Joseph Eusebe Pitre

1855 Wotton, Quebec 1927 Windsor, Ontario



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Isaie 'Xavier' Pitre/Marie Anne Turgeon); all known surname descendants:

               8          Joseph Eusebe Pitre  b: 1 May 1855  St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec; d: 20 February 1927  Windsor, Essex, ONT

                                  +Esther Ellen Lewis  b: 13 October 1850  Prince Edward Co., ONT; m: 15 January 1878  Hastings, Northumberland, ONT [George/Ann Hunter]; d: 9 April 1937  Windsor, Essex, ONT

                            9          William Patrick Peters  b: Abt. 1875  Ontario; d: Aft. 1881

                            9          Mary Esther Peters  b: 19 December 1878  Highland Grove, Cardiff, Haliburton, ONT; d: 18 January 1941  Windsor, Essex, ONT

                                          +William Hayes  b: Abt. 1886; m: 9 January 1912  South Porcupine, Nipissing, ONT [Teddy/Bertha Varty]; d: Bef. January 1941

                            9          Ann Rebecca Peters  b: 19 March 1880  Cardiff, Haliburton, ONT; d: Bet. January 1941-July 1962  Toronto, York, ONT

                                          +Thomas Storey  b: Abt. 1865  Toronto, York, ONT; m: 26 August 1904  York, ONT [David/Annie ---]

                            9          'Rosabel' Esther Peters  b: 26 May 1882  Cardiff, Haliburton, ONT; d: 1951  Marmora, Hastings, ONT

                                          +William John Derry  b: 2 September 1855  Ontario; m: 21 December 1898  Marmora, Hastings, ONT [William/Mary Murphy]; d: 9 October 1914  Marmora, Hastings, ONT

                            9          Jane Elizabeth Peters  b: 2 April 1884  Cardiff, Haliburton, ONT; d: 27 October 1950  Toronto, York, ONT

                                          +Frank Melrose Lorsch  b: 22 August 1886  Toronto, York, ONT; m: 6 November 1915  Toronto, York, ONT [David/Isabel Grieve]; d: Aft. 1954

                            9          Euseb Lewis Peters  b: 20 November 1886  Belmont, Peterborough, ONT; d: Bet. January 1941-July 1962  Englehart, ONT

                                          +Clara Andrews  b: Abt. 1885  Warren, ONT; m: 3 May 1920  Toronto, York, ONT [Richard/Mary Muchmore]; d: Aft. 1921

                            9          Adolph Walter Peters  b: 30 December 1888  Highland Grove, Cardiff, Haliburton, Peterborough East, ONT; d: 1 July 1962  Windsor, Essex, ONT

                                          +Amy Esther Parker  b: Abt. 1888  Surrey, England; m: 15 September 1923  Windsor, Essex, ONT [William/Esther Strong]; d: 8 August 1963  Windsor, Essex, ONT

                            9          George Allan Peters  b: 20 April 1891  Hughland Grove, Haliburton, Peterborough East, ONT; d: Aft. July 1962  Parry Sound, ONT

                                          +Elizabeth Brosh  b: Abt. 1898  Ontario; m: 23 April 1919  Toronto, York, ONT [George/Isabella Cree]; d: Aft. 1921

                            9          Ruby Alma Peters  b: 13 June 1896  Belmont, Peterborough East, Ontario; d: 1928  Carlton, Nippising, ONT

                                          +William Thomas Nowry  b: 3 February 1880  Brant, Bruce, ONT; m: 30 July 1913  Carlton, Nippising, ONT [John/Mary Shade]



Notes for Joseph Eusebe Pitre:


- 1881 Cardiff, Peterborough East, Ontario:  Euzebe Peters 26 (farmer), wife Esther E. 28, William P. 6, Mony E. 2, Ann R. 1.


- 1891 Cardiff, Peterborough East, ONT:  Ezuabe Peters 36 (farmer), wife Esther 38, Mary Esther 12, Ann Rebecca 11, Rosabell 9, Jane Elizabeth 7, Euseb Lewis 4, Adolphe Walker 2. 


- 1901 Belmont, Peterborough East, ONT:  Eusebe Peters 45, wife E. Estar 47, Annie 22, Bessie 17, Leweus 14, Adolph 12, Allan 10, Ruby 6.


- 1911 Armstrong, Nipissing, ONT:  Eusebe Peters 55, wife Esther Ellen 58, Mary 30, Lewis 24, Adolph 22, Allen 20, Ruby 15, grandson Lester Storey 6.


- 1921 Armstrong, Temiskaming, ONT:  Louis Peters 36 farmer, wife Clara 38, father Eusebe 66 (mar.) farmer.  In Windsor, Essex North, ONT:  Ester Ellen Peters 70 (mar.), George 30 laborer/odd jobs, wife Elizabeth 23 chocolate dipper.  (816 Albert Street)


Notes for Esther Ellen Lewis:

Obituary:  The Windsor Star (ONT), Saturday, 10 April 1937:  Peters - Esther E., 86 years, died April 9, 1937, at Grace Hospital.  Beloved mother of Mrs. Mary Hayes, Windsor; Mrs. Anne Storey, and Mrs. Frank Lorsch, Toronto; Mrs. Rose Derry, Malone, Ont.; Louis Peters, Englehart; Allan of Rutter, Ont., and A.W. Peters, of Windsor.  Services Sunday, April 11, at 3:30 p.m., from James H. Sutton Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette Ave.  Interment Windsor Grove.  Dr. H.M. Paulin will officiate.


Obituaries for the children:

Mary Esther Peters:  The Windsor Star (ONT), Monday, 20 January 1941:  Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Mrs. Mary Hayes, 61, of 836 London street east, resident of Windsor for the past ten years, who died Saturday in Metropolitan General Hospital.  Mrs. Hayes was born in Highland Grove, Ont., and came here from Markstay, where her family had been prominent for years.  She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Annie Storey and Mrs. Bessie Lorsch both of Toronto, and Mrs. Rose Derry, Malone, Ont.; and three brothers, Lewis Peters, Englehart, Allan, Parry Sound, and Adolphe, Windsor.  Funeral will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow from Morris Funeral Home, 1624 Wyandotte street east.  Interment will be in Windsor Grove Cemetery.


'Rosabel' Esther Peters: Tombstone Inscription, Marmora Common Cemetery:  William J. / Derry / died / Oct. 9, 1914 / aged / 59 yrs. 1mo / & 7 days / erected by his wife / Rosabel Peters / 1882 - 1951


Adolph Walter Peters:  The Windsor Star (ONT), Tuesday, 3 July 1962:  Peters - Adolphe Walter, 73 years, July 1, 1962 at Grace Hospital.  Late residence 3944 Alice St.  Beloved husband of Amy Esther Peters.  Dear father of Alan Lewis Peters, Windsor.  Dear brother of George A. Peters, Sudbury; 5 grandchildren.  Funeral service in the Walter D. Kelly Funeral Home, 1969 Wyandotte St. East at Devonshire Road, Thursday, July 5, 1962 at 11 a.m.  Rev. W.M. Reeves officiating.  Interment Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery.




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