Paul Ambroise Pitre

1806 Ascension, Louisiana 1875 Montegut, Louisiana



Continuation of tree (1st child of Jean Marie Pitre/Rose Adelaide Lirette); all known surname descendants:

            6       Paul Ambroise Pitre  b: 17 October 1806  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA; d: 6 December 1875  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA

                               +Rosalie Naquin  b: 30 August 1806  Plattenville, Assumption, LA; m: 17 October 1824  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Jean/Marie Madeleine Leboeuf]; d: Aft. 1860

                        7          Zephirin Hypolite Pitre  b: 12 July 1825  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: Aft. 1880

                                       +Basilise Adeline Rosalie Dupre  b: 31 October 1834  Lafourche, LA; m: 23 February 1854  St. Joseph, Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA [Jerome/Victoire Aucoin]; d: Aft. 1880

                        7          Marie Armelise Pitre  b: 25 December 1826  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: March 1862  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                                       +Pierre Eugene Dalmace Fields  b: 25 September 1829  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 19 February 1849  Houma, Terrebonne, LA [William/Theotiste Ludivine Dugas]; d: 15 April 1913  near Montegut, Terrebonne, LA

                        7          Celeste Fidelise Pitre  b: 4 May 1828  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: Aft. 1910

                                       +Joseph Dupre  b: 20 October 1828  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 17 June 1850  Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Jerome/Victoire Aucoin]; d: 1 May 1854  Houma, Terrebonne, LA

                        7          Marie Roseline Pitre  b: 6 March 1830  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 29 November 1895  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA

                                       +Charles Leboeuf  b: 20 April 1827  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 11 June 1849  Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Gabriel/Rosalie Aucoin]; d: 9 November 1920  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA    

                        7          Tarsille Angeline Pitre  b: 7 March 1832  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 11 August 1877  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA

                                       +Pierre Clouatre  b: Abt. 1837  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 27 December 1858  St. Francis de Sales, Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Joseph/Henriette Molaison]; d: Bef. 1877

                        7          Marcellus Lucien Pitre  b: 21 September 1834  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 20 April 1916  Bourg, Terrebonne, LA

                                       +Marie Clemence Guidry  b: 8 October 1839  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 23 April 1855  St. Francis de Sales, Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Jean Baptiste/Marie Marcelline Thibodeau]; d: 22 October 1920  Terrebonne, LA

                        7          Joseph Camelien Pitre  b: 22 March 1842  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: Aft. 1860    

                        7          Casimir Firmin Pitre  b: 25 September 1843  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: 2 January 1927  Lafourche, LA

                                       +Rosalie Marceline Picou b: February 1851; m: 19 February 1870  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA; d: 7 October 1925  Lafourche, LA

                        7          Theodule Pierre Pitre  b: December 1845  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; d: Bet. 1920-1930  Terrebonne, LA

                                       +Marie Emelia Guidry  b: 25 March 1842  Thibodaux, Lafourche, LA; m: 2 May 1864  St. Francis de Sales, Houma, Terrebonne, LA [Jean Baptiste/Marie Marcelline Thibodeaux]; d: 6 April 1888  Montegut, Terrebonne, LA

                                     *2nd Wife of Theodule Pierre Pitre:                                                       

                                       +Josephine Labit  b: September 1855; m: 8 June 1891  St. Francis de Sales, Houma, Terrebonne, LA; d: 10 December 1943  Houma, Terrebonne, LA              



Notes for Paul Ambroise Pitre:


- 1830 Terrebonne, Louisiana:  Hypolite Pitre 23, wife Rosalie Naquin 23, Zephirin 4, Marie 3, Celeste 2, Roseline infant.

- 1840 Terrebonne, LA:  Polite Peter 33, wife Rosalie 33, Zephirin 15, Armelise 14, Celeste 12, Roseline 10, Tarsille 8, Marcellus 6; 1 unknown male 20-30 & 1 unknown female 20-30.


- 1850 Terrebonne, LA:  Hippolyte Pitre 44 (farmer) [$600 real estate], wife Rosalie 44, Zephirin 24, Celeste 21, Roseline 18, Tarsille 16, Marcelus 14, Camelia 8, Casimir 6, Theodule 4; Louis Sourdelier 28 teacher, Sloche Sourdelier 20, Louis Sourdelier 8 months.  (Louis Sourdelier 28, teacher, s/o Jacques and Marie Anne Poulliot; wife Sloche Sourdelier, age 20, presumably Louis's wife; and Louis Sourdelier, age 8 months, probably their son. - annotation states that 'Sloche' is Celeste Elodie Forest d/o Michel and Celeste Chouest.)

- 1860 Terrebonne, LA:  Hypolite Pitre 50 (farmer) [$2000 real estate/$5000 personal], wife Rosaline 50, Camilla 18, Casemir 16, Theodule 14; widowed daughter Mrs. Jos. Dupre 30, Aime 8, Cesaire 6.

- 1870

Conveyancing records (Terrebonne Genealogy Society - online):
- 8 August 1826:
 Marie Magdeleine Leboeuf, widow Jean Naquin donates to Jean Charles Naquin, Jean Marie Naquin and Rosalie Naquin ( Mrs. Hippolite Pitre), a piece of land to be divided equally, in order to fulfill their portion of succession of their father.  Surplus payable 3 years after age of majority. Witnessed by E. Porche and Jh. Delaporte.
- 8 August 1826:  Jean Charles Naquin, Jean Marie Naquin and Hypolite Pitre, representing his wife Rosalie Naquin, acknowledged that they have received from Charles Dupres, their curator ad bona, $145.23 each, being the portion which was due them from the succession of their father, Jean Naquin. Witnessed by E. Porche and Jh. Delaporte.
- 23 June 1832:  Jerome Dupre, for $440.00 cash, paid by Jerome Authement, and $220.00 paid by Lady Marie Faub, wife of said Jerome Authement, he gives good and valid acquittance, he sells, cedes, abandons, conveys and delivers a certain piece of land, situated in this parish, about 7 miles below Bellenger Canal, containing two and one-half arpents front on each side of Bayou Terrebonne, with depth of survey, bounded above by land of Hypolite Pitre and below by land of Gabriel Leboeuf. Witnessed by Pierre Chiasson and Huberville Arsenaux.
- 16 May 1835:  The heirs of Charles Naquin, deceased, namely; Yves Naquin w/o Jean Dupre, one fourth of succession, Renet Naquin w/o Jean Pierre Dugas, one fourth of succession, Pelegrin Boudreaux acting in the name of Anne Marie Henry, daughter of Anne Dugas, deceased, w/o Jean Baptiste Henri, the said wife of Renaud Boudreaux, one fourth of succession, and the seven children of Jean Naquin, deceased. 1. Jean Charles Naquin, 2. Jean Marie Naquin, 3. Rosalie Naquin w/o Hypolite Pitre, 4. Hypolite Naquin, 5. Celeste Naquin w/o Similien Bourg. 6. Francois Naquin, 7. Hyacinthe Naquin, together, having one fourth claim in succession.  Desiring to divide a certain piece of land, in this parish, having eight arpents front on each side of Bayou Terrebonne, bounded above by land of Jean Pierre Dugas, they divided land into four Lots, of two arpents each.  Beginning from upper line, lots numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, in descending, and after lots were drawn, lot #1 went to Mrs. Renet Naquin, widow Jean Baptiste Daigle, #2 went to Yves Naquin, #3 went to Anne Marie Henry and #4 went to the heirs of Jean Naquin.  Witnessed by Charles Dupre and Renaud Boudreaux.



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Items in red verified from transcriptions in the following:

- Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records

- South Louisiana Records: Church and Civil Records of Lafourche-Terrebonne Parishes  (Rev. Hebert)


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