Ignace Pitre (Lajambe)

 (Quebec to Minnesota to North Dakota)



A researcher, Pauline Peat Labbe, has been attempting to find the lineage of her ancestor Ignace Pitre.  Below is a brief of the trail she has followed in hopes of solving the mystery, as well as providing an example of the difficulty faced when dealing with dit names and anglicized spellings:


Her great-grandfather Ignace was born in Canada c1835.  He arrived in Minnesota c1859 known as Lajambe.  He enlisted in the Union Army 12 August 1862.  The records show his name as Eneas S. Peat.   He served as a private in Co. H, 10th Minnesota Infantry.  On 28 January 1868 he married Delphine Soucy at Immaculate Conception, Faribault, MN.  One of Ignace’s daughters later stated that his name was Pierre Lajambe.  He is listed in the Ramsey, MN naturalization records as Eunear I. Peat.  In 1890 he is located in the Lordsburg Township, Bottineau Co., ND as Eneae E. Peat.  He died c1892 in North Dakota.


His listing in the 1 July 1870 Faribault, Rice Co., MN census, p. 293:

Enans Peep 35 laborer (b. Can)

wife Delfin 30 housekeeper (b. Can)

   Durrel ? 6 (b. Can)

   Joseph 2 (b. MN)

   Lemeine 3 months (b. MN)


His listing in the 1875 Minnesota census:

Ignace Piear 42 (Can), Delphine 33 (Can), Emie 11 (Can), Joseph 7, Lemina 5, Alex 3, Lizzy 2, Alfred 1


His listing in 1880 Erin, Rice Co., MN census, p. 217N:

Ennes Pete 47 farmer (Can-Can-Can)

Wife Delphene 40 keeping house (Can-Can-Can)

   Joseph 12 at school; Lemana 10 at school; Alliek 9 at school; Lesa 7; Alfred 6; Francis 4; Hercule 3; 

  George 1; Emma Baughea 16 stepdaughter (Can-Can-Can)


Land Records for Bottineau Co.:  Euneas S. Peat (29 Jan 1891), Joseph N. Peat (1 Jun 1898), Alexander Peat (17 Dec 1900), & Fred Peat (30 Dec 1904)


1900 Fidelity School Township, Bottineau, ND



Frederick Pete 26 (Jun 1873) farmer, brother Arthur 23 (May 1877), brother Alexander 19 (1881), brother Frank 16 (1884), brother George 21 (Dec 1878), mother Dalphine 60 (May 1839) widow  [p. 20A]  [all b. MN, except mother b. Can]  [ED233, p. 20A]

Alfred 'Fred' Pete (Jun 1874); brother Zephirin 'Hercule' Pete (16 May 1877); brother Alexander Pete (c1871); brother Francis Ignace (Eneas) Pete (26 Feb 1876); brother George Henry Pete (8 Dec 1878); mother Delphine Soucy, widow of Ignace Pitre (25 Nov 1831)
Joseph Peat 31 (Oct 1868), wife Alice  (both b. MN)  [ED233, p. 28B] Joseph Peat (Oct 1868), wife Alice M. Lemay


1910 Bottineau, ND


Joseph N. Peat 41 (MN-C-C), wife Alice M. 37 (MN-C-C) [mar. 21 yrs.; 1 child/0 still living], Edward Ralle 12 adopted son, Ellen LaMay 76 (Ire-Ire-Ire) mother-in-law  [Willow City, ED 20, W3, p. 148A] I22 Joseph Peat (Oct 1868), wife Alice M. Lemay
Fred Peat 35 (MN-C-C) farmer, wife Eva 23 (ND-C-C) [mar. 1 yr.; 2 children/1 still living], Joseph Moranville 4 stepson, Leon David 20 (Mont) hired man [Lordsburg, p. 125A] I23 Alfred 'Fred' Pete (Jun 1874), wife Eva Dion
Alex Peat 38 farmer (MN-C-C) farmer, wife Julia Guimond 37 (C-C-C) [mar. 12 yrs.; 5 children/1 still living], Eva 6, Ella Roillee 13 (MN-C-MN) niece  [Lordsburg, ED 24, p. 205A] I3 Alexander Peat (26 Aug 1871), wife Marie Josephine Julie Guimond


Three of his sons, 1920 North Dakota:



George S. Peat 41 (MN-Can-Can), wife Amanda 32 (ND-Can-Can), Henry G. 11, Ernest A. 10, Alma A. 7, Joseph A. 4 yr. 1 mon.  [Overly, Cecil Township, ED42, p. 2A]

George Henry Pete (8 Dec 1878), wife Amanda Maude Dussault

Joseph N. Peat 57 traveling grain solicitor (MN-Can-Can), wife Alice M. 41 (MN-Can-Ire), Edward A. Ruelle 22 adopted son (ND-Can-MN), Ellen Lemay 88 (mother) widow (Ire-Ire-Ire, immig. 1850)   [Whitteron, Bottineau, W2, p. 5A]

Joseph Peat (Oct 1868), wife Alice M. Lemay


Fred Pete 48 (MN-Can-Can) farmer, wife Eva 33 (ND-Can-Can), Joseph S. Marinville 14 (son), Arcade Bergeron 23 (Can) boarder  [ED40, Pickering, Bottineau] Alfred 'Fred' Pete (Jun 1874), wife Eva Dion


A fourth son to Saskatchewan:


1 April 1915 Lordsburg, Bottineau, ND: Alex Peat, Julia, Eva, Marie, Leslie Hostevet, Dominick Agneus Alexander Peat (26 Aug 1871), wife Marie Josephine Julie Guimond
border crossing at Port of North Portalt, SASK: March 1916 Alex Peat 45 (US) farmer; July 1916 Mrs. Alex Peat 44 (Can), Eva 11 (US) & Marie 5 (US) to Ponteix, SASK Alexander Peat (26 Aug 1871), wife Marie Josephine Julie Guimond


1930 North Dakota:


Fred Pete 54 (35) (MN-C-C) stock farmer, wife Eva 43 (16), Joseph S. Morenville 29 stepson  [Bottineau, Cordelia, ED 10, p. 1A] Alfred 'Fred' Pete (Jun 1874), wife Eva Dion
Alice Pete 57 (MN-C-Ire) widow  [Bottineau, Willow City, ED58, p. 5A] Alice M. Lemay, widow of Joseph Peat (Oct 1868)


1940 North Dakota:


Fred Peat 66 (France) [$400 house value] farmer/poultry farm, wife Eva 53 farmer/hatching farm [Bottineau, Cordelia, 5-11, p. 1] Alfred 'Fred' Pete (Jun 1874), wife Eva Dion



Robert Decoteau of Manchester, NH, has taken on Pauline's Ignace and a likely connection is now onsite.  He discovered an Ignace Pitre born 1831 to Pierre Pitre & Marguerite Pare at Ste. Martine, Chateauguay.  This line is also a 'dit Lajambe' line and being unable to find a death listing for this Ignace has decided he is a good candidate.  Unless or until other evidence comes to light I believe the line back from Ignace (Eneas S. Peat) Pitre to be: Ignace > Pierre > Ignace Hypolite > Jean Baptiste > Pierre > Claude > Jean.



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