Family of Joseph Jean Francois Derbes & J. Emerite F. Lasalle



Joseph Jean Francois Derbes was born 27 December 1820 in Toulon, Var, France and died 2 March 1874 in New Orleans, Louisiana.   


Wife J. Emerite F. Lasalle was born 1 October 1830 in a house on the corner of Conde & Dumaine, New Orleans, Louisiana, and died 30 August 1877 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Burial was 31 August 1877 in St. Louis Cemetery #1/2, New Orleans, Louisiana.  They were married c1849 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Link to Photo.



Their children were:


1- Sigismond Lucien Derbes  b: 8 January 1851  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: Aft. June 1852


2- Olivia Derbes  b: 17 December 1852  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 30 December 1943  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; buried St. Louis Cemetery #3   

            +Gaston J. Doussan  b: 1855 in France; m: 22 September 1877  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 16 September 1934  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; buried St. Louis Cemetery #3


Notes for Olivia Derbes:

- 1880 New Orleans, LA, 57 Royal Street (p. 25A):  Gaston Dusson 24 (FR-FR-FR) variety goods dealer, wife Olivia 28 (FR) keeping house, Paul 10 months; Derbes sisters-in-law F(derbesortunee) 25 (FR-FR-FR) milliner, Charlotte 22 seamstress, Emma 21 seamstress, Juliet 17 (FR) seamstress, Rosalie 10 attending school; Derbes brothers-in-law Adrien 13 attending school, Lucien 13 attending school, Frederick 12 attending school, Joseph 7; servants Marie Alexander 48 (black) & Thos. Lake 18 (black).

- 1900 New Orleans, LA, 1608 Dumaine Street (ED 49, p. 9B):  Gaston Doussan 48 (Apr 1852) clerk, wife of 23 years Olivia 45 (Jun 1854) [4 of 5 children still living], Elise 18 (Jun 1881), Stella 11 (Sep 1888), Hilda 4 (Mar 1896); sisters-in-law Julia Derbes 32 (Apr 1868) & Rosa Derbes 26 (Nov 1877); boarder Baptist Oliphant 35 (Mar 1865) widower.

- 1910 New Orleans, LA (ED183, W11, p. 7A):  Gaston Doussan 55 dry goods/clerk, wife of 33 years Elizabeth 58, Hilda 16

- 1920 New Orleans, LA, 132 South White (ED52, W3, p. 4A):  Gaston J. Doussan 64 floor walker/retail dry goods, wife Olivia 62, son-in-law Joseph E. Jubin 29 (FR) electrician/electric co., wife Hilda 25, Yvette 2 years 8 months, Lorraine 1 year 2 months.

- 1930 New Orleans, LA, 3624 Gentilly Boulevard  (ED125, W8p. 3A):  Joseph E. Jubin 39 (Brittany) [house value $10,000], wife Hilda B. 33, Yvette M. 12, Lorraine M. 11, in-laws Gaston J. Doussan 74 & wife Olivia D. 77.

- Obituary, 17 September 1934, Times Picayune (N.O., LA) - At the residence, 3624 Gentilly Boulevard, on Sunday, September 16, 1934, at 4 o'clock p.m., Gaston Doussan, beloved husband of Olivia Derbes, father of Mrs. P. H. Pardee, Mrs. A. J. Lennox, Mrs. J. E. Jubin, grandfather of Carlotta Pardee, Paul Bijou Glory and A. J. Lennox, Yvette and Lorraine Jubin; aged 78 years, a native of West Baton Rouge, La.  Relatives and friends of the family, also employees of D. H. Holmes Co., Ltd., members of L'Athenee Louisianaise are invited to attend the services from the funeral home of Albert E. Briede & Son, Inc., 1160 Camp street, on Monday, September 17, 1934, at 3 p.m., followed by services at St. James Major church (Gentilly).  Interment, St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, (Esplanade avenue).

Obituary, Times Picayune (N.O., LA), Saturday, 1 January 1944:  Doussan - At the residence, 3658 Gentilly Boulevard, on Thursday, December 30, 1943, at 11 o'clock p.m., Olivia E. Gerves (sic Derbes), beloved wife of the late Gaston Doussan, mother of Mrs. P. B. Pardee of Washington, D.C., Mrs. Stella Lennox and the late Mrs. J. E. Jubin; age 91 years and three days, a native of France and a resident of this city for years.  Services were paid from the funeral home of Albert E. Briede and Son, Inc., 1160 Camp street, on Friday, December 31, 1943 at 2 o'clock p.m.  Services were at St. James Major church.  Interment in St. Louis cemetery No. 3.


2- Pauline Anna Derbes  b: 19 July 1854  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 4 September 1945  Oakland, Alameda, California

            +Benito Solache  b: 7 June 1852  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; m: 20 September 1877  New Orleans, Orleans, LA [--- Solache/Rosalie Kneller]; d: 20 January 1890  New Orleans, Orleans, LA


Notes for Pauline Anna Derbes:

- 1880 New Orleans, LA (p. 228D):  Benito Salache 28 (LA-Spain-Hamburg) clerk in store, wife Pauline 25 (LA-FR-LA) keeping house, Emerite 5 months  

- Death Notice, Times Picayune (N.O., LA), Thursday, 23 January 1890:  Benito Solache, 38 years, 129 1/2 St. Ann.               

- 1891 directory:  Pauline Solache, widow Benito: 129 Ann St.

- 1900 New Orleans, LA, 1131 Carondelet (ED13, W2, p. 16B):  Widow Pauline Solache 46 (Jul 1853) [5 of 6 children still living] boarders, Amorita 20 (Dec 1879) saleswoman, Anita 18 (Nov 1881) cashier, Joseph 16 (Jan 1884) furniture varnisher, Fernand 14 (Mar 1886) messenger, Len 10 (Feb 1890) at school; roomer John F. Gibbons 28 (May 1871) train checker; servant Harry Phelps 17 (Jan 1883).

- 1 June 1906: From personal testimony when Frederick brings case re parents' succession:  Pauline never asked for a partition.  Her husband was refused as sub tutor, so she took her share ($545) on 23 March 1878. 

- 1910 Modesto, Stanislaus, California:   William A. Jones 29 real estate agent, wife of 5 years Annitta 26; widowed mother-in-law Pauline Solache 55.

- 1920 San Francisco, San Francisco, California, 1837 Oak Street:  William A. Jones 39 real estate agent, wife Anita R. 35, Preston A. 9, Sydney A. 5; widowed mother-in-law Pauline A. Solache 65.

- 1930 Oakland, Alameda, California, 826 Paloma Avenue:  William A. Jones 49 auto agent [house value $8500], wife Anita R. 45, Preston 19, Sydney 15, widowed mother-in-law Pauline Solache 75.  

- 1940 Berkeley, Alameda, CA:  William A. Jones 59 sales/automobile, wife Anita R. 55 landlady, widowed mother-in-law Pauline Solache 85.


3- Fortunee Marie Derbes  b: 1 August 1855  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 28 December 1907  New Orleans, Orleans, LA

            +Emile Desire Nores  b: 13 March 1848  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; m: 30 October 1880  New Orleans, Orleans, LA [Jules Cesar/Adele Alexandrine Moreau]; d: 17 March 1895  New Orleans, Orleans, LA


Notes for Fortunee Marie Derbes:

- 19 March 1895: Times Picayune (N.O., LA), Emile D. Nores, a well known business man, died at his home in this city Sunday night. Mr. Nores was 47 years of age and a native of this city.  He was educated in this city, and in 1866 went into business with P.E. Brulatour and remained with him until 1884, when Mr. Brulatour retired.  During all this time he occupied the position of confidential clerk, having the full control of the business and power of attorney.  After the retirement of Mr. Brulatour he went with Mr. S. V. Fornaris, occupying the same position and making himself invaluable to his kind employers.  Mr. Nores leaves a wife and one child and two brothers, Leonard and Ernest Nores, both well known here, and formerly prominent merchants.  He also leaves a sister, Miss Aline Nores, a writer of talent.  Mr. Nores lived with the Brulatours like a son during his connection with the business of that gentleman.  He married Miss Derbes in this city, and his married life was eminently happy.  The deceased was a prominent member of the Chess, Checkers and Whist Club, the American Legion of Honor and other organizations, and was beloved and respected in every walk of life.  The funeral took place yesterday morning.  Father Janssens conducted the service in the cathedral, and the burial was in the new St. Louis cemetery, on Esplanade.  The pallbearers were Leonce Nores, Ernest Nores, Charles Bernos, G. Doussan, S. V. Fornaris, Thomas Brulatour and A. Mercier.

- 1900 New Orleans, LA, 1027 St. Anne Street (ED47, W5, p. 8B):  (Widow) Mrs. Emile D. Nores 44 (Aug 1855) [mar. 15 yrs.; 1 of 3 children still living], Jeanne 17 (Apr 1883).

- 1 June 1906: From personal testimony when Frederick brings case re parents' succession:  Fortunee and her husband had lived at 57 Royal St., paying no rent, but paid board and worked in the store.  She and Olivia ran the store.  She paid $20 board for herself, her husband ate at Mr. Brulatour's.  She left in 1885 after buying a farm in St. Bernard; her husband kept the store for the country farm. 

- Obituary, 5 January 1908 - Times Picayune (N.O., LA) - On Saturday, Dec. 28, 1907, at 6:30 o'clock a.m., aged 52 years, Mrs. Widow Emile D. Nores (nee Fortunee Derbes), a native of this city.  The relatives, friends and acquaintances of the Nores and Derbes families, also those of her son-in-law, J. B. Aliphat, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place this Sunday, Dec. 29, 1907, at 3 o'clock p.m., from the late residence of the deceased, No. 1027 St. Ann Street, between Rampart and Burgundy.  Interment in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, Esplanade Avenue.

- Petition of Jeanne Adele Nores, wife of John Baptist Aliphat, states that her mother Fortunee Marie Derbes widow Emile Desire Nores was married on 30 October 1880 in N.O.  Her father died 17 March 1895, her mother died 28 December 1907.  Jeanne was the sole surviving child of that marriage.  Her mother left a will written in French, dated 7 July 1903 leaving everything to Jeanne, consisting of a property at no. 1027-1029 St. Anne Street, purchased by her on 18 February 1897 after the death of her husband ($3000), furniture therein ($250), five $100 Louisiana bonds ($500), 5 shares of the Union Homestead assn. ($65), one Panama bond of 60 francs ($12)


4- Carlos Derbes  b: 8 August 1857  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 8 March 1907 at 315 Dauphine, New Orleans, Orleans, LA

            +Marie Desiree Wachez  b: March 1863  France; m: 14 June 1884  New Orleans, Orleans, LA [Emile/Sophie ---]; d: 30 November 1923  New Orleans, Orleans, LA


Notes for Carlos Derbes:

- New Orleans Item (N.O., LA), Friday, 14 October 1892:  Mr. Derbes Uninjured - Mr. Carlos Derbes of 284 St. Claude, received a telegram from his brother F. Derbes in Chicago to the effect that another brother J. B. Derbes had not been injured by a fall from the Exposition building as stated in dispatches received here.

- 1900 New Orleans, LA, 1321 Columbus Street (ED 65, p. 16B):  Carlos Derbes 42 (Aug 1857) bookkeeper, wife of 16 years Mary 37 (Mar 1863; FR) [5 of 6 children still living], Basil 15 (Mar 1885) messenger, Emma 13 (Aug 1886), Albert 10 (Aug 1889), Peter 8 (Jun 1891), Edgar 6 (Jun 1893), sister-in-law Eugenie Wachez 33 (Sep 1866) saleslady.

The Daily Picayune (N.O., LA), 8 March 1907 (p. 7, c. 7) - Death: Carlos Derbes, 49 years, 315 Dauphine.

- 1910 New Orleans, LA, 1473 N. Villere Street (ED108, W7, p. 2A):  Widow Marie Derbes 47, Emma 23 music teacher, Albert 20 stenographer/broker's office, Victor 18 wheelwright/blacksmith shop, Edgar 16 office boy/bank, Aurelia 9, Ralph 25 streetcar conductor, wife of 1 year Estelle 26.

- 1920 New Orleans, LA, 1456 N. Villere Street (ED114, W7, p. 3A):  Widow Marie Derbes 64, Emma 32 saleslady/department store, Emalie 19, Victor 28 drummer/band of music, Edgard 26 rate clerk/railroad, wife Sevira 23, Edgard Jr. 2 years 6 months.

- Obituary, Times Picayune (N.O., LA), Sunday, 2 December 1923 - Derbes - Entered into rest on Friday, November 30, 1923, at 7:52 o'clock a.m., Marie Wachez, aged 60 years 8 months 15 days, widow of Carlos Derbes and mother of Ralph, Emma E., Albert E., Victor J., Edgar A. and Amelice C. Derbes; a native of Paris, France, and a resident of this city for the past 54 years.  The relatives, friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place on this Sunday, December 2, 1923 at 10 o'clock a.m., from the late residence of the deceased, No. 1456 Villere street near Kerlerec.  Interment in St. Louis cemetery No. 2, Claiborne street.


5- Emerite Magdalene Derbes  b: 28 May 1859 at 64 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 7 December 1950  Oakland, Alameda, CA; burial: Palo Alto, CA

            +John Adams Harris  b: 5 September 1859  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; m: 27 December 1894  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 25 February 1939  San Francisco, San Francisco, CA; burial: 27 February 1939  Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Palo Alto, CA


6- Julia Derbes  b: April 1863  France; d: 22 December 1932 at 2130 Marengo Street, New Orleans, Orleans, LA; burial: 23 December 1932  Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans


Notes for Julia Derbes:

- 1880 New Orlean, LA:  Juliet Derbes 17 seamstress, living with her siblings at the family home 57 Royal Street.

- 1900 New Orleans, LA:  Julia Derbes 32, living with sister Olivia's family at 1608 Dumaine Street.

- 14 August 1903:  Julia Derbes 30 & niece Stella Doussan 14 arrive back in America at New York on La Savoie which left Paris on 8 August 1903.

- 1910 New Orleans, LA, 2130 Marengo Street (ED248, W12, p. 13B/14A):  Adam Lennox 28 stenographer, wife Stella 21, aunt Julia Derbes 43 saleslady/dry goods store.

- 1920 New Orleans, LA, 2130 Marengo Street (ED217, W12, p. 11A):  Adam J. Lennox 36 private secretary/oil refining company, wife Stella 28, Paul 8, Stella 6, Glory 2, aunt Julia Derbes 52 librarian/daily newspaper, widowed aunt Louise Roussel 60.

- 1930 New Orleans, LA, 2130 Marengo Street (ED199, W12, p. 16A):  Widow Stella Lennox 34 [house value $8000], Paul 19 multigraph operator/oil, Adam J. 10, Bijou 17, Gloria 12, aunt Julia Derbes 60.

- Death Notice in Harris Family Bible (dated 1896): Times Picayune (N.O., LA), Friday, 23 December 1932 - On Thursday afternoon, December 22nd, 1932 at 12:55 o'clock, Julia Derbes, daughter of the late Emerite La Salle and Joseph Derbes, beloved aunt of Mrs. Stella Lennox, of 2130 Marengo street.  Services from National Funeral Home, Canal at Scott street, at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon, December 23rd, 1932, with interment in Greenwood cemetery.


7- Adrienne Derbes  b: 20 March 1867  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 3 September 1953  New Orleans, Orleans, LA

            +Henry Labe  b: 7 February 1865 in Spanish Mexico; m: 1 June 1900; d: 6 October 1925  New Orleans, Orleans, LA


Notes for Adrienne Derbes:

- 1880 New Orleans:  Adrien(ne) Derbes 13 attending school, living with her siblings at the family home 57 Royal Street.

- 1900 

- 1910 New Orleans, LA, (ED248, W12, p. 15B):  Henry Labe (-age-) window dresser/dry goods store, 2nd wife of 10 years Adrienne 42, Emma 16, Delima 14, Olga 9, Henry 7.

- 1920 New Orleans, LA, 2426 General Taylor  (ED219, W12, p. 3B):  Henry Labe 45 (TX-TX-TX) card writer/department store, wife Adrian 38, Olga 18, Henry 19 electrician/telegraph co.

- Wedding Anniversary:  New Orleans States (N.O., LA), Sunday, 7 June 1925:  Mr. and Mrs. Labe Celebrate 25th Anniversary:  One of the delightful social events of the week was the affair given Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Labe, 2430 General Taylor street, in honor of their silver wedding anniversary.  [Includes description of decorations and long list of guests.]

- 8 October 1925 - Times Picayune (N.O., LA) - The funeral of Henry Labe, 60 years old, who died Tuesday, was conducted from the residence, 2430 General Taylor street, at 10 a.m. yesterday.  Mr. Labe was for many years window dresser and sign writer for Katz and Besthoff, Ltd., and formerly for D. H. Holmes Co., Ltd., Rabbi Mendel Silber of the Congregation of the gates of Prayer synagogue officiated at the ceremony.  Interment was in the Joseph street cemetery.  Mr. Labe is survived by his widow, Mrs. Adrienne Derbes Labe; his son, Henry Labe, Jr., and his daughters, Mrs. Carl G. Schmidt, Mrs. Abe. J. Sperling, Mrs. R. E. de los Reyes, Jr., all of New Orleans, and Mrs. Herbert Felterman of Patterson, La.

- 1930 New Orleans, LA, 24 30 General Taylor (ED198, W12, p. 25B):  Widow Adrienne Labe 60 [owns/house value $10,000], daughter Olga Schmidt 28, & husband of 5 years Carl G. 28 real estate/clerk.

- 1940 New Orleans, LA (5231 Derbigny Street):  Carl G. Schmidt 38 accountant/different businesses, wife Olga 38, widowed mother-in-law Adrienne Labe 72.

- 1945/6 N.O. directory:  Adrienne Labe (widow Henry) res 5231 Barrett

- Tombstone Inscription, Gates of Prayer Cemetery #2:  Henry Labe / born / Feb. 7, 1865 / died / Oct. 6, 1925

- Succession of Henry Labe:  Filed 21 October 1925, N.O.:  Henry Labe was married 1st to Laura Johnston (divorced) - children Emma Labe, wife of A. J. Sperling; Selina Labe, wife of Ralph Reyes; Mona Labe, wife of Herbert Felterman; 2nd to Adriane Derber - children Olga Labe, wife of Carl Gordon Schmidt; Henry Labe Jr.  At time of divorce he had nothing.  All property was acquired by his subsequent marriage to Adrain Derbes.  At time of 2nd marriage, he took and used $7500 belonging to his wife.  Debts to be repaid include $7500 to Adriane Derbes.  The portion of the community belonging to him he gives to his said children to share equally.  One third to wife Andriene Derbes less $500 to Olga Labe & $500 to Henry Labe Jr.  This is in addition to the one-fifth each child shall receive.  Henry Labe Jr. will also receive his watch given by D.H. Holmes Co. as well as his stud.  Appointed wife Adrienne Derbes as executrix

- Times Picayune (N.O., LA), Saturday, 5 September 1953:  Of 2505 Athis street, on Friday, September 3, 1953, at 9:55 o'clock a.m., Adrienne Derbes, wife of the late Henry Labe; mother of Mrs. Carl Schmidt, Mrs. Ralph De Los Reyes, Mrs. A. J. Sperling and Henry Labe; a native of this city.  Relatives and friends of the family, also employees of the New Orleans Department of Public Safety, Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, are invited to attend the funeral from the home of Albert E. Briede and Son, Inc., 1160 Camp street, on Saturday, September 5, 1953, at 3 o'clock p.m., followed by religious services at St. Raphael's church.  Interment in St. Louis cemetery No. 2.


8- Lucienne Derbes  b: 20 March 1867  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 1942 Geneva, Switzerland                    

            +Charles Ducret  b: Abt. 1858 in Switzerland; m: 24 June 1896  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 1933  Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland


Notes for Lucienne Derbes:

- 1880 New Orleans, LA:  Lucien(ne) Derbes 13 attending school, living with her siblings at the family home 57 Royal Street.

- Charles Ducret arrived in New Orleans on the Paris from Bordeaux in June 1885.  He was 27, a clerk, Swiss; arrived 3rd class, with 1 trunk.

- 1900:  Already returned to Switzerland as unable to locate in census.  First child (Olga) born in New Orleans in January 1898, 2nd child (Renee) born in Geneva March 1902.                 


9- Frederick Derbes  b: 27 April 1868  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 15 May 1959  Chicago, Cook, Illinois

            +Eugenia Gaudin  b: September 1863  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; m: 9 July 1890  Chicago, Cook, IL; d: 25 October 1923  Chicago, Cook, Illinois

         *2nd Wife (?) of Frederick Derbes:

            +Eleanora Brinkman (Schmitt)  b: 30 April 1875  Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; m: Bet. 1910-1920; d: 26 September 1937  Chicago, Cook, IL

          *3rd Wife (?) of Frederick Derbes:

            +Elizabeth Gusman  b: 31 May 1883  Chicago, Cook, Illinois; m: Bef. 1930 [Henry/Anna Schenk]; d: Aft. 1941


Notes for Frederick Derbes:

- 1900 Chicago, Cook, IL, ED 356:  Frederick Derbes 32 (Apr 1868; LA-FR-Ger) clerk/photograph, wife of 10 years Eugenie 36 (Sep 1863; LA-FR-FR) [1 of 1 child still living], Frederick J. 6 (Oct 1893).

- 1910 Chicago, Cook, IL, ED 1028, 2009 Clifton Ave.: Eugenia Derbes 48 (LA-FR-FR) mar. 20 yrs., piano teacher, son Frederick J. 16 (IL-LA-LA) RR office ticket auditor.  [Frederick 42 - ?]

- 1920 Chicago, Cook, IL, 1615 Montreal Street (ED 1537, W26, p. 9A):  Frederick Derbes 52 (N.O.-FR-FR) chief clerk/express, wife Ellanora 43 (Cinn-Germ-Germ), Leroy Schmitt 15 stepson (IL-PA-OH), Mariella Schmitt 14 stepdaughter (IL-PA-OH)

- 1920 Chicago, Cook, IL, 2525 Syndale Street (ED1715, W26, p. 13B): Eugene Derbes 62 (married female) piano teacher.

(1920 Forest Park, Cook, IL: J. Fred Derbes 26 (IL-LA-LA) stenographer, wife E. Harriett 26 (IL-Wis-Wis), J. Raymond 9 months)

- 1930 Chicago, Cook, IL, ED 1447, 4146 Monticello Ave.:  Fred Derbes 61 (22) (LA-LA-LA) cashier/railway ex., [$36 value of home - renting], wife Elizabeth 46 (36) (IL-Germ-IL)

- 1940 Chicago, Cook, IL, (103-3002, p. 10b):  Frederick Derbes 71 (mar), lodger, no job


- 1 June 1906: From personal testimony when Frederick brings case re parents' succession:  Lives in Chicago.  After parents' deaths, lived with brother-in-law, Gaston Doussan.  Employed during that time for different firms, as well as for his brother-in-law and his sister.  Worked in the store in the mornings before work and in the evenings.  About 6-8 months after turning 21, left New Orleans.  Before brother Joseph told him, did not know an account had been filed by Doussan with the court.  Left sister's house because "they threw me out of the house" for "no cause".  He had lived with them in the property on Royal St., and then for about 6 months in their property on Dumaine.  He had made a demand for settlement but had received none.  Always turned over all his earnings.  Always lived with his sister.  He slept there, ate there, and was supplied with clothing.  Olivia put him out of the house, "she threw me downstairs".  6 November 1907:  Frederic Derbes' claim is dismissed.

- Personal Ad:  Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Sunday, 27 June 1954:  Anyone having information as to whereabouts of Elizabeth Gusman Derbes, please contact.  Financial  6-3037.

- Chicago Tribune, Thursday, 19 May 1955:  Fred Derbes, 4731 Beacon st., who recently celebrated 87th birthday, is a bellboy at Rienzi hotel, 600 Diversey pkwy.  Desk Clerk Eli Segal looks on.  Derbes says he is Chicago's oldest bellboy.  He retired as a railroad express company cashier in the '30s.  Derbes, a bellboy since 1940, can still carry 80 pounds of bags without wincing.  He has been at the hotel for eight years.  He was born in New Orleans.  [photo included]

- Obituary: Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL, 16 May 1959:  Frederick J. Derbes, 91, who called himself the "world's oldest bellboy" until his retirement three years ago, died Friday morning in his home, 4729 Beacon st., apparently of a heart attack.  He last was employed at the Rienzi hotel, 600 Diversey pkwy.  Masonic services will be held at 7 p.m. Sunday in the chapel at 5149 N. Ashland av.

- Obituary: Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL, 17 May 1959:  Frederick Derbes, May 13, 1959, late of 4729 N. Beacon street, beloved husband of the late Eugenia; dear father of the late Fred J.; fond uncle of Raymond and Amelia Derbes.  Masonic services Sunday, 7 p.m., at chapel, 5149-51 N. Ashland avenue, at Foster, under the auspices of Paul Revere lodge. No. 998. A.F. & A.M. Interment Memorial Park.  Also member of Loyal chapter, No. 233. R.A.M.; Adoniram council. No. 95, R.S.M.; and Illinois commandery, No. 72, K.T. LOngbeach 1-5147.


10- Rosa Derbes  b: 3 February 1870  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 1 January 1963  Ambilly, France

            +Jacques Stengel  b: Abt. 1856; m: Aft. 1903; d: Abt. 1937


Notes for Rosa Derbes:

- 7 November 1903:  Rosa Derbes 25, arrived back in America at New York from Paris on La Savoie which left Le Havre on 14 November 1903She is headed back to New Orleans, 1608 Dumaine Street.


11- Joseph Derbes  b: 18 September 1872  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 8 August 1959  Cinncinati, Hamilton, Ohio

            +Ida May Sweeney  b: 23 May 1877  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; m: 23 December 1897  New Orleans, Orleans, LA [Lawrence/Eliza McCurdy]; d: 28 March 1899  New Orleans, Orleans, LA

          *2nd wife of Joseph Derbes:

            +Mary Ellen McGuire  b: 29 October 1874  Louisiana; m: 23 July 1903  New Orleans, Orleans, LA; d: 24 March 1951  Cinncinati, Hamilton, OH


Notes for Joseph Derbes:

- 29 August 1887:  Joseph Derbes, traveling in steerage, arrives back in America at New York on La Gascogne from LeHavre.

- Times Democrat (N.O., LA), Sunday, 20 February 1898:  Mr. Jos. B. Derbes is no longer connected with my office, Emanuel L. Weil, Law and Notarial Office, 208 Hennen Building.

- Obituary, Times Democrat (N.O., LA), Friday, 31 March 1899:  Derbes - On Tuesdya, March 28, 1899, at 5:35 a.m., Ida May, daughter of Eliza McCurdy and Laurence Sweeney, and beloved wife of Joseph B. Derbes, aged twenty-one years ten months and five days, a native of this city.

- 1900 New Orleans, LA, ED 4: Lawrence Sweeney 58 & wife Lisa 38, their children; widowed son-in-law Joseph Derbes 27 (Sep 1872; LA-FR-LA) lawyer, Joseph Jr. 1 (Mar 1899)

- 1 June 1906: From personal testimony when Frederick brings case re parents' succession:  Joseph says he is currently a flour & grain broker.  Sent to the Jesuits school aged ten, but was taken out to go to work in his sister's country store at Toka Station in St. Bernard Parish.  Stayed there about 8 months then sent to take an examination for Tulane College, "but having been taken out of school so long I had forgotten a good deal what I had knew, and I was unable to pass."  They then sent him to Aloysius Instutute.  Fortunee's husband had tried to instruct him but was unable as he had been learning Greek, Latin, Spanish and German.  He was then sent to Paris as his sister Olivia had had an inspiration from their dead mother telling her to send Joseph to Paris.  He was sent to his Uncle Jules Derbes, and sent to St. Nicholas school.  That didn't work out.  He pleaded with his uncle to stay in France.  He went to work for Mr. Brinkman the optician but that didn't work out.  He returned to New Orleans at the age of 15.  He claimed Olivia and Fortunee were mean to him.  He worked for Mr. Mercier but was fired for no reason.  Olivia "caught me on Canal St. and brought me home, took all my clothes away and put me barefooted in the yard, without any clothes."  He wrote a postal card to Frederick to "take me from that living hell."  His $2/week earnings all went to Olivia.  He ran away that month.  His brother Carlos caught him on Canal St., he broke away from the car and ran to his sister Pauline's.  They then swore out a warrant against him as a juvenile vagrant as Olivia wanted him to spend the night in jail.  The Judge released him to Pauline.  He couldn't get a job because of what his sisters had said about him.  He left to work 26 miles north of Birmingham for the Railroad Mining Co. for 10 months.  Then he worked with his brother who had a very large news stand on Canal St.  Then he worked for a wholesale grocer, then as a country clerk; then for another grocer.  He left there because the grocer told him to attend church or quit.  Then he worked for another grocer.  He went to Chicago in 1891, stating that his brother Frederick was much persecuted, and that he and all his friends were beyond reproach

- 1910 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, 3533 Woodburn Avenue:  Joseph Derbes 37 (LA) lawyer/general practice, 2nd wife of 6 years Ellen 35 (LA), Earl 5 (LA).  Son Joseph 9 is a lodger at the Mount Alverno Protectory for Boys in Delhi, Hamilton, Ohio.

- WWI registration record:  Joseph Benjamin Derbes, 3533 Woodburn Avenue, Cinncinatti, Hamilton, Ohio; born 18 September 1872; lawyer; wife Mary Ellen Derbes; medium height (64"), medium build, dark brown eyes & black & grey hair [12 September 1918]

- 1920 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, 3533 Woodburn Avenue (ED67, W3, p. 1A):  Jos. B. Derbis 47 (LA-Fr-Fr) owns house, general practice/attorney, wife Ellen 43 (LA-LA-Fr), Earl M. 15 (LA)

- Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH), Wednesday, 18 May 1927:  (photo) [2 attorneys have been endorsed for election as associate judges of the Municipal Court]  (Joseph) Derbes was born of French parents in New Orleans.  He was educated in private and public schools and was graduated from Vaugirard College, Paris, France.  Returning to Louisiana, he taught school and studied law at night.  He was admitted to the Louisiana bar in 1898 and eight years later came to Cincinnati to make his home in the hope that his wife, then the mother of two sons, might regain her health.  Derbes smiled as he painted the picture of himself and his family as he remembers that eventful day, nearly 21 years ago.  He had $44 in his pocket and an old typewriter in a tin case in his hand.  The "old mill," as he calls it, still occupies a place of honor in the office of King & Derbes in the Second National Bank Building.  If Derbes has any "greatest weakness," it must be secret societies, fraternal orders and civic clubs, he says.  He belongs to 42 of them and finds time to take an active interest in the work of many.

- 1930 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, 3533 Woodburn Avenue (ED52, W5, p. 15A):  Joseph B. Derbes 57 (LA-Fr-Fr), own practice/attorney [house value $6000], wife Mary E. 54 (LA-LA-Fr)

- 26 August 1951: Joseph Derbes arrives in New York from Geneva via Paris on a TWA flight; residence 3533 Woodburn Avenue, Cinncinati

- Obituary, Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH), Monday, 26 March 1951:  Derbes, Mary Ellen, beloved wife of Joseph B. Derbes, beloved mother of Joseph B. Jr. and Earl M. Derbes, of 3533 Woodburn Ave., Saturday, March 24, 1951.  Friends may call at the Bamber funeral home, 3011 Woodburn Ave., Monday, after 3 P.M.  Services Tuesday, March 27, at 2 P.M.

- Obituary, Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH), Sunday, 9 August 1959:  Derbes - Joseph B., Sr., husband of the late Mary Ellen McGuire Derbes, father of Earl M. and Joseph B. Derbes, Jr., also survived by 2 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, Saturday, August 8, 1959, residence, 3202 Woodburn Ave.  Friends may call at the Bamber Funeral Home, 3011 Woodburn Ave., Monday, after 4 P.M.  Service Tuesday, August 11, at 10 A.M.  Hanselmann Commandery Knights of Templars No. 16 will hold service Monday at 8 P.M.  Order of Hercules Lodge No. 1 will hold service at 8:30 P.M.  In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Crippled Children's Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky.



Notes for Joseph Jean Francois Derbes:

- 9 May 1850, The Daily Picayune (New Orleans, LA):  Narrow Escape - Last night, about half-past 9 o'clock, at Mr. Derbe's house in Toulouse street, between Rampart and Burgundy streets, the alarm of fire was given.  A young Creole gentleman named Mouny, who happened to be passing at the time, enetered the house, ran to the back rooms, where the cause for alarm appeared to exist, and found in one of them a bed enveloped in smoke and flames, in which rolled and screamed a little colored boy, about three years old, already very severely burned.  At the greatest risk Mr. Mouny tore down the mosquito net, and rescued the child from a horrible fate.  His hands and arms were badly burned.  The child is expected to live.  Mr. Mouny's own conscience must afford him the best reward for his brave and generous action.

- 11 September 1850 census New Orleans, LA (3rd Rep. Dist., p. 200):  Joseph Derbes 29 clerk (France); Mary Derbes 20  (Both can read and write.)

- 18 June 1852:  Telegram sent from New York to Washington D.C. Passport Bureau:  "Despatch one for Joseph Derbes in haste".  Joseph applied for a passport as he was 'about to travel abroad.'  In New York he affirms that he was born in France on 27 December 1820 and that he is a citizen of the U.S.  He will be accompanied by his wife and son.  His description is age 31, 5'6", high forehead, hazel eyes, prominent nose, medium mouth, round chin, black hair, sallow complexion, oval face, partially bald.

- Family returns to New Orleans by the time Olivia is born in December 1852.

- 1855 N.O. city directory:  Joseph Derbes Sr., store, 72 Chartres

- 29 May 1855: Joseph Derbes requested a replacement passport (#4533) as the one issed in 1852 has been mislaid.  All details same except age (now 36).  Between 14 May 1860Passport is for Joseph, his wife, and 5 children (4 girls, 1 boy).

- 28 August 1856:  J. Derbes 36, merchant, arrived at New York on the Hermann from LeHavre.

- 9 August 1858:  Joseph Derbes 38, merchant, arrived at New York on the Arago from Le Havre.

- After May 1859, sometime after Emerite's birth in May 1859, the family went to France.

- Between 14 May 1860-2 June 1860, passport updated for travel.  Joseph now 39, and includes his wife, and 5 children (4 girls, 1 boy).

- 1861 N.O. city directory:  Joseph Derbes, Jr., dry goods, 49 Chartres

- Emerite and the children appeared to have stayed in France to avoid the Civil War.  On 18 April 1865, arriving back at New York, heading to New Orleans on the Lafayette from Le Havre, France:  Mme. Derbes nee Lasalle 34 landlord, Olivia 12, Pauline 11, Fortunee 10, Carlos 7, Emerite 6, Julia 1.  Julia was born in France.  Family lore said that they arrived in the U.S. on the day Lincoln was assassinated.  Lincoln was killed on 15 April 1865.

- 1870 New Orleans, LA (W4, p. 874):  J. Derbes 49 (France), importer of fancy goods, wife E. 40 helper of house, Olivia 17, Pauline 14, Fortunee 15, Carlos 12, Emerite 11, Julia 7 (France), Lucianne 2, Adrienne 2, Rosa 5 months, Frederick 2

- Obituary New Orleans Bee (N.O., LA), 3 March 1874 (p. 1, c. 5):  Decede le 2 mars 1874, a l'age de cinquante trois ans, Joseph Jean Francois Derbes, ne a Toulon, Departement du Var (France).  Ses parente et amis ainai que cenx de sa famille, sont pries d'assister a ses funerailles qui augout ___ aujourd'hui, 3 mars, a 4 1/2 P.M.  Le convoi partirs de sa dernfere residence, rue Royale, N. 57.  De la part de sa veuve et de ses enfants, ainai que des families Derbes, Bellocq, Gilly, De Gruy, Fazende et Roche.  Les journaux de Toulon et de Marseille sont prie a de reprodnire.  Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance et Mutuelle - Les membres de la Societe sont inviter a assister aux funerailles de Joseph Jean F. Juless Derbes, membre honoraire, decede hier lundi, a 4 heures de l'apres-midi.  Le convoi ___bre partira de la maison, mortuaire rue Royale No. 57, cette apres-midi, a quatre heures et demie.  Par ordre du President.  A. Barbier, Secretaire, 3 mars.

- Obituary, Daily Picayune (N.O., LA), 1 September 1877 (p. 4, c. 3) - DERBES - On Friday, August 30, at 3 o'clock, A.M., widow of Joseph Derbes, aged 47 years.




- Succession of the estate of  Joseph J.F. Derbes & Emerite Lasalle

- Derbes Family Tomb



Parents of Joseph Jean Francois Derbes

Parents of  J. Emerite F. Lasalle



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