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My birth was in Maryland, my roots are in New Orleans, and my home is currently in England.  My paternal ancestry is very much Cajun (Acadian and German Coast); my maternal ancestry is a combination of old New Orleans, Virginia farmers, royalist French, early New Englanders, and Derbyshire English.


This is an ongoing project and while I have dozens, perhaps hundreds, of others to thank for connections, names, dates, ideas, discussions, thoughts, possibilities, leads, etc., there are some who must be mentioned by name.   Thanks to my sister Diane Katz for countless hours of everything, and to cousins Lana Merliss & Maria Sarver for research, photocopies & cheerfulness.  Plus gratitude and love to my husband Ron and children Tom & Sammie who endure so many conversations about ‘relatives’, their standard question is “Are they dead or alive?”


Each of my direct line ancestors can be reached from the paternal line page or the maternal line page.  Once there,  clicking on a name will take you to their family page, with spouse, children and notes.  Once there, clicking on ‘parents of …’ will take you back a generation.  If there are additional documents for that person which I felt needed a separate page, there will be a link to those documents from that page.  Separate documents will also be listed below the person’s name in the master list.



To access my Paternal Line Page through: 

          Dibert Edward Pitre  1916 LA - 1980 LA

  Paternal Line Family Photos


To access my Maternal Line Page through: 

          Beverly Richardson Harris  1917 LA – 1997 LA

   Maternal Line Family Photos


The family I have married into have also shown interest in my genealogical pursuits.  They have supplied photos and tidbits of past family life.  I will start to put my husband's ancestry online, as this is also the other half of my children's ancestry (though currently it bores them silly).

To access the Roostan Line page:


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Last updated:  28 March 2023.