Benoni Guillaume Pitre

1763 - 1851 Rollo Bay, PEI



Continuation of tree (5th child of Joseph Pitre/Anne Bourg); all known surname descendants:

            5     Benoni Guillaume Pitre  b: Abt. 1763; d: Abt. 1851  Rollo Bay, PEI                 

                     +Anne Marie Daigle  b: Abt. 1786; m: Abt. 1807  Rollo Bay, PEI [Paul Daigre/Anne Arseneau]; d: Aft. 1861

              6          Lawrence Pitre  b: Abt. 1808  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: 19 November 1895  St. Alexis, Rollo Bay, PEI

                                    +Mary 'Margaret Jane' Fisher  b: Abt. 1815; m: 14 February 1836  Charlottetown, PEI; d: 13 May 1879  Rollo Bay, PEI

              6          Lucy Pitre  b: Abt. 1 March 1810  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: Aft. 1848

                                    +Simon Burke  b: Abt. 1810; m: Abt. 1830; d: Aft. 1848

              6          Eunice Pitre  b: Abt. 1812  Rollo Bay, PEI

              6          Aimee Pitre  b: 1 November 1814  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: 3 November 1894  Tignish, PEI

                                    +Sylvain T. Perry  b: November 1820  Tignish, PEI; m: 4 July 1842  St. Michaels, Three Rivers, PEI [Pierre Poirier/Blanche Gaudet]; d: 10 January 1900  Chelsea, Suffolk, MA

              6          Agnes Pitre  b: Abt. 1816  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: Aft. 1845                                            

                                    +Polycarpe Chiasson  b: Abt. 1815; m: 14 February 1836  Rollo Bay, PEI [Mathurin/Marie Bourque]; d: Aft. 1845

              6          Benoni William Pitre  b: 25 September 1817  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: 22 February 1904  Rollo Bay, PEI

                                    +Victoria Burke  b: 16 January 1817  Rollo Bay, PEI; m: 7 March 1844  St. Michaels, Rollo Bay, PEI [Baptiste/Julia Cormier]; d: 3 September 1912  Rollo Bay East, PEI

              6          Amos Pitre  b: Abt. 1820  Rollo Bay, PEI



Notes for Benoni Guillaume Pitre:

- In 1822 a petition was presented at Cape Breton for Benoni Peters and others.  The petition to Kempt stated:  Petitioners are natives of Prince Edward Island and reside there with their families on rented lands. They have commissioned Benoni Peters to choose land for them and ask tickets for the lots on the north side of Ball's Creek in Spanish Harbour, that he has chosen for them.  Benoni Peters is 55 years old, is married and has fifteen children.  Stephen Peters is 24 years old, married and has one child.  Benoni X Peters, for himself and Peter Peters and Stephen Peters.   [This would appear to be Benoni Guillaume Pitre (but with many more children than I have found records for), his 2nd cousin Pierre (Captain Peter) Pitre and Pierre's son Etienne (Keniche) Pitre.] 


- 1841 PEI:  Belony Peters (farmer), 25 acres, native.  Gender/age listing indicates: Benoni 78, wife Anne Marie Daigle 55, Benoni William 24, girl >16, girl <16.

- 1861 PEI:  Widow Anne Marie Daigle 75, living with son Belony Peters & his family.


Misc. for the children:

Aimee Pitre:  - 1881 census, Lot 1, PEI: Sylvain Perry 61 store keeper, wife Aime 66, Benoit 29, Lawrence 22 tinsmith, Joseph 18 store clerk. - 1891 census Lot 1, PEI:  Sylvain T. Perry 69 shop keeper & merchant, wife Emma 73, Joseph L. 28 book keeper.


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