Stanstead, Quebec Parish Registers

Rock Island, Notre Dame de la Merci

Pitre Extractions



Rock Island, Notre Dame de la Merci, Stanstead, Quebec

bap. 9 Nov 1919, b. 14 Oct Arthur Francis Lepitre (Georges/Mary Powers),

     (sp: Amedee Langevin & Anna Langevin)

bap. 11 Jul 1920, b. 6 Jul Joseph Theodore Alexandre Petry (Anthime, of Derby Centre/Gertrude Belanger),

     (sp: Joseph Amedee & Elmire Boudreau his wife)

bap. 28 Nov 1920, b. 14 Nov Valmore Georges Lepitre (Georges/Ermon Powers),

     (sp: Elphege Gaudreau & Rose Anna Mangean  [signed: George Lapetre]

Mar. 10 Jun 1924 Walter Henri Petry, maj s/o (Anthime/dec. Odele Morin) & Marie Jeanne Grace Morin,

     maj d/o (Alfred/Herculine Deragon), 2-3 degree consanguinity, wit: Anthime Petry father, Alfred Morin father 

     [signed: Walter Henry Petry, A. Petry]

BUR. 6 Feb 1926, d. 3 Feb  Lina Lepitre, widow of Joseph Napoleon Auger, buried in cemetery of Sacre Coeur

     de Jesus, Stanstead, age 69 years 11 months; wit: J.A. Suprenant, Joseph Auger

BUR. 27 Apr 1929, d. 25 Apr Ida Lepitre (Georges/Mathilde Huppe), age 49 years; wit: James W. Downing,

     Bide Powers

BUR. 29 Mar 1933, d. 26 Mar Olive Lepitre, wife of Alfred Belanger, age 75 years, wit: Henri Belanger,

     Alfred Belanger, James Downing 




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