Lachine, Montreal Quebec Parish Registers

Sts. Anges Gardiens

 Pitre Extractions




I have extracted the Pitre entries from the following register.



Sts. Anges Gardiens, Lachine, Montreal, Quebec:

bap. 22 Aug 1765, b. 22 Aug – Ignace Hyppolitte Pitre (Jean Baptiste/Marie Anne Suret),

     (sp: Ignace Chenier & Marie Josephe Lesperance)

bap. 14 Oct 1766, b. 13 Oct – Jean Baptiste Pitre (Jean Baptiste/Anne Suret),

     (sp: Jean Marie Ducharme & Marie Anne Denoyers)

bap. 12 Apr 1769 at Pointe Claire, b. 12 Apr – Marie Joseph Pitre (Jean Baptiste/Anne Suret),

     (sp: Jean Baptiste Dau & Marie Joseph Pilon)

bap. 12 Apr 1769 at Pointe Claire, b. 12 Apr – Marie Louise Pitre (Jean Baptiste/Anne Suret),

     (sp: Matthieu Pilon & Marie Louise Clement dite La Riviere)

BUR. 30 Oct 1797, d. 29 Oct – Marguerite Pitre (Joseph/Clement Fournier), age 1 ½ months  [??Pilon]

BUR. 19 Jun 1813, d. 17 Jun – Simon Pitre dit Cadien, day laborer, husband of Francoise Leblanc,

     age about 70 years, wit: Louis Delage, Etienne Martin  [Simon Yvon dit Cadien – not Pitre]

 [Index from (image 220) 1859 – thru 1893 end of roll]

Mar. 16 Feb 1874 - Alphonse Pitre, day laborer, major s/o (dec. Pierre/Josephte Lefebvre), & Marie

     Anatalie Giroux, institutrice, minor d/o (Leon/Marie Cecile St. Germain), wit: Joseph Blondin,

     Leon Giroux father, Antoine Gagne, Louis Laforee  [signed: Anathalie Giroux]

bap. 24 Jan 1875, b. 23 Jan - Marie Anatalie Pitre (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux),

     (sp: Leon Giroux & Marie Cecile St. Germain)

bap. 25 Nov 1876, b. 24 Nov - Laurenzine Pittre (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux),

     (sp: Joseph Bloudin & Marie Lalonde)

bap. 9 Feb 1878, b.8 Feb - Joseph Alphonse Maximin Pitre (Alphonse/Natalie Giroux),

     (sp: Maximin St. Germain & Rosina Giroux)

BUR. 21 Dec 1878, d. 20 Dec – Alphonse Pitre (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux), age 10 months,

     wit: Alphonse Duquette & L.P. Corbiere

bap. 6 Jun 1880, b. 5 Jun - Marie Agnes Pitre (Alphonse/Anathalie Giroux),

     (sp: Joseph Allard & Agnes Picard)

bap. 2 Sep 1883, b. 1 Sep - Marie Bernadette Pitre (Alphonse/Anathalie Giroux),

     (sp: Narcisse Ouellette & Marguerite Riel)

BUR. 4 Sep 1884, d. 2 Sep - Philomene Lepitre, age 31 years 2 months, wife of Theodule Daoust,

     wit: Olivier Vaudry & Augustin Cadieux

bap. 30 Aug 1885, b. 28 Aug - Joseph Augustin Pitre dit Lajambe (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux),

     (sp: Alfred Giroux & Angelique St. Germain)

bap. 28 Dec 1887, b. 27 Dec - Joseph Firmin Pitre dit Lajambe (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux),

     (sp: Firmin Picard & Euphemie Dubreuil)  [mar. 3 Nov 1928, Corinne Schambier at Notre Dame, Montreal]

BUR. 9 Jan 1888, d. 8 Jan – Augustin Pitte (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux), age 2 years 6 months,

     wit: Joseph Prejean, Pierre Boyer

bap. 17 Aug 1890, b. 15 Aug - Joseph Ferdina Pitt (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux),

     (sp: Pandin Ferdina Dangeau & Marie Pitt)  [mar. 12 Jan 1914, St. Denis, Montreal, Marie Regina

     St. Amand, wit: Charles Keener & John Addison]

bap. 22 Jan 1893, b. 22 Jan - Marie Laurenzine Florentine Pitre (Alphonse/Anathalie Giroux),

     (sp: John Addison & Lauzine Pitre)

BUR. 3 Feb 1893, d. 2 Feb – Marie Laurenzine Florentine Pitre (Alphonse/Anathalie Giroux),

     age 11 days, wit: Alphonse Pitre father, John Addison

Mar. 6 Jun 1894 – John Addison, major s/o (dec. Alexander/dec. Josephine Legault) & Laurenzine Pitre,

     minor d/o (Alphonse/Anathalie Giroux), wit: Henry & William Addison brothers, Alphonse Pitre father

     [signed: Laurenzine Pitt, Bernadette Pitt]

Mar. 7 May 1895 – Henry Addison, major s/o (dec. Alexander/dec. Josephine Legault), & Marie Anne Pitt,

     minor d/o (Alphonse/Anatalie Giroux), wit: Narcisse Joly uncle, John & Willie Addison brothers,

     Alphonse Pitt father  [signed: Maria Pitt, Alphonse Pitt, Laurenzine Pitt]

BUR. 16 Jul 1901, d. 14 Jul – Alphonse Pitt, husband of Marie Nathalie Giroux, age 51 years 6 months,

     wit: Firmin Pitt, Henri Addison  [signed: Firmin Pitt]

Mar. 27 Sep 1904 – Raoul Pitre, minor s/o (Francois/Caroline Faubert), & Mary Catherine Johnson, minor d/o

     (Alfred/Cathrine White); wit: Francois Pitre father, Robert O’Neill beaufrere  [signed: Raoul Pitre, Francois Pitre]

bap. 25 Jan 1905, b. 24 Jan – Joseph Henri Francis Alfred Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson),

     (sp: Camille Clement & Onesima Cousineau his wife)   [signed: Raoul Pitre]

BUR. 11 Apr 1905, d. 9 Apr – Francois Pitre, husband of Caroline Faubert, age 60 years,            

     wit: Sigefroy, Jean Baptiste & Raoul Pitre sons  [signed: Sigefroid Pitre, Jean Baptiste Pitre, Raoul Pitre]

bap. 9 Sep 1906, b. 8 Sep – Marie Gerardine Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson),

     (sp: Patrick Corcoran & Annie Whellehan)   [signed: Raoul Pitre]

bap. 27 Aug 1908, b. 27 Aug – Joseph Raoul Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson),

     (sp: Delia Delisle)   [signed: Raoul Pitre]

BUR. 28 Aug 1908, d. 27 Aug – Joseph Raoul Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson), wit: father, Donat Laplaine

     [signed: Raoul Pitre]

Mar. 8 Jul 1912 – William Pitre, engineer, major s/o (Narcisse/Pulcherie Roy) of East Houghton, & Marie

     Georgina Raiche, major d/o (Joseph/Victorine Lacourse), wit: Henry Addison, Joseph Raiche  [signed:

     William Pitre]   

Mar. 20 Jul 1914 - Isaie Pitt, day laborer, major s/o (dec. Toussaint/dec. Delphine Mere) of Holyoke, MA,

     & Caroline Ranger, minor d/o (Luc/Anne Rebecca Gelfs), wit: John Addison cousin & Luc Ranger father 

     [signed Isaie Pitt]

bap. 15 Nov 1914, b. 13 Nov – Joseph Jean Baptiste Gerard Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Janneson),

     (sp: Edmond Mitchell & Eugenie Pitre)   [signed: Eugenie Pitre, Raoul Pitre]

bap. 9 May 1915, b. 3 May - Joseph Xavier William Pitt (Isaie, artisan of Holyoke, MA/Caroline Ranger),

     (sp: Wellge Addison & Emilienne Huguette)

bap. 4 Feb 1917, b. 28 Jan - Gerard Victor Pitre (Raoul, day laborer/Catherine Johnson),

     (sp: James Leroux & Grace Johnson)  [signed: Raoul Pitre]

bap. 28 Jul 1919, b. 28 Jul – Joseph Frederic Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson),

     (sp: Madame Robert O’Neil)   [signed: Raoul Pitre]

BUR. 30 Jul 1919, d. 29 Jul – Frederic Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson), age 2 days, wit: Raoul Pitre,

     Oscar Cherrier   [signed: Raoul Pitre]

bap. 17 Jun 1923, b. 16 Jun – Marie Eveline Geraldine Pitre (Raoul/Catherine Johnson),

     (sp: Francis Pitre & Mary Pitre sister)   [signed: Raoul Pitre, Frank. Pitre, Mary Pitre]

bap. 23 Dec 1923, b. 16 Dec – Marie Rita Evelyn Pitre (Isaie/Caroline Ranger),

     (sp: Edmond Lacroix & Evelyn Addison)   [signed: Isaac Pitt]

BUR. 8 Apr 1926, d. 6 Apr - Maria Pitt, wife of Honore Addison, age 51 years, 2 months, 13 days; wit: Lucien

     Addison, Honore Addison, Harvey Cyr, Firmin Pitt, Joseph Pitt  [signed: Firmin Pitt, Joseph Pitt]

Mar. 6 Feb 1930 - Stanley H. Fish, major s/o (William/Mable Holcomb) & M. Geraldine Pitre,

     major d/o (Raoul/Kathleen Johnson); wit: Francois Pitre, William Fish  [signed: Mary G. Pitre, F. Pitre]

bap. 12 Apr 1931, b. 21 Mar – Alice Joyce Pitre (Frank/Laura Major),    

     (sp: Charles Major & Annie Quesnel)   [signed: Frank Pitre]

bap. 1 Feb 1934, b. 25 Jan – Marie Agnes Petunia Pitre (Frank/Laura Major),

     (sp: Raoul Pitre grandfather & Catherine Johnson his wife)   [signed: Raoul Pitre, Frank Pitre]

Mar. 10 Aug 1940 – Joseph Jean Baptiste Gerard Pitre, major s/o (Raoul/Kate Johnson) of Tres St. Sacrement, &

     Marie Juliette Rita Roy, major d/o (Delphis/Philomene Boivin); wit: Raoul Pitre father, Delphis Roy father

     [signed: John Gerard Pitre, Raoul Pitre]



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