Benedict 'Benoit' Peters

1872 Tignish, PEI – after 1901



Continuation of tree (6th child of Leon Pitre/Baltide Arsenault); all known surname descendants:

              8      Benedict ‘Benoit’ Peters  b: 4 September 1872  St. Simon & St. Jude, Tignish, PEI; d: Aft. 1901

                               +Marie Josephine Chiasson  b: 18 May 1877; m: 11 November 1896  St. Simon & St. Jude, Tignish, PEI [Michel/Judith Richard]; d: 4 April 1902  Tignish, PEI

                          9          Marie Philomene Pitre  b: 9 January 1898  St. Simon & St. Jude, Tignish, PEI; d: 26 June 1898  Little Tignish, PEI


                      *2nd Wife of Benedict 'Benoit' Peters:

                               +Marguerite Bernard  b: 22 September 1892  Tignish, PEI; m: 15 August 1910  Rumford, Oxford, ME [Pierre/Marie Bernard]; d: 4 June 1956  PEI

                          9          Emily Peters  b: 30 September 1913  Rumford, Oxford, ME; d: 26 September 1999  St. Catherines, Lincoln, ONT

                                         +Henry Arsenault  b: 28 February 1907  St. Louis, PEI; m: unknown; d: 4 June 1967  St. Catherines, Lincoln, ONT

                          9          Mae Peters  b: 4 November 1915  Rumford, Oxford, ME; d: 1983

                                         +Frederick John Richard  b: 26 May 1912  Norway, Prince, PEI; m: unknown] [Joseph/Mary Ursule Leclair]; d: 1994  PEI

                          9          Joseph Leon Peters  b: 12 February 1918  Palmer Road, PEI; d: Aft. 1931

                          9          Joseph Melven Peters  b: 5 April 1919  Palmer Road, PEI; d: 1986

                          9          Frank J. Peters  b: 22 June 1921  Tignish, PEI; d: 28 October 1988  Tignish, Prince, PEI

                                         +Emilda Mary Leclair  b: 14 May 1925; m: unknown [Timothy/Emma Doucette]; d: 16 December 2015  St. Roch, PEI

                          9          Olive Mary Peters  b: 8 May 1923  St. Roch, PEI; d: 7 September 2014  Alberton, PEI

                                         +Albert Arsenault    m: Abt. 1945

                          9          Therese Peters  b: Abt. 1929; d: Aft. 1931



Notes for Benedict 'Benoit' Peters:


- 1901 PEI, Lot 2B1:  Benoit Petres 27, wife Josephine 23; boarder widower Michille Chaisson 63; domestic Margrite Richard 24; adopted child Charly Ed Caseley 1.


- 1910 Rumford, Oxford, Maine:  John Bernard 39 laborer/paper mill, wife Mary Jane 37, Sylver 10, Bertha 3, Leonie 5 months; widowed lodger Benjamin Peters 29 laborer/paper mill, lodger Mike Chisholm 27 laborer/paper mill, lodger Maggie Bernard 17 bag worker/bag mill, widowed step-mother Jennie Bernard 81.


- 1921 PEI, Lot 2, Deblois:  Benjamin Peter 44 farmer, wife Margetta 29, Emely 8, May 6, Leo 3, Melvin 2.


- 1931 St. Roch, Greenmount, Prince, PEI:  Benoit Pitre 52 farmer, wife Marguerite 38, Emelia 18, Mae 16, Leo 13, Melvin 12, Frank 10, Olive 9, Therese 2.


Notes for Marie Josephine Chiasson:

Obituary:  L'Impartial (PEI), Thursday, 10 April 1902:  At St. Joseph, Tignish, 4 April, died at the age of 24 years 10 months and 15 days, Mrs. Benoit Pitre, nee Josephine Chiasson, after an illness of one year, suffered with the greatest resignation and after having received all the help of the Church.  The funeral took place on Sunday the 6th at the church in Tignish, in the midst of a large number of relatives and friends.  The bearers were: Moise Martin, Eugene Martin, Joseph F. Buote, Jean F. Buote, Rufin Buote and Patrick McCue.  She belonged to the following societies:  Ste. Famille, le Rosaire Perpetuel, le Sacre Coeur and la Ligne de la Croix.  Her funeral service was sung this morning on Thursday.  The deceased was the daughter of Michel Chiasson; the sister of Mrs. Agape Gaudet and Mrs. Charles H--k  who preceded her to the grave within about 15 months ago.  She was the niece of M l'abbe J. Chiasson, priest of the parish of Immaculate Conception, Palmer Road.


Obituaries for the children:

Marie Philomene Pitre:  L'Impartial (PEI), Thursday, 30 June 1898:  Died 26 June, at Little Tignish, at the age of 5 months and 17 days, Marie Philomene, darling child of Mr. and Mrs. Benoit Pitre.  Her mortal remains were buried, Monday, 27th.  The bearers were: Jacques Chaisson, Emmanuel Godin, Louis Godin and Pierre Blanchard.


Frank J. Peters:  Tombstone Inscription, St. Simon & St. Jude Cemetery, Tignish, PEI:  PETERS / 1921 Frank J. 1988 / his wife / 1925 Milda LeClair 2015 / Most holy apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus



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