Bruno Pitre

1823 Rustico, PEI  1889 New Bedford, MA



Continuation of tree (4th child of Benoni Pitre/Bibienne Doiron); all known surname descendants:

              7     Bruno Pitre  b: 15 April 1823  St. Augustin, Rustico, PEI; d: 6 June 1889  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                              +Mary Redmond  b: Abt. 1825; m: Abt. 1848  Charlottetown, PEI; d: Abt. 1853         

                         8       Thomas Peters  b: 25 February 1850  St. Dunstan, Charlottetown, PEI

                         8       Ann Pitre  b: 19 May 1852  Charlottetown, PEI 


                      *2nd Wife of Bruno Pitre:                                                         

                              +Johanna Agnes Hayes  b: 1 October 1840  PEI; m: 16 November 1854  St. Dunstan's Basilica, Charlottetown, PEI; d: 1916  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                         8       Ann Peters  b: 1 October 1855  St. Dunstan, Charlottetown, PEI; d: Bef. 1865                   

                         8       Ambrose J. Peters  b: October 1856  Charlottetown, PEI; d: Aft. 1910  New Bedford, Bristol, MA 

                         8       Mary A. Peters  b: March 1858  St. John, NB; d: Aft. 1910  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                                     +William G. Cranston  b: June 1857  Massachusetts; m: 5 November 1881  New Bedford, Bristol, MA [John/Sarah Gray]; d: 22 November 1902  Fairhaven, Bristol, MA

                         8       Francis Joseph Peters  b: 5 August 1859  Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: 16 March 1911  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                         8       George Henry Peters  b: 23 September 1861  Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: 20 October 1902  Fairhaven, Bristol, MA

                         8       Albert H. Peters  b: 17 March 1864  Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: 17 June 1921  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                                     +Mary A. Landers  b: 30 October 1867  Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m: 12 August 1886  Brockton, Plymouth, MA [Thomas/Catherine Keane]; d: Aft. 1920

                         8       Albion R. Peters  b: 17 March 1864  Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: 23 April 1909  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                         8       Frederick James Peters  b: 28 September 1867  Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: Aft. 1910

                         8       Lena Peters  b: 23 March 1870  Hyde Park, Suffolk, MA; d: 27 December 1892  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                         8       Archibald Roosevelt Peters  b: 17 March 1872  Hyde Park, Suffolk, MA; d: Aft. 1920  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                                     +Clara Bishop Mendell  b: 27 September 1878  Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; m: 24 August 1901  Wareham, Plymouth, MA [David P./Harriet N. Nightingale]; d: 1967  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                         8       Charles Eugene Peters  b: 20 March 1875  Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: Aft. 1930  Dartmouth, Bristol, MA

                                     +Harriet Annie Wilson  b: 1 September 1881  Ashton, Rhode Island; m: 12 September 1905  Fairhaven, Bristol, MA [Job/Alice Butterworth]; d: Aft. 1930

                         8       female Peters  b: 1878  New Bedford, Bristol, MA; d: 25 February 1878  New Bedford, Bristol, MA

                         8       William Warren Peters  b: 25 October 1879  New Bedford, Bristol, MA; d: Aft. 1910



Notes for Bruno Pitre:


- 1865 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts:  Bruna Peters 42 (ship carpenter), wife Agnes 28, Ambrose 9, Mary A. 8, Francis J. 6, Geor. H. 3, Albion 1, Albert 1.

- 1870 Hyde Park, Norfolk, MA:  Bruno Bolan 47 (carpenter), wife Johanna H. 34, Ambrose 14 (work in wool mill), Mary A. 12, Francis J. 10, George H. 8, Albert 6, Albern 4, Fred J. 3, Lena 3 months.

- 1880 New Bedford, Bristol, MA:  Bruno Peters 56 (ship carpenter), wife Agnes 40, Ambros 21 (blacksmith), Mary J. 20 (tailoress), Frances J. 18, George H. 16 (baker), Albert 14 (works in cotton mill), Albin 14, Frederick J. 12, Lena 10, Archabal R. 7, Charles U. 5, William W. 7 months.

- 1900 Fairhaven, Bristol, MA:  Widow Agnes J. Peters 60 (10 of 11 children still living), Ambrose 40 (blacksmith), Albin R. 32 (motorman), Archibald R. 27 (motorman), Charles E. 25 (electrician), William W. 20 (clerk/mill office).

- 1910 New Bedford, Bristol, MA:  Widow Joanna A. Peters 71 (7 of 11 children still living), Ambrose J. 53 (blacksmith), Frank J. 48 (blacksmith).


WWI registration records (sons):

Archibald Roosevelt Peters:  Archibald Roosevelt Peters; New Bedford, MA; born 17 Nov 1872 (age 45); Clara Bishop Peters (wife); medium height, medium build; dark blue eyes & grayish brown hair.

Charles Eugene Peters:  Charles Eugene Peters; Fairhaven, MA; born 20 Mar 1875; Harriet Annie Peters; short height, medium build; grey eyes & brown hair; loss of left eye; shipsmith.


Notes for Johanna Agnes Hayes:

Will:   Johanna A. Peters of New Bedford, Bristol, MA, leaves house (#112) & land on North Street to sons Ambrose J. Peters and William Warren Peters; to son Ambrose her house & land in Fairhaven and after her death for Ambrose to convey to her son Charles E. Peters a suitable house lot from the Fairhaven land; to granddaughter Alice Peters (child of son Albert) $100; to son Archibald R. Peters $100; to son Frederick J. Peters $200.  No provision and intentionally exclude daughter Mary F. Cranston and sons Frank J. Peters and Albert R. Peters deeming them of sufficient ability to care for themselves.  All else to sons Ambrose J. Peters & William Warren Peters.  Signed 7 Oct 1910.


Obituaries for the children:

Albert H. Peters:  Fall River Globe (MA), Saturday, 18 June 1921:  Letter Carrier Drops Dead in New Bedford - New Bedford, June 18 - Albert H. Peters, of 172 Merrimac street, who has been employed by the post-office department as a letter carrier for many years, dropped dead shortly before 6 o'clock last evening in front of Wright's Japanese store, on Union street.  Mr. Peters had just finished his route and was on his way to the store to call for an umbrella he had left to be repaired when he was seen to stagger and fall upon the sidewalk.  It was at first thought that he had fallen in a fit, and word was sent to the post office, in response to which the superintendent of mails hurried to the scene in the parcels post wagon, but on arrival found that Mr. Peters was dead.  It is believed that heart disease was the cause of death.



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