Alfred David Petre

1882 Chatham, New Brunswick - after 1913



Continuation of tree (10th child of Gilbert Pitre/Emelia Johnson); all known surname descendants:

              8          Alfred David Petre  b: 11 March 1882  St. Michel, Chatham, Northumberland, NB; d: Bet. 1914-November 1917

                                +Margaret Witzell (McGrath)  b: Abt. 1874  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB; m: 31 May 1905  Chatham, Northumberland, NB [Joseph/Elizabeth McMahon]; d: 15 September 1909  Chatham, Northumberland, NB  (typhoid fever)

                         9          Ann Alma Petrie  b: 6 July 1906  Chatham, Northumberland, NB

                                       +William Robinson  b: 20 June 1900  Sheila Post, Tracadie, Gloucester, NB; m: 12 April 1921  Saumarez, Gloucester, NB [Thomas/dec. Emelie Basque]

                         9          Alfred James Petrie  b: 31 January 1908  Chatham, Northumberland, NB

                                      +Edna Wiley McBrine  b: 14 January 1903  Glassville, Carleton, NB; m: 7 October 1933  Woodstock, Carleton, NB [Frederick J/Margaret Mary Wiley]

                         9          John Guy J. Petrie (aka Lance J. Grant*)  b: 6 February 1909  Chatham, Northumberland, NB; d: 1985  Milltown, Charlotte, NB

                                      +Louise Savoy  b: 1911  Loggieville, Northumberland, NB; m: 15 October 1931  St. Michael's Cathedral, Chatham, Northumberland, NB [Stanley/Amelia Vienneau]; d: 1984  Milltown, Charlotte, NB


                           *2nd Wife of Alfred David Petre:

                                +Mary Alexandrine LeBreton  b: 10 October 1889  St. Isidore, Tilley Road, Gloucester, NB; m: 24 October 1910  St. Michel, Chatham, Northumberland, NB [Edward/Obeline Drysdale]; d: 13 August 1959  Tracadie, Gloucester, NB

                         9          Edward Gilbert Petry  b: 19 January 1912  Chatham, Northumberland, NB; d: 2 June 1996  Gauvreau, Gloucester, NB

                                        +Simonne Lamontagne    m: Aft. 1931; d: Bef. June 1996

                         9          Mary Mathilda Petry  b: 14 July 1913  Chatham, Northumberland, NB; d: Aft. June 1996

                                        +David LeBreton  b: 4 August 1896  Tracadie, Gloucester, NB; m: 23 November 1932  Tracadie, Gloucester, NB [Maximum/Virginie Brideau]

                         9          Joseph Alfred Pitre  b: 1 October 1914  Tracadie, Gloucester, NB; d: 10 November 1965  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB

                                        +Marie Rita Martin  b: 14 September 1922  Chatham, Northumberland, NB; m: 17 February 1942  Tracadie, Gloucester, NB [Frederick/Josephine McLaughlin]; d: 26 February 1943  Tracadie, Saumerez, Gloucester, NB



Notes for Alfred David Petre:


- 1911 Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick:  Alfred Petrie 29, 2nd wife Eliza 21, Ann 5, James 3.  John 2, listed as son of George Grant 37 & wife Mary 35, with boarder Ernest Petrie 30 laborer/odd job.


- 1921 Saumerez, Gloucester, NB:  Antoine Losier 23 farmer, wife Alexandrine 31, stepsons Edward Petrie 9 & Alfred Petrie 6.  John Guy Petery 12, living with his aunt Mary 45 & her husband George Grant 47, in Chatham.  James Petrie 13, adopted son of Fidele Savoie 29 & wife Marie Ellen 40, in Saumerez.  Matilda Pitre 8, living with her grandparents Edward Le Breton 67 & wife Obeline 75 at St. Isidore.


- 1931 Saumerez, Gloucester, NB:  Anthoine Losier 34 farmer, wife Alexandrine 41, Gerard 9, Edgar 1, stepson Edward Petre 19 farmer's helper.


Obituaries for the children:

Edward Gilbert Petry:  Acadie Nouvelle (NB), 3 June 1996:  Edouard "Petry" of Gauvreau died on June 2, 1996 at age 84, widower of Simonne Lamontagne, and son of Alfred Pitre and Alexandrine LeBreton.  One daughter Jacqueline Brideau of Gauvreau, and one son Yvon (Denise Barriault) of Halifax, NS; one sister Mathilda LeBreton of Tracadie-Sheila; one half-sister Ida (Arcade Brideau) of Tracadie-Sheila; two half-brothers: Gerard Losier (Marie Benoit) of Gauvreau and Edgar Losier (Annie Breau) of Tilley Road.  Died, a brother Alfred.  Veteran.



*Lance Grant - Thanks to Jason Gaudet of Canal, NB for spotting the drastic name change for John Guy Petrie.  Jason was entering data for the Milltown Cemetery and found the marriage record in which John Guy is listed and 'known as' Lance Grant.  He was apparently raised by his aunt Mary and her husband George Grant.




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