MOOSE * Monitoring Online Of Securities Exchange

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Evolution of MOOSE

MOOSE came about in 2005 as a piece of software designed to monitor the main stock exchange indices and allow setting of alert levels via a web login page. Hence the original name MOOSE; Monitoring Online Of Stock Exchange. Alert messages were dispatched via SMS text. The initial version of MOOSE skimmed the data from Yahoo Finance website.

In 2008, a move to the MT4 development platform was made and MOOSE modified to monitor data from a wider variety of Securities exchanges. MT4 is undoubetly a powerful and pervasive trading platform but also requires time to master. Initial experiences with MT4 led to development of certain indicators to enhance the user experience. These are freely available for download under the MT4 section of this website.

In 2010, MOOSE was further enhanced to monitor Foreign exchange, though the name was never changed to MOOFE! The RSI Analysis data (shown on this website) is only a subset of the monitoring provided by MOOSE. Today MOOSE sends alert messages via Twitter making it unique amongst MT indicators and EAs as anyone who has ever studied the vagueness of DLL interaction from MT4 would appreciate.

About the Author

The author has several years' experience as a software professional (including trading systems), holds a Master's in Business, and is a Professional Member of the British Computer Society. You can follow along on Twitter @MOOSE_FX