Compton, Quebec Church Registers

St. Jean Baptiste, Chartierville

 Pitre Extractions



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St. Jean Baptiste, Chartierville, Compton, Quebec:

Mar. 25 Apr 1894 - Joseph Peterie, day laborer, maj s/o (Gilbert/Amelia Johnson) & Josephine Daigle

     maj d/o (Louis/Olive Lacombe), wit: Jacob Daigle, Lea Daigle  [signed: Joseph P. Peterie]

bap. 13 May 1894, b. 12 May - Josephine Nolea Peterie (Joseph/Josephine Daigle),

     (sp: Louis Daigle & Olive Lacombe his wife)  [signed: Joseph P. Peterie]

bap. 23 Jan 1898, b. 22 Jan - Marie Mable Peterie (Pitre Joseph/Josephine Daigle),

     (sp: Jacob Daigle uncle & Marie Louise Martel)  [signed: Joseph P. Peterie]

bap. 26 Jan 1902, b. 24 Jan - Jean Clement Peterie (Joseph/Josephine Daigle),

     (sp: Johnny Lacroix uncle & Anna Daigle his wife)

BUR. 10 Nov 1902, d. 8 Nov - Jean Clement Peterie (Joseph/Josephine Daigle), age 9 months 13 days,

     wit: Armand Gosselin & Joseph Peterie  [signed: Joseph Peterie]

bap. 19 Jul 1903, b. 12 Jul - Marie Laura Peterie (Joseph/Josephine Daigle),

     (sp: Napoleon Daigle uncle & Marie Bouchard)  [signed: Joseph P. Peterie]

BUR. 13 May 1904, d. 11 May - Laura Peterie (Joseph/Josephine Daigle), age 10 months,

     wit: Napoleon Daigle & Joseph Peterie

bap. 10 Aug 1913, b. 9 Aug - Aimee Zephirin Peterie (Joseph/Josephine Daigle),

     (sp: Joseph Daigle uncle & Noellia Peteris sister)  [signed: Noellia Peterie, Jos. P. Peterie]

BUR. 29 Sep 1913, d. 27 Sep - Aimee Zephirin Peterie (Joseph/----), age 1 month 17 days,

     wit: Joseph Peterie  [signed: Jos. P. Peterie]

Mar. 27 Apr 1914 - Georges Nicol, employed in bank in Toronto, maj s/o (John/Elisabeth Fowler)

     & Nolea Peterie, min d/o (Joseph/Josephine Daigle), wit: Joseph Peterie father, Louis Daigle  

     [signed: Noellie Peterie, Jos. Peterie]

Mar. 27 Aug 1917 - Wilfrid Lamontagne, maj s/o (Ferdinand/Malvina Lapointe) of East Angus,

     & Anny Peterie, min d/o (Joseph/Josephine Daigle), wit: Joseph Peterie father, Louis Daigle

     [signed: Annee Piterie]




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