'Maxime' Joseph B. Peters

1899 Westbrook, Maine 1979 Cornish, Maine



Continuation of tree (8th child of Robert Pitre/Ursule Emelie Hebert); all known surname descendants:

               9          'Maxime' Joseph B. Peters  b: 29 May 1899  Westbrook, Cumberland, ME; d: 18 February 1979  Cornish, York, ME

                                   +Nellie M. Carroll  b: 16 February 1904  Kingsley, England; m: Abt. 1923; d: 11 June 1986  Portland, York, ME

                  10                     Robert M. Peters  b: Abt. 1932  Limington, York, ME; d: 12 December 1991  Portland, York, ME



Notes for 'Maxime' Joseph B. Peters:


- 1930 Limington, York, Maine:  Maxime Peters 31 (yarn mill/twister), wife Nellie M. 26 (yarn mill/spinner); brother Michael R. 24 (yarn mill/twister); his parents Robert 81 & Useline 63.


- 1940 Limington, York, ME:  Maxim Peters 41 [$700 house value] yarn boy/textile mill, wife Nellie H. 36 spinner/textile mill, Robert M. 7, widowed mother Lucy Peters 75.

- 1950 Limington, York, ME:  Maxime Peters 50 farmer/farm, wife Nellie H. 46 ring spinner/yarn mill, Robert M. 17, widowed mother Lucy Peters 86.

WWI registration records:  Maxime Joseph Peters; York, ME; born 29 May 1899; Robert Peters; medium height, slender build; brown eyes & black hair.

Notes for Nellie M. Carroll:

Alien Registration, 29 June 1940, Limington, ME; Helen Nellie Peters, Limington; in US/ME 29 years; b. 16 Feb 1904 Kinglsley, England; mar w/1 child; textile worker at Limerick Yarn Mills; signed Hellen Nellie Peters



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