Joseph Adelard Pitre

1896 Robertville, New Brunswick after 1935 NB



Continuation of tree (7th child of Stephen Pitre/2nd Wife Helene Jane Doucet); all known surname descendants:

                9       Joseph Adelard Pitre  b: 10 May 1896  Ste. Therese, Robertville, Gloucester, NB

                                    +Marguerite Ann Chamberlain  b: 7 August 1894  Patricks Landing, Gloucester, NB; m: 25 October 1915  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Joseph/Marguerite Pitre]

                             10         Joseph Benoit Pitre  b: Abt. 1916  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                            +Marie Flora Guitar  b: 24 December 1921  Pointe Verte, Gloucester, NB; m: 3 June 1943  Belledune, Gloucester, NB [David/Marie Couture]

                                      11        Loretta Pitre  b: 1946  Pointe Verte, Gloucester, NB

                                                    +Abbey A. Pitre  b: 1928; m: 29 July 1967  Pointe Verte, Gloucester, NB [Joseph Adelard/Mary Julie Lagace]; d: 1996  Pointe Verte, Gloucester, NB

                             10         Joseph Etienne Pitre  b: Abt. 1917  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                            +Marie Omerine Lagace  b: Abt. 1929  Pointe Verte, Gloucester, NB; m: 1 August 1944  St. Jean l'Evangeliste, Belledune, Gloucester, NB [Joseph Omer/Mary Christiana Pitre]

                             10         Mary Priscille Pitre  b: 3 May 1918  S. Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB; d: 1994

                                            +Joseph Terrance Pitre  b: 25 March 1901  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; m: 3 August 1937  S. Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB [Francis John/Tharsile Daigle]

                             10         Marie Adele Pitre  b: Abt. 1921  Jacquet River, Restigouche, NB

                                            +Joseph Wilfrid Lagace  b: 18 August 1914  Pointe Verte, Gloucester, NB; m: 6 August 1940   Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Francois/Marie Anne Allain]

                             10         Cleophas Pitre  b: 13 August 1923 S. Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB

                             10         Emma Pitre  b: 9 December 1925  Tetagouche, Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 24 December 1931  Tetagouche, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                             10         Regina Pitre  b: Abt. 1929  Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB

                                            +John James Benoit  b: Abt. 1920  Nelson, Northumberland, NB; m: 22 October 1946  Beaverbrook, Newcastle, Northumberland, NB [Georges/Agnes Maillet]

                             10         Yvonne Pitre  b: 9 November 1931  Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB; d: 19 August 1937  Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB

                             10        Andrew Pitre  b: 23 October 1935  Robertville, Beresford, Gloucester, NB; d: 20 December 1963  South Nelson, Northumberland, NB

                                            +Mary Melvina Arseneault  b: Abt. 1941  Chatham Head, Northumberland, NB; m: 26 August 1959  St. Patricks, S. Nelson, Northumberland, NB [John P./Mary Frances Losier]



Notes for Joseph Adelard Pitre:

- 1921 Gloucester, New Brunswick (Bathurst, South Tetagouche):  Adillard Pete 26 laborer/saw mill, wife Mary 27, Benny 6, Joseph 4, Percilla 3, Adell infant.



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