Paul Pitre

1882 Bloomfield, PEI after February 1963 PEI



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Joseph Pitre/Judith Gallant); all known surname descendants:

               9          Paul Pitre  b: 12 July 1882  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; d: Aft. February 1963

                                   +Maud 'Modeste' Poirier (aka Perry)  b: 28 August 1891  St. Anthony, Bloomfield, PEI; m: 2 February 1913  Bloomfield, PEI [Prosper/Agatha Gallant]; d: Aft. February 1963

                            10          Joseph Albinus Peters  b: 27 December 1913  Charlottetown, PEI; d: February 2008  Niagara Falls, ONT

                            10          Prosper Francois Pitre  b: 19 February 1915  Bloomfield, PEI; d: Aft. February 1963

                                             +Phyllis Gaudet    m: 22 October 1951  Immaculate Conception Church, Wellington [A. G./---]

                            10          Mary Ethel Peters  b: 17 October 1916  Charlottetown, PEI; d: Aft. February 1963

                                             +V. S. Ahearn

                            10          Pauline Agatha Peters  b: 12 January 1920  Charlottetown, PEI; d: Aft. February 1963

                                             +A. G. Simons

                            10          Cecelia Beatrice Peters  b: 27 October 1922  Charlottetown, PEI; d: Aft. February 1963  England

                                             +Robert O. Nightingale    m: 28 September 1943  Charlottetown, PEI

                            10          Anthony Edward Peters  b: 28 July 1927  Charlottetown, PEI

                            10          Joan Theodora Peters  b: 3 November 1928  Charlottetown, PEI ; d: Aft. February 1963

                                              +Everett O. Beagan    m: 19 June 1956  Charlottetown, PEI

                            10          Dorothy Josephine Claire Peters  b: 19 March 1931  Charlottetown, PEI; d: Aft. February 1963  Halifax, NS



Notes for Paul Pitre:


- 1911 PEI, Fortune Cove Village:  Joseph Petre 56 (farmer), wife Judiet 58, Paul 28, Silvian 22.


- 1921 Charlottetown, PEI:  Paul Peters 39 meat packer, wife Maud 33, Albinus 7, Prosper 6, Mary 4, Pauline 1.  (96 Pownal Street).


- 1931 Charlottetown City, Queens, PEI:  Paul Peters 48 labourer/pork packing factory, wife Maude 38, Joseph 17, Prosper 15, Mary 14, Pauline 11, Cecilia 8, Joan 2, Dorothy 2 months, roomer Urban Gallant 29 (96 Pownal St.).


Misc.:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Sunday, 2 February 1963:  City Couple Have Golden Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peters, 110 Pownal St., are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today by assisting at a special anniversary Mass at St. Dunstan's Basilica in their honour.  They will 'at home' from 4:00-8:00 p.m. at their residence.  Mr. and Mrs. Peters were married on February 2, 1913 by the late Rev. F. X. Gallant at St. Anthony's Church, Bloomfield, P.E.I.  Mrs. Omar McKenna of Rumford, Maine (the former Cecile Poirier and sister of the bride) was bridesmaid, and Stanislaus Peters of Toronto, Ontario was best man.  Members of the family expected to attend the celebration are Joseph A. Peters of Dartmouth, N.S., Prosper F. Peters, Mrs. R. O. Nightingale and Mrs. E. B. Beagan, all of Charlottetown, and Dorothy of Halifax, N.S.  Two daughters, Mrs. V. S. Ahearn (Mary) and Mrs. A. G. Simons (Pauline) will not be here to join in the family fathering.  One other son, Anthony, died in infancy.  Mr. and Mrs. Peters have 12 grandchildren.


Obituaries for the children:

Joseph Albinus PetersPETERS - Joseph A. of Niagara Falls, Ont. In his 95th year. Son of the late Maud and Paul Peters of Charlottetown. No funeral info, place query.



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