Norbert Lepitre

1847 Nicolet, Quebec 1920 Montreal, Quebec



Continuation of tree (8th child of Jean Olivier Pitre/2nd wife Julie Poirier); all known surname descendants:

                   7          Norbert Lepitre  b: 22 September 1847  Ste. Monique, Nicolet, Quebec; d: 27 May 1920  Notre Dame, Montreal, Quebec 

                                +Anny Melary Gosselin  b: 7 June 1852  Nicolet, Quebec; m: 14 October 1867  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Quebec [Cyprien/Venerande Dupre]; d: 9 April 1916  St. Louis, East Angus, Westbury, Compton, Quebec

                         8          Marie Theresian Lepitre  b: 1 August 1868  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 15 May 1869  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec

                         8          Norbert Eloy Lepitre  b: 17 March 1870  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 29 July 1915  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Margaret Cecelia Furlong  b: 27 January 1872  Quebec; m: 3 April 1894  Ste. Anne, Montreal, Quebec [Stephen/Margaret Lafortune]; d: Aft. 1915

                         8          Marie Regina Lepitre  b: 23 July 1871  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 4 March 1939  St. Joseph de Grantham, Drummondville, Drummond, Quebec

                                        +Adelard Duplin  b: 1 March 1866  Ste. Camille, Richmond & Wolfe, Quebec; m: 10 October 1883  Wotton, Quebec [Louis/Marie Leocadie Poisson]; d: Aft. 1911

                         8          Marie Odile Angelina Lepitre  b: 16 November 1873  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 27 May 1963  Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Thomas Gadhoua  b: 22 April 1875  St. Patrice, Sherrington, Napierville, Quebec; m: 7 June 1892  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec [Edmond/Olive Perras]; d: 10 March 1931  Montreal, Quebec

                         8          Arsene Exila Lepitre  b: 28 May 1875  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 27 January 1937  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

                                        +Marie Cordelia Frechette  b: 25 April 1877  St. Georges, Windsor, Richmond, Quebec; m: 17 January 1906  Ste. Elisabeth du Portugal, Montreal, Quebec [Nazaire/Emma Robidas]; d: 3 September 1928  San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

                         8          Marie Agnes Orpha Lepitre  b: 15 November 1876  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 19 August 1912  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Henri Clermont  b: 26 February 1874  Quebec; m: 19 May 1896  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec [Joseph/Precile Courville]; d: Aft. 1911

                         8          Joseph Homere Lepitre  b: 4 January 1879  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 12 October 1896  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec

                         8          Samuel Mathias Lepitre  b: 22 February 1881  St. Camille, Cookshire, Compton, Quebec; d: 19 May 1942  Port Alice, Mt. Waddington, BC

                                        +Regina Marie Gauthier  b: 10 September 1896  Rockland, Prescott, ONT; m: 22 November 1915  Maillardville, New Westminster, BC [Polydore/Marie Desgagne]; d: 22 May 1977  Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, BC

                         8          Josephine Lepitre  b: 2 May 1883  Portland, ME                               

                                        +Theodule Beaudoin  b: Abt. 1885; m: 1 April 1907  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec [Francois Xavier/Philomene Rouleau]

                                      *2nd Husband of Josephine Lepitre:

                                        +William Thomas  b: Abt. 1883; m: Bef. May 1942  Chicago, Cook, IL

                         8          Fortunat Lepitre  b: 25 July 1885  St. Janvier, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec; d: 1961  Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Alice Fournier  b: 2 July 1898; m: 6 April 1922  La Nativite, Montreal, Quebec [Daniel/Helene Tremblay]; d: 11 January 1929  Montreal, Quebec

                         8          Marie Laura Lepitre  b: 29 June 1887  St. Charles, Montreal, Quebec; d: 5 August 1924  St. Jean de Dieu, Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Joseph Avila Floribert Magnan  b: 18 November 1883  Sacre Coeur de Jesus, Montreal, Quebec; m: 5 February 1912  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec [Odilon/Zenaide Trepanier]; d: Aft. 1924

                         8          Clara Zephirine Lepitre  b: 3 January 1890  St. Louis, East Angus, Westbury, Compton, Quebec; d: 15 February 1915  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec 

                                        +Joseph Adelard Gour  b: 15 November 1887  L'Assomption, L'Assomption, Quebec; m: 28 September 1909  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec [Henri/Theana Landry]; d: 16 February 1922  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec

                         8          George Thomas Lepitre  b: 3 March 1892  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec; d: 1949  Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Alice ---  b: 1894

                         8          Florida Ernestine Alice Lepitre  b: 26 December 1893  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec; d: 17 July 1927  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec

                                        +Henri Menard  b: May 1892; m: 24 April 1911  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec [Ludger/Cordelia Rousseau]

                         8          Joseph Florien Henri Ernest Lepitre  b: 19 November 1895  St. Henri, Montreal, Quebec; d: 18 February 1897  Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Quebec



Notes for Norbert Lepitre:


- 1871 Wotton, Richmond & Wolfe, Quebec:  Joachim Gosselin 89, wife Marie 77, Cyprian 53, Frederic 32, Norbert Lepitre 22, wife Emma 20, Eloi 1.

- 1881 Westbury, Compton, Quebec:  Albert Lepete 31 (farmer), wife Annie 30, Albert 11, Regina 10, Angelina 7, Arsen 5, Orfe 4, Ommer 2, Mathias 2 months.

- 1891 St. Henri, Hochelaga, Quebec:  Norbert Lepite 42 (entrepreneur), wife Annie 40, Albert 21, Angelina 17, Arsene 15, Orpha 14, Omer 12, Samuel 10, Josephine 8, Fortunat 6, Laura 4, Clara 1; daughter Regina 20 & husband Adelard Duplin 25, Oscar Duplin 3.

- 1901 St. Henri, Hochelaga, Quebec:  Norbert Lepitre 52 (electrician), wife Anny 49, Arsene 26, Josephine 17, Fortune 15, Laura 14, Clara 11, George 9, Florida 8.

- 1911 St. Henri, Hochelaga, Quebec:  Norbert Lepitre 65, wife Metore 61, George 19, daughter Florida 17 & husband Henry Menard 19.



The Gazette (Montreal), Tuesday, 21 February 1905:  Detectives arrest quartette charged with shopbreaking and care of stolen goods:  Detectives Samson and Cowan yesterday captured three young men, who are charged with shopbreaking, and a man who is accused of being a "fence" for them.  Those under arrest are: Edmond Lalonde, 20 years of age, 122A St. Ferdinand street; Allbert Gagnon, 20 years of age, 112 Beaudoin street; Victor Deragon, 19 years of age, 201 St. Paul street; Norbert Lepitre, 57 years of age, 10 Pea Lane.  (Paragraphs of the events leading to arrest)  When the accused were arrested yesterday morning, Samson and Cowan searched the residence of Norbert Lepitre, 10 Pea lane, and in a room on the top floor they found a trap in the floor.  When they opened it they found some of the goods that had been stolen from Blanchet's and Robitaille's.  (further details)


Fortunat Lepitre:  2 Feb 1918:  Canadian WWI Attestation Paper:  Ferdinand Lepitre, present address 14-C Notre Dame de Lourdes, Montreal; b. 26 July 1885 East Angus, Que; single; chauffeur; father Norbert LePitre at East Angus; 5' 3 1/2", clear complexion, brown eyes & brown hair


Florida Ernestine Alice Lepitre:  The Gazette (Montreal), Wednesday, 21 September 1927:  Antonio Grandolfo was found guilty of manslaughter yesterday afternoon, following a short deliberation by the jury in the Court of King's Bench.  Grandolfo, a coal heaver by calling, was charged and tried for the murder of Mrs. Florida Lepitre, but the jurors decided that it was a case of involuntary homicide.  The accused, who gave evidence yesterday morning, admitted that he had drawn his revolver to scare Ovide Fortier, janitor of an apartment house at 8 Sherbrooke street west, and that the shot had gone off by accident.  This happened in the evening of July 17, and Mrs. Lepitre, who had come out from her apartment to see what the row was about, was struck and mortally wounded.  Grandolfo ran away, but was soon traced and arrested at 1 o'clock in the morning in his lodgings on St. Dominique street.  When the verdict was pronounced at 3.30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the prisoner gave no signs of emotion.  The result was told to him by the Italian interpreter, Grandolfo merely nodded and walked out from the dock; escorted by prison guards.  He will be sentenced at the end of the term by Mr. Justice Walsh.  Following the evidence, which left no doubt as to who had fired the fatal shot, Ernest Bertrand, K.C., Crown prosecutor, addressed the jurors, demanding a murder verdict.  Leonce Plante, who, with James Crankshaw, conducted the defence, pleaded for a manslaughter verdict.  Any plan of alibi defence was scattered when Grandolfo admitted that he had gone to the Sherbrooke house, that he had attempted to enter an apartment, that he had been ejected.  But he swore that Fortier, the janitor, had thrown him downstairs, and it was to frighten him and another man that he had drawn his revolver.  He also swore that only one shot had been fired, and that by pure accident.  Fortier had previously testified that two shots were fired, and this was corroborated by Mrs. Alice Lepitre, sister-in-law of the victim.  In addressing the jury, Mr. Justice Walsh first dealt with the purely legal aspect of the case, and explained the verdicts which the jury could find.  He dwelt on the paragraph of the Criminal Code which provides that "anyone with intention to do harm is indifferent to the consequences of his acts and by accident kills another," comes under the category of murder.  The defence, His Lordship pointed out, had not asked for an acquittal.  The best witness had been the accused himself, who admitted that he was on the scene and that he fired the shot that killed Mrs. Lepitre.  Grandolfo had pleaded self-defence and accident.  Why, then, had he run away?  The danger of carrying firearms was greatly stressed by the judge.  From this, His Lordship reviewed the defence evidence.  The alibi question had been dropped, and provocation had been invoked instead.  The janitor denied that Grandolfo was thrown downstairs, and so did other witnesses.  "The law admits self-defence," observed Mr. Justice Walsh, "but only enough for personal protection.  Was it necessary to fire in this case?  Would it not have been sufficient to aim with the revolver?  That is for you, gentlemen of the jury, to decide."  As for the janitor, His Lordship added, he had carried out his duty.  At 3.10 o'clock the jury withdrew, and at 3.30 they returned their verdict.



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