Edouard Pitre

1810 Bathurst, New Brunswick 1871 Bathurst, NB



Continuation of tree (8th child of Charles Olivier Pitre/1st wife Celeste Comeau); all known surname descendants:

            6     Edouard Pitre  b: 20 December 1810  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: July 1871  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                           +Marguerite Olive Hache  b: 16 January 1811  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; m: 14 September 1831  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Joseph/Helene Landry]; d: Aft. 1881       

                        7     Olive Pitre  b: 10 November 1832  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 14 January 1912  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Jean Bernard  b: Abt. 1831; m: 1 August 1857  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: Bet. 1881-1889  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Peter E. Pitre  b: Abt. 1834  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Amelia Duncalf    m: 1864 

                        7     Charles Pitre  b: 10 November 1836  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: Aft. 1861

                        7     Olympe Pitre  b: Abt. 1838  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 13 April 1931  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Thomas McGeorge (aka George)  b: Abt. 1808  Ireland; m: 22 September 1866  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 17 April 1906  North Tetagouche, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Virginie Pitre  b: 21 December 1839  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 25 March 1913  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +John Imhoff  b: 6 December 1835  Port Daniel, Quebec; m: 7 October 1861  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [John/Charlotte Beaker dit Blondin]; d: 19 November 1900  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Frances Pitre  b: Abt. 1844  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: Aft. 1891  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Jean S. Arseneau  b: Abt. 1848  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; m: 5 October 1869  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Simon/Pelagie Laplante]; d: 10 September 1907  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                        7     James Pitre  b: 19 July 1845  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Marguerite Hache  b: Abt. 1846; m: Abt. 1870

                        7     Mary Pitre  b: June 1847  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 14 May 1913  Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Samuel Daigle  b: Abt. 1846; m: 26 November 1867  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: Bef. 1871  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                               *2nd Husband of Mary Pitre:

                                 +Dominique Doucet  b: 4 December 1841  Caraquet, Gloucester, NB; m: 7 May 1877  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Luc/Marie Pinet]; d: 11 September 1930  South Tetagouche, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Joseph 'Edward' Pitre  b: December 1849  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 20 April 1929  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Elizabeth McGeorge  b: March 1850  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; m: 16 August 1873  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Thomas/Marie Arseneau]; d: 22 April 1922  Bathurst, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Ellen 'Helene' Pitre  b: September 1851  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 5 April 1930  Ste. Therese, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Pierre Xavier Bertin  b: April 1843  Beresford, Gloucester, NB; m: 6 November 1876  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Francois Xavier/Lucille Doucet]; d: 19 March 1928  Ste. Therese, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Henriette Pitre  b: October 1853  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: 27 August 1932  Ste. Therese, Beresford, Gloucester, NB

                                 +Romain Hache  b: 8 April 1855  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; m: 1 October 1878  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB [Sebastien/Monique Doucet]; d: 3 July 1942  Robertville, Gloucester, NB

                        7     Jules Pitre  b: April 1856  Ste. Famille, Bathurst, Gloucester, NB; d: Aft. 1881



Notes for Edouard Pitre:

15 October 1849 Indenture (V5, #125) Edward Petre farmer & wife Margaret of Bathurst sold to Thomas George farmer of Bathurst, for 40, part of lot #23 originally granted to Charles Peters.


15 October 1849 Indenture (V5, #126) Thomas George of Bathurst sold to Edward Petre farmer of Bathurst, for 40 a plot of land.


2 April 1853 Indenture (V5, #489) Edward Petre of Tetagouche, Bathurst sold to Alfred J. Smith of Bathurst, for 90, land Edward bought from Thomas George.



- 1861 Bathurst, Gloucester, New Brunswick:  Edward C. Petre 58 (farmer), wife Margaret 58, Peter E. 25, Olambia 23, Virginia 23, Charles 20, Frances 16, James 15, Mary 14, Joseph 11, Ellen 9, Honora 7, Julian 5.

- 1871 Bathurst, Gloucester, NB:  Edward C. Petre 65 (farmer), wife Margret 65, Ellen 20, Joseph 19, Henriette 16; widowed daughter Mary Deagle 23, Peter Deagle 3.

- 1881 Bathurst, Gloucester, NB:  Widow Margaret Pete 75, with son Joseph's family; Joseph 18.  Julius Pete 19 living with sister Frances 35 and her husband John S. Arseneu 33.

24 June 1869 land grant: Edoire C. Petre (v. 77, grant #13124) Bathurst, Gloucester, NB, 100 acres.


17 March 1866 Indenture (v19, #301) - John Imhoff farmer of Bathurst sold to Edward C. Petre farmer of Bathurst for 5 shillings the north half of lot #86 & 87 in Rose Hill, Bathurst.


Probated will (written 10 November 1870) (v22, #278) In the name of God Amen this tenth day of November one thousand eight hundred and seventy I Edward Petre of the parish of Bathurst County of Gloucester Province of New Brunswick yeoman being very sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God therefore calling unto mind the mortality of the body knowing that it is appointed unto the mind one to die, to make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth, to be buried as decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors, nothing d----hey but that at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Almighty hand of God.  And as touching such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and order.  First I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Margaret the use of all the worldly effects both personal and raw property of which I may did possess for the term of the natural period of her life should she outlive me, and at her death it is my will that is is divided in the following manner that is to say that my beloved son Joseph secure the western half of that lot of land in which I now live and known and of containing the northern half of lots number 66, 67, 68 & 69.  Eighty six, eighty seven, eighty eight & eighty nine with all the buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging and that my beloved Jule receive the eastern half of said lot containing the northern half of lots number eighty six and eighty seven and that that eastern half be under the control of Augustin Pete Jn. Robert Payne & Robert Brown Esq. whom I constitute my executors until my son Jule attains the age of twenty one years.  And it is my wish that a remaining portion which is at discretion my executor be given to my dearly beloved daughters Helen, Francoise, Olympe, Marie, Orietta, and I hereby utterly revoke and disallow all former wills or bequests by me in any way formerly made acknowledging this and no other to be my last will and testament as witness my hand this day and year above mentioned.  Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Lasarus Theriau, Joseph PetreEdoire Petre (LS).  Gloucester County to wit.  Be it remembered that on the twentieth day of July AD1871 before me Henry W. Baldwin Registrar of Deeds in and for the County aforesaid personally came and appeared Joseph Petre who of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing instrument and being duly sworn did depose and say that he saw Edward Petre whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument sign seal and execute the same for use and purpose therein mentioned and at the time of such signing deponent and one Lasarus Theriau was both present and subscribed his name thereto as attesting witness in the presence of the said Edward Petre and of each other.  Henry W. Baldwin Co. Regr.  Received and registered the twentieth day of July AD1871 as number 278 and on pages 443, 444 & 445 of the 22nd volume of the Records of the County of Gloucester  Henry W. Baldwin Co. Regr.


25 April 1881 Indenture (v28, #180) Jules Petre labourer of Tetagouche, Bathurst sold to Joseph Petre farmer of same, for 240 dollars, land on south side of Tetagouche River formerly occupied by the late Edward Petre, left by Edward Petre in his will to Jules Petre (dated 10 November 1870)


Obituaries for the children:

Joseph 'Edward' Pitre:  Mr. Joseph Edward Pitre age eighty passed away on the 20 April 1929 after a long illness.  He leaves five daughters, Rev Sister Pitre of the Hotel Dieu Tracadie, Mrs. Thomas Connors of New York, Mrs. John Morris, and Miss Josephine of Seattle, Wash, Mrs. George L Doucet Bathurst, two sons, Thomas of Connecticut, and John of Chicago, three sisters, Mrs. Thomas George Bathurst, Mrs. Peter Bertin of St. Theresa, and Mrs. Romain Hachey.



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