Paul Laurent Pitre

1898 Montegut, Louisiana 1943 Houma, Louisiana



Continuation of tree (4th child of Jean Marcel Pitre/Camelia Detiveau); all known surname descendants:

                 9          Paul Laurent Pitre  b: 15 March 1898  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA; d: 10 December 1943  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                                 +Ollie Rita Marcel  b: 12 February 1906  Houma, Terrebonne, LA; m: 15 August 1927  Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Felicien/Josephine Lapeyrouse]; d: 8 March 1984  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                       10           Rita Anne Pitre  b: 7 August 1929  Terrebonne, LA; d: 29 August 2005  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                                        +Anthony Jack Vitrano    m: 26 April 1948  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                       10           Arabella J. Pitre  b: Abt. 1931  Terrebonne, LA; d: Aft. January 2019

                                        +Florian Jerome Thomala  b: 15 January 1930  New Orleans, LA; m: 13 June 1954  Terrebonne, LA [Florian J./Maud Chauvin]; d: 22 January 2019  Castor, Bienville, LA

                       10           Georgia Marie Pitre  b: Abt. 1933  Terrebonne, LA; d: Aft. March 2010

                                        +Elmer Blanchard  b: 5 March 1932  Chauvin, Terrebonne, LA; m: 17 March 1952  Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Willie Ernest/Necia ---]; d: 26 March 2010  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                       10           Daisy Dean Theresa Pitre  b: 25 November 1937  Houma, Terrebonne, LA; d: 19 July 2004  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                                         +John Robert Leboeuf    d: Aft. July 2004

                       10           Wilma May Pitre  b: October 1939  Terrebonne, LA; d: Aft. October 2010

                                        +Leroy Joseph Leboeuf  b: 19 February 1934  Houma, Terrebonne, LA; m: 13 February 1955  Terrebonne, LA [Emile Paul/Flavia Trahan]; d: 7 October 2010  Houma, Terrebonne, LA



Notes for Paul Laurent Pitre:


- 1930

- 1940 Connely, Houma, Terrebonne, LA:  Laurence Pitre 42 packer/oyster company, wife Ollie 35, O. Anne 11, Arabella 9, Georgia 6, Daisy Dean 2, Wilma May 5 months.  [East Park Ave.]

- 1950 Daigleville, Terrebonne, LA:  Ollie R. Mahler 44 (sep), daughters Arabella Petrie 19 waitress/restaurant, Georgie Petrie 16, Daisy D. Petrie 12, Wilma Petrie 10, Geraldine Mahler 5, & son Earl P. Mahler 3.

WWI registration records: Laurence Paul Pitre; Terrebonne, LA; born 15 Mar 1898; Mrs. Marsel Pitre; medium height, medium build; black eyes & brown hair.

WWII Records:  Paul Laurent Pitre, res. 1228 Decatur, New Orleans, LA; b. 15 Mar 1898 Terrebonne, LA; contact Peter Bourgeois (Houma, LA); 5' 11", 125 lbs., blue eyes & brown hair, ruddy complexion; 16 Feb 1942 New Orleans, LA.

It may have been one drink too many, or just the bravado of a young man determined to prove his mettle, but on Christmas Day, 1917, Lawrence Pitre arrived at Salvador Carlos Ward 4 dance hall with a chip on his shoulder, what today might be called an "attitude."  The episode is preserved in testimony taken nearly two months later, from those attending the dance and witnessing the brief altercation that resulted in charges against Pitre, Connely Collins and Elie Pellegrin.  Pitre, a young man, possibly still in his teens, seems to have arrived at the Carlos dance hall already spoiling for a fight, a pocket knife in his hand and muttered threats on his lips. Pellegrin offered to fight Pitre in the road.  Collins responded to a slap with a punch.  None of the dozen witnesses questioned under oath on Feb. 16, 1918, by Ward 4 Justice of the Peace Joseph A. Waguespack saw everything that happened that Christmas night.  The scenario must be pieced together from their individual statements.  "I was at my refreshment stand when the disturbance started," Salvador Carlos told Waguespack under oath.  Carlos, who owned the dance hall, had sought out Waguespack on Feb. 9, 1917, to charge Pitre, Pellegrin and Collins in connection with the ruckus.  Why he waited a month-and-a-half to take action is not clear.  "Pitre and Pellegrin were on the public road," Carlos continued.  "Lawrence Pitre came in the ballroom and slapped Conely Collins.  Collins then took off his coat and struck Lawrence with his fist.  No, I did not see Pitre when he slapped Collins; someone told me so.  But I saw Collins when he struck Pitre.Teles LeBoeuf testified about what he saw and heard outside the dance hall.  "Mr. Lawrence Pitre and Ellie Pellegrin were on the public road.  Mr. Lawrence asked who was on his side.  No one answered.  He then pulled out his knife and said he would defend himself.  He then came in the hall.  I didn't see or hear what happened after."  Ernest Voisin, one of at least three Voisins present at the dance, admitted that he saw virtually nothing of the actual fight.  "The only thing I saw was Mr. Collins with his coat off in the ballroom."  "I saw Lawrence Pitre and Pellegrin come out in the public road to fight," Joseph Prevost told the justice of the peace.  "I heard them say they were going to fight.  Pitre asked Who is on my side?  No one answered.  Sydney Luke and Augustine Pellegrin were with them.  Lawrence then came on the gallery of the hall and spoke to Lawrence Voisin, and Conely Collins struck Pitre with his fist as he came into the hall."  Lawrence Voisin said he was called on to try to keep Lawrence Pitre out of serious trouble.  "Bernard Pitre came to me and asked me to stop his brother Lawrence who had a knife in his hand.  I made him put the knife back in his pocket, and he walked to the ballroom."  John Voisin appears to have witnessed more of the trouble than most of the others.  "I was on the ballroom gallery.  Mr. Lawrence Pitre came on the gallery and said I will do up somebody tonight, and right now I feel like striking in the crowd.  Mr. Ellie Pellegrin then told him, No, do not strike the crowd, but if you want to hit one man."  John Voisin recited the rest of the Pitre/Pellegrin confrontation.  "Mr. Pitre answered, You seem not to be pleased; if you are not satisfied, come outside.  I'll fix you.  They then came out on the public road.  I also walked to the road; when I got there Lawrence Pitre had his knife in his hand, opened it and said, Yes, I have my knife open, and I can open it in jail.  Mr. Lawrence Voisin came to him and told him to put up his knife.  Pitre then went towards the hall.  I don't know what happened after."  Laurencia Benoit saw Lawrence Pitre as he entered the building.  "Mr. Pitre came in the hall with his hands in his pockets, and said, Excuse me.  Mr. Collins was about six or seven feet from the door, (he) walked up to Mr. Pitre, pulled off his coat and struck him, knocking him down; and while he was down struck him again.  I then walked away."  Justilien Carlos testified that he saw little other than the blow that knocked Pitre down.  "The only thing I saw was when Conely took off his coat.  Pitre was near the door, Collins walked up to him and struck him with his fist."  The testimony of Edward Portier revealed that Pitre considered himself underage, but it is not clear whether he was referring to 16, 18 or 21 as the age of manhood.  "I saw Ellie Pellegrin and his brother in a fuss with Lawrence Pitre," Portier said under oath.  "Pitre pulled out his knife, and said I am not of age, and I will defend myself with my knife.  I told him to put up his knife.  He did so, and went in the hall.  "When he got to the door, just inside the hall, Mr. Collins walked up to him and struck him with his fist.  I did not hear anyone curse."  Waguespack had apparently asked whether Pitre and Collins had exchanged words before they exchanged blows.  Bernard Pitre, the brother of Lawrence, appears to have been surprise at the ruckus.  "I was in the hall," he testified, "and the first thing I knew was my brother lying on the floor and Collins striking him with his fist.  I picked him up and brought him to the bayou to wash his face.  I did not hear anyone curse."  But even after he was carried out and cleaned up, Pitre seems to have been unable to let the matter rest.  Ernest Authement was one of two men who testified that Pitre later came back for more.  "I was in the hall talking to Collins," Authement said, "about five feet from the door.  Lawrence Pitre walked to Collins and slapped him in the face.  Collins struck him back with his fist.  Somebody picked him up and carried him away.  A while later, Pitre came back and said, If you are not satisfied, and threatened to cut someone; he didn't say who, but had his hand in his pocket."  Lawrence LeBoeuf's testimony essentially repeated that of Authement.  "I was in the hall talking to Collins.  Pitre walked up to him and without a word slapped him in the face.  Collins struck him back with his fist.  Someone carried Pitre away.  Pitre came back about 10 minutes later and said he was not satisfied and threatened to cut Collins.  I did not see a knife, but he had a hand in his pocket."  There is no indication that Collins or anyone else took up the second challenge.  And it is a story without an ending.  Terrebonne Parish Courthouse records from which this tale is drawn show that Pitre, Pellegrin and Collins were each charged with disturbing a peaceable assembly, but if there was a trial and judgment, it is not a part of the record.  [My apologies to the compiler of this report, as I can find no source within my notes.]

Tombstone inscription, Magnolia Cemetery, Houma, LA:  Marcel / John Pitre / Jan. 14, 1869 / Oct. 20, 1961 / age 92 // Paul / Lawrence Pitre / Mar. 15, 1898 / Dec. 10, 1943

Notes for Ollie Rita Marcel:

- Ollie remarried to --- Muller/Mahler, then to Theophile Robichaux.

Tombstone Inscription, Holy Rosary Cemetery, Houma, LA:  THEOPHILE ROBICHAUX / Theophile Robichaux / born Jan. 6, 1910 - died Feb. 15, 1974 / our beloved mother / gone but not forgotten / Ollie M. Robichaux / born Feb. 12, 1906 - died Mar. 8, 1984


Obituaries for the children:

Daisy Dean Theresa Pitre:  Lafourche Daily Comet (LA):  Daisy Dean Theresa Pitre LeBoeuf, 66, a native and resident of Houma, died at 3:45 a.m. July 19, 2004.  Visitation will be from 7 to 10 p.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday at Chauvin Funeral Home in Houma.  A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at 2 p.m. at St. Bernadette Catholic Church, with burial at St. Frances de Sales No. 2 Cemetery.  She is survived by her husband, John Robert "Tiger" LeBoeuf Sr. of Houma; son, John R. LeBoeuf Jr. and his wife, Monica, of Alexandria; daughters, Cynthia LeBoeuf Matheson and her husband, Mark, of Edmond, Okla., and Sheila LeBoeuf Guidry and her husband, Toby, of Prairieville; sisters, Rita Vitrano, Georgia Blanchard of Houma, Arabella Tamala of Saline and Wilma LeBoeuf of Bayou Blue; grandchildren, Mathew Foret, John R. LeBoeuf III, Nicole Foret Ganaway, Dale LeBoeuf, Sarah LeBoeuf, Daisy Guidry and Scott LeBoeuf; and great-grandchild. Gabriel Ganaway.  She was preceded in death by her parents, Lawrence Paul and Ollie Rita Marcel Pitre; and brother, Earl Muller.

Tombstone Inscription, St. Francis de Sales Cemetery #2, Houma, LA:  JOHN R. LEBOEUF / Daisy Dean Theresa Pitre LeBoeuf / November 25, 1937 - July 19, 2004


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- South Louisiana Records: Church and Civil Records of Lafourche-Terrebonne Parishes  (Rev. Hebert)

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- Some birthdates in RED taken from Social Security records based on obituary/tombstone inscription deathdate.


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