Chateauguay, Quebec Church Registers

St. Antoine Abbe & St. Chrysostome

Pitre Extractions



For St. Antoine Abbe I have extracted the Pitre entries from the registers for 1877-1899 (LDS film #1753832).  Each year is indexed.  Viewed years 1860-1867 and later years from online registers Drouin collection.  The St. Chrysostome registers were viewed online. 



St. Antoine Abbe, Chateauguay, Quebec:  

BUR. 13 Aug 1879, d. 12 Aug - Josephine Pitre, wife of Laurent Himard 'journalier vagabond', 

     age 70 years, wit: Louis Morin & Napoleon Sequin

BUR. 27 Dec 1915, d. 25 Dec - Anastasie Pitre, age 86 1/2 years, widow of Francois Hebert,

     wit: Napoleon Hebert, Albee Damour, Albini Dermont


St. Chrysostome, Chateauguay, Quebec

bap. 24 Apr 1846, b. 23 Apr Marie Louise Pitre (Augustin/Sophie Blanchard),

     (sp: Augustin Blanchard & Julie Montpierre)

BUR. 12 May 1846, d. 9 May Marie Louis Pitre (Augustin/Sophie Blanchard), age 15 days

bap. 12 Sep 1847, b. 11 Sep Julien Pyte (Augustin/Sophie Blanchard),

     (sp: Antoine Shaland? & Marie Louise Berouard?)

bap. 19 May 1849, b. 18 May Paul Pitre (Augustin/Sophie Blanchard),

     (sp: Francois Paul Baillargeon & Magdeleine Brassard)

BUR. 12 Jul 1850, d. 10 Jul Augustin Pitre, age 47 years, wit: Michell Moreau, Joseph Moquin

BUR.  5 Jun 1899, d. 2 Jun Marie Pitre, wife of Joseph Lemieux, age 87 years, wit: Joseph Goyette,

     Joseph Sylvain

BUR. 25 Sep 1926, d. 23 Sep Augustin Pitre (celibate), age about 88 years, wit: Napoleon Hebert,

     Alfred Ouimet, Eugene Prevost, Albert Hout



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