Richmond, Quebec Church Registers

St. Hippolyte, Wotton


Pitre Extractions



I have extracted the Pitre entries from the registers using the online Drouin collection. 



St. Hippolyte, Wotton, Richmond, Quebec Parish Registers:

BUR. 23 Aug 1854, d. 22 Aug Zoe Pitre (Xavier/Marie Turgeon) of Wotton, died at Wotton, age 19 months, 

     wit: Maxime Landry, Elie Norland

bap. 2 May 1855, b. 1 May Joseph Eusebe Pitre (Isaie/Marie Turgeon) of Wotton, 

     (sp: Zephirin Francoeur & Marie Clothilde Legere)

bap. 2 Apr 1856, b. 17 Sep 1855 Isidore Lepitre (Isidore/Julie Descoteaux) of Windsor

     (sp: Louis Robidas & Genevieve Lefebvre)

BUR. 16 Feb 1857, d. 15 Feb Joseph Lepitre (Isidore/Julie Descoteaux) of Windsor, died at Windsor

     age 7 years, wit: Charles Dubois, Elie Charland

Mar. 11 Nov 1861 Francois Champagne, of Duchasmel, maj s/o (Francois/Isabelle Boudreaut) & 

     Arthemise Lepitre, maj d/o (Olivier/dec. Emelie Bastarache) of St. Camille, wit: Olivier Lepitre, 

     Pierre Champagne

Mar. 27 Jan 1862 Olivier Lepitre, maj s/o (Olivier/dec. Emelie Bastarache) of St. Camille, & Adelaide

     Poissan, min d/o (dec. Francois/Marguerite Brunelle), of Beaufort, wit: Olivier Lepitre father, Charles 

     Fresdel beaupere

Mar. 14 Oct 1867 Norbert Lepitre, min s/o (Olivier/dec. Julie Poirier) of St. Camille, & Anny Melary

     Gosselin, min d/o (Cyprien/Venerand Dupre), wit: Olivier Lepitre father, Cyprien Gosselin father

bap. 2 Aug 1868, b. 1 Aug Marie Theresian Lepitre (Norbert/Melory Gosselin), 

     (sp: Olivier Lepitre & Marie Josephte Grenier)

BUR. 18 May 1869, d. 15 May Marie Teresias Lepitre (Norbert/Melary Gosselin), age 9 months, 

     wit: Antonio Lebel, Joseph Richard

bap. 20 Mar 1870, b. 17 Mar Norbert Eloy Lepitre (Norbert/Melari Gosselin),  

     (sp: Joachim Gosselin & Marie Vaillemont)

bap. 23 Jul 1871, b. 23 Jul Marie Regina Lepitre (Norbert/Melarie Gosselin), 

     (sp: Patrick Brady & Odile Pelletier)

bap. 23 Nov 1873, b. 16 Nov Marie Odile Angelina Lepitre (Norbert/Melare Gosselin), 

     (sp: Euclide Gosselin & Rose de Lima Godbout)

bap. 29 May 1875, b. 28 May Arsene Exila Lepitre (Norbert/Melarie Gosselin), 

     (sp: Arsene Belisle & Perpetue Gosselin)

bap. 16 Nov 1876, b. 15 Nov Marie Agnes Orpha Lepitre (Norbert/Melarie Gosselin), 

     (sp: Philippe Lepitre & ----)

bap. 6 Jan 1879, b. 4 Jan Joseph Homere Lepitre (Norbert/Melary Gosselin), 

     (sp: Alphonse Gosselin & Genevieve Gosselin)



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