  To the Honourable Emile Rost, Judge of the 26 Judicial District Court for the parish of Jefferson.  The petition of Etienne Jambon, who resides in said parish respectfully shows that Margaret Landry was married to Gracien Pitre in said parish May 11, 1870; that said Margaret died in said parish November 9, 1883; that said Gracien died in said parish October 15, 1878; that as issue of said marriage there are the following named minor children, to wit: Raphael aged 19years, Didier aged 17 years, and Felix aged 10 years: that said minors have no tutor; that petitioner is their uncle by marriage & is willing to accept such tutorship; that an under tutor should be appointed to them, that an inventory of their property should be taken; that a family meeting should be convened for the purpose of recommending a suitable person to be their tutor; that said minors have a male relative residing within 30 miles of the court house of said parish; that Michel Schneider, Andrew Linden, John B. Lyman, Augustin Marrero, Henry Samuel, Hylas Stiles & John Ehret are friends of the family & suitable persons to compose said family meeting.  Wherefore he prays that Joseph Pitre be appointed under tutor of said minors, that an inventory of their property be taken by Wm L. Langridge Clerk & Ex Officio Notary of said parish; that J.C. Tillotson & John R. Langridge be appointed & sworn as appraissor to appraise the same; that a family meeting be convened before said Clerk & Ex Officio Notary to be composed of the persons suggested as being proper to compose the same for the purpose of deliberating upon the subject matter of this petition & of recommending a suitable person to this court for appointment as tutor to said minors & for general relief.  Alfred Billings of counsel.     Let Joseph Pitre be appointed & qualified as under tutor of the minors Raphael, Didier & Felix Pitre, let an inventory of the property of said minors be taken by Wm. L Langridge Clerk & Ex Officio Notary of said parish & let J.C. Tillotson & John B. Langridge be appointed & sworn to appraise the same & let a family meeting be convened before said Clerk & Ex Officio Notary to be composed of Michel Schneider, Andrew Linden, John B. Lyman, Augustin Marrero, Henry Samuel, Hylas Stiles & John Ehret friends of the family in default of relations or any five of them and let said under tutor be notified of the time & place of said meeting, said meeting to deliberate upon the subject matter of the foregoing petition & recommend a suitable person pr tutor for said minors.  William L. Langridge clerk, parish of Jefferson, November 21st, 1890.

Margaret Landry by donation from Raphael Landry and Clemence Rigaud Landry by an act passed before Louis Randan Notary on the 4th day of June 1873 Registered in Conveyance Book M folio 610.  Appraised by said appraisers on the appraisement of all the property movable and immovable goods rights etc in this parish and belonging to in whole or in part to the Succession of Margaret Landry and Gracien Petre deceased in the manner and form following to wit:  Real Estate - a certain lot of ground situate at the Cheniere Caminada in the Parish of Jefferson and measuring fifty-five feet front on Caminada Bay and running between parallel lines from Caminada Bay to the Bay St Hanane (?) bounded on both sides by lands belonging to donors.  $75 and $58.78, totalling $133.78.  Etienne Jambon is appointed principal and Leonce Pitre as security, bond of $170.




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