Joseph Pitre

c1732 Acadia after 1763



Joseph Pitre was born about 1732 in Acadia, possibly near Cobequid.  By 1752 his family were known to be refugees at Aulac (Ft. Beausejour was French until captured by the English in 1755).  The listing showed Jean Pitre, wife, 3 boys & 5 girls.  His family were at Gasperaux in 1754-55 and at Miramichi in 1761. 


Joseph Pitre appears to have been imprisoned at Halifax in 1763 along with his wife and total family of 7 (presumably 5 children).  I could find only one extant baptism, that of his son Joseph in 1753, giving a marriage date c1752.  There could have been 4 more children born between 1753 & 1763, although I have not yet found any further information on any of the family.



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Jean Marc Pitre/Judith Theriot); all known surname descendants:

        4         Joseph Pitre  b: Abt. 1732  Acadia; d: Aft. 1763

                     +Madeleine Darois  b: 23 May 1730  Grand Pre, Acadia; m: Abt. 1752  Acadia [Jean/Marguerite Breau]

            5          Joseph Pitre  b: 17 June 1753  Grande Riviere, Acadia



Notes for Joseph Pitre:

- In correspondence between Stephen A. White and Pitre researcher Leo F. Peters, White writes "... the husband of Madeleine Darois [c1732] as Claude Pitre's nephew.  It seems to me that this Joseph Pitre certainly could have been a son of Jean Pitre and Judith Theriot.  I further believe that the Francois Pitre mentioned right after him in the Deschamps papers was his brother.  This Francois Pitre subsequently married Madeleine Vincent, daughter of Pierre Vincent and Anne Comeau.  Francois and Madeleine had one daughter, Francoise, born about 1763.  Francoise was an orphan by 1766 when she appears in the census of Cabahannocer [Louisiana] in the household of Antoine Labauve (who was married to Anne Vincent, a sister of the little girl's mother)."

- According to Acadians in Halifax and on Georges Island, 1755 1764 by Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc, the Joseph Pitre imprisoned at Halifax in 1763 with his wife and total family of 7 is Joseph Pitre & Madeleine Darois.  LeBlanc acknowledges the help of Stephen A. White, who reviewed the text and the table of Acadian families who spent time in Halifax and on Georges Island between 1759 and 1764, and for Mr. White's thoughtful advice and providing access to the manuscript of the genealogical notes for Part 2 of his Dictionnaire.




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