Beauharnois, Quebec Church Registers

Ste. Barbe  1884-1940

Pitre Extractions



I have extracted the Pitre/Lajambe entries from the registers for 1884-1899 (LDS film #1754022).  Each year is indexed.  Later entries are from the online Drouin collection.



Ste. Barbe, Beauharnois, Quebec:  

bap. 4 Oct 1885, b. 3 Oct - Marie Blanche Pitre (Vital, farmer/Juvenile Chatigny),

     (sp: Leonidas Chatigny of St. Louis de Gonzague & Marie Loiselle his wife)

bap. 21 Nov 1885, b. 18 Nov - Marie Louise Honorie Pitre (Etienne, day laborer/Dele Anne Dion),

     (sp: Aime Dion, shopkeeper & Alphonsine Derin)

BUR. 26 Dec 1885, d. 24 Dec - Vital Pitre, farmer, husband of Juvenile Chatigny, age 39 years,

     wit: Omer Lacroix & Felix Sencine ?)

BUR. 7 Feb 1886, d. 6 Feb - Marie Blanche Pitre (dec. Vital/Juvenile Chatigny), age 4 months,

     wit: On--- Lacroix & Olier Dendihengue ?

bap. 18 Feb 1886, b. 17 Feb - Marie Clarinthe Pitre (Auguste, farmer of St. Stanislaus/Domitille Tessier),

     (sp: Leandre Souci of St. Stanislaus & Elmire Tessier)

bap. 23 May 1888, b. 22 May - Marie Laediane Pitre (Etienne, day laborer/Laediane Dion),

     (sp: Antoine Viau, farmer & Rose De Lima Mercier)

bap. 6 Nov 1891, b. 5 Nov - Marie Bertha Pitre (Etienne, farmer/Deliane Dion),

     (sp: Leon Pitre, farmer & Marie Louise Joly, d/o Michel Joly)  [Leon Pitre signed]

bap. 22 Aug 1893, b. 20 Aug - Joseph Etienne George Pitre (Etienne, farmer/Deleane Dion),

     (sp: Pierre Sainte Onge, farmer & his wife Mathilda Renaud)

bap. 10 Jun 1898, b. 9 Jun - Marie Albina Pitre (Etienne, day laborer/Deleanne Dion),

     (sp: Ernest Monette & his wife Odile Pitre of Ste. Cecile, Valleyfield)

bap. 27 Aug 1899, b. 24 Aug - Joseph Honore Eugene Pitre (Etienne, day laborer/Deleanne Dion),

      (sp: Henry Robert, son of Edouard Robert & Berisa Pitre, sister of infant)  [Berisa Pitre signed]

Mar. 10 Oct 1916 - Georges Pitre dit Lajambe, machinist, maj s/o (Etienne/dec. Helene Dion) of

     Cedres, & Olive Pare, min d/o (Emery/Exilda Provost), wit: Emery Pare father, Pierre St. Onge

     [signed: George Pitre]




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