Les Cedres, Quebec Church Registers

St. Joseph de Soulanges 1798-1800, 1819-1824

Pitre Extractions


Entries extracted from the registers within the online Drouin collection.  The extracts below contain the essential information of event, date, person and parents, as well as sponsors and witnesses.   My setup is fairly straightforward, but if any entry or abbreviation causes confusion, please contact me for explanation. 



St. Joseph de Soulanges, Les Cedres, Quebec:

bap. 23 Jul 1801, b. 22 Jul - Pierre Pitre (Jean/Julie Leduc),

     (sp: Jean Baptiste St. Pierre & Josephe Poirier)   father absent

bap. 3 Mar 1811, b. about 3 months - Marie Adelaide Pitre (Pierre/Marie des Anges Boudreau),

     (sp: Thomas Vuatier & Odile Aubry)

Mar. 14 Feb 1820 – Francois Pitre dit Lajambe, farmer, maj s/o (Pierre/Julie Leduc) of St. Timothee &

     Therese Mailloux, maj d/o (Joseph/Therese Fournier), wit: Pierre Leduc & Hubert Monpele

Mar. 18 Sep 1820 – Basile Bergevin, maj s/o (Pierre/Agathe Hebert) of St. Timothee, & Angelique Pitre,

     min d/o (Pierre/Julie Leduc), wit: Pierre Pitre father, Augustin Miron

bap. 27 Nov 1820, b. 26 Nov – Andre Pitre (Francois/Therese Mailloux) of Beauharnois, 

     (sp: Pierre Leduc & Therese Fournier)

Mar. 27 Nov 1820 – Augustin Miron, farmer, maj s/o (Aimable/Marie Picard) of St. Timothee, Beauharnois,

     & Marie Pitre, maj d/o (Pierre/Julie Leduc), wit: Francois St. Jean & Pierre Leduc

BUR. 12 Jan 1821, d.12 Jan – Andre Pitre (Francois/Therese Mailloux), age 1 ½ months, wit: Pierre ----

BUR. 27 Mar 1821, d. 25 Mar – Pierre Pitre, of Beauharnois, age 53 years

bap. 22 May 1821, b. 21 May – Pierre Pitre (dec. Pierre/Julie Leduc), 

     (sp: Pierre Leduc & Marguerite Lafilitrais)

bap. 10 Nov 1822, b. 9 Nov – Adelaide Pitre (Francois, farmer of Beauharnois/Therese Mailloux),

     (sp: Charles –dy & Rosalie Martin)

bap. 1 Sep 1832, b. 1 Sep - Leon Pitre (Leon/Catherine Tessier),

     (sp: Francois Pitre & Francoise Tessier)

Mar. 24 Oct 1916 - Joseph Horace Lavoie, maj s/o (Moise/dec. Melanie Hainault), & Marie Alberta Pitre,

     maj d/o (Etienne/dec. Helene Dion), wit: Etienne Pitre father, Moise Lavoie   [signed: Albertha Pitre]




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