Jean Marc Pitre

28 October 1703 Port Royal Ė August 1762 Pisiquit



Jean Marc Pitre was born on the 28th of October 1703 at Port Royal, the second child of Marc Pitre and Jeanne Brun.  The 1714 census places the family at Port Royal, but they seemed to have moved on to the Cobequid area by the 1720ís.


About 1729 in Cobequid Jean Marc married Judith Theriot, the 18-year-old daughter of Pierre Theriot and Marie Bourg.  (Eight years earlier Judithís older sister Marguerite had married Jean Pitre, Jean Marcís first cousin.)


The family established themselves near Cobequid for the next twenty years.  But by 1752 they were known to be refugees at Aulac (Ft. Beausejour was French until captured by the English in 1755).  The listing showed Jean Pitre, wife, 3 boys & 5 girls.  They were at Gasperaux in 1754-55 and at Miramichi in 1761. 


About August 1762 Jean Marc died at Fort Edward, which had been built by the British in 1750 at Pisiquid (now Windsor, Nova Scotia).  Date and place of Judithís death is unknown.


Their offspring were scattered across the continent.  Son Jean Baptiste married Elisabeth Robichaud about 1752.  (She died sometime after the 1755 birth of their daughter on Ile St. Jean.  He married for the 2nd time to Marguerite Arseneau in 1760 at Restigouche and returned to Ile St. Jean where the majority of the Pitre/Peters families descend from their sons.)  Joseph married Madeleine Darois about 1752.  Unknown whereabouts after 1763.  Francois (Modeste) married Madeleine Vincent.  Both died before 1766, leaving an orphaned daughter who was raised in Louisiana.  Francoise married Michel Corneau c1762 on the Iles de la Madeleine, but died within a few years.  Anne Marie married Charles Robichaud, same day and place as her brother Jean Baptiste (fate unknown).  Marguerite married about the same time to Joseph Martin and they traveled with Joseph Broussardís group to Louisiana.  Marie Madeleine married widower Francois Comeau, who was 40 years her senior, probably in Miramichi or in Restigouche.  (They had one child and settled in St. Bernard, NS.)




Continuation of tree (2nd child of Marc Pitre/Jeanne Brun); all known surname descendants:

      3     Jean Marc Pitre  b: 28 October 1703  Port Royal, Acadia; d: Abt. August 1762  Fort Edward (Pisiquid), NS

               +Judith Theriot  b: Abt. 1703  Acadia; m: Abt. 1729  Cobequid, Acadia [Pierre/Marie Bourg]

        4         Jean Baptiste Pitre  b: Abt. 1730  Cobequid, Acadia; d: Aft. 1798  Rustico, PEI

                     +Elisabeth Robichaud  b: Abt. 1731  Acadia; m: Abt. 1752  Acadia [Alexandre/----- Bourg]; d: Bef. 1760

                   *2nd Wife of Jean Baptiste Pitre:

                     +Marguerite Arseneau  b: Abt. 1737  Ile St. Jean; m: 28 July 1760  Ste Anne, Restigouche, Bonaventure, Quebec [Pierre/ Marguerite Cormier]; d: Aft. 1798  Rustico, PEI

        4         Joseph Pitre  b: Abt. 1732  Acadia; d: Aft. 1763

                     +Madeleine Darois  b: 23 May 1730  Grand Pre, Acadia; m: Abt. 1752  Acadia [Jean/Marguerite Breau]

        4          Francois (Modeste) Pitre  b: Abt. 1734  Acadia; d: Bef. 1766

                     + Madeleine Vincent  b: Abt. 1740  Acadia; m: Abt. 1762 [Pierre/Anne Comeau]; d: Bef. 1766

            5           Francoise Pitre  b: Abt. 1763  Halifax, NS; d: Abt. 28 August 1840  Lafourche, LA

                               + Joseph Trahan  b: Abt. 1760; m: 24 June 1783  St. Martinville, St. Martin, LA [Joseph/Elisabeth Aucoin]; d: Bef. 1793

                         *2nd Husband of Francoise Pitre:

                               + Jean Joachim Louis Desormeau  b:  Saintonge, France; m: 20 May 1793  St. Martinville, St. Martin, LA [Pierre Deshormaux/Anne Telon]; d: Bef. 1816

                         *3rd Husband of Francoise Pitre:

                               + Pierre Labonbarde  b:  Charnby, Montreal, Quebec; m: 30 September 1816  St. Martinville, St. Martin, LA [Pierre/Marie Archambault]

                         *4th Husband of Francoise Pitre:

                               + Jean Baptiste Trahan  b: 3 April 1761  Liverpool, England; m: 14 November 1832  Lafourche, LA [Jean Baptiste/Madeleine Modeste Hebert]; d: 13 June 1840  Lafourche, LA

        4          Francoise Pitre  b: Abt. 1737  Acadia; d: 27 March 1765  Lauzon, Quebec             

                      +Michel Corneau  b: 3 May 1737  Levis, Quebec; m: 26 November 1763  St. Joseph, Levis, Quebec [Francois/Marie Francoise Boucher]

        4          Anne Marie Pitre  b: Abt. 1739  Acadia                                  

                      +Charles Robichaud  b: Abt. 1729; m: 28 July 1760  Ste. Anne, Restigouche, Bonaventure, Quebec [Alexandre/------ Bourg]

        4          Marguerite Pitre  b: Abt. 1740  Acadia; d: Abt. 1 August 1807  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA     

                      +Joseph Martin  b: Abt. 1736  Acadia; m: Abt. 1760  Ste. Anne, Restigouche, Quebec [Ambroise/Anne Cyr]; d: 9 January 1795  St. James, LA

        4          Marie Madeleine Pitre  b: Abt. 1742  Acadia; d: Aft. 18 October 1784

                      +Francois Comeau  b: Abt. 1701  Port Royal, Acadia; m: Abt. 1763 [Pierre/Jeanne Bourgeois]; d: 1785  St. Bernard, NS

        4          girl Pitre  b: Abt. 1744



{Addendum:  According to Acadians in Halifax and on Georges Island, 1755 Ė 1764 by Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc, the Joseph Pitre imprisoned at Halifax in 1763 with his wife and total family of 7 is Joseph Pitre & Madeleine Darois.  Mr. LeBlanc acknowledges the help of Stephen A. White, who reviewed the text and the table of Acadian families who spent time in Halifax and on Georges Island between 1759 and 1764, and for Mr. White's thoughtful advice and providing access to the manuscript of the genealogical notes for Part 2 of his Dictionnaire.  I have assigned that Joseph Pitre as the son of Claude Pitre, born 1718.  My reasoning is that they had at least 3 living children at that time and settlement was made at St. Francois du Lac and Cap Sante afterwards.  The Joseph Pitre/Madeleine Darois marriage produced only one baptism that I could locate and nothing else for anyone in that family.  I eagerly await part 2 of the Dictionnaire for clarification.} 



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