Compton, Quebec Church Registers

St. Camille, Cookshire

 Pitre Extractions



These items were taken from the online Drouin collections using search facilities.  The years 1873-1890 were searched individually.


St. Camille, Cookshire, Compton, Quebec:

bap. 15 Nov 1873, b. 10 Nov Narcisse Lapitre (Onesime/Angele Lemire),

     (sp: Amable Mielette & Marie Messier)  [mar. Clara Cote at East Angus, 12 May 1912]

bap. 23 Jan 1876, b. 1 Jan Julie Maria Olive Lepitre (Sinai/Odile Laflotte),

     (sp: Tare Lepitre & Olive Gosselin)

bap. 4 Jun 1876, b. 10 Mar Marie Alice Lepitre (Onesime/Angele Lemire),

     (sp: Edouard Blanchard & Constantia Pilorski)

bap. 29 Oct 1877, b. 18 Oct Onezime Lepitre (Tharee, of Westbury/Marie Chouinard),

     (sp: Onezime Lepitre & Angele Lemire)

BUR. 27 Nov 1877, d. 25 Nov Onezime Lepitre (Thoree/Marie Chouinard), age 1 month 7 days,

     wit: Thoree Lepitre father, Joseph Lepitre

bap. 21 Dec 1877, b. 17 Dec - Marie Jeanne Lepitre (Joseph Sinai, of Westbury/Odile Cartier),

     (sp: Zephirin Demars & Salomee Miclette)

bap. 8 Jan 1878, b. 7 Jan Alfred Walter Lepitre (Onezime, of Westbury/Angele Lemire),

     (sp: Philippe Lepitre representing his brother Thare Lepitre & Marie Chouinard)

bap. 6 Jan 1880, b. 11 Nov 1879 Marie Nancy Lepitre (Onezime, of Westbury/Angele Lemire),

     (sp: Norbert Lepitre & Anny Gosselin)

bap. 9 Jun 1880, b. 26 Apr Joseph Arsene Lepitre (Joseph Sinai, of Westbury/Odile Laflotte),

     (sp: Jean Nolette & Julia Whelan)

bap. 27 Feb 1881, b. 22 Feb Mathias Samuel Lepitre (Norbert, of Westbury/Anny Gosselin),

     (sp: Onezime Lepitre & Angele Lemire)  [father absent]

BUR. 29 Aug 1881, d. 28 Aug Edouard Lepitre (Thare/Mary Chouinard), age 13 months, wit: Alphonse

     Therien, Thare Lepitre father

bap. 5 Mar 1882, b. 3 Mar Marie Anne Lepitre (Onezime, of Westbury/Angele Lemire),

     (sp: Joseph Sinai Lepitre & Odile Laflotte)

bap. 23 Sep 1883, b. 21 Sep Marie Adele Lepitre (Onesime/Angele Lemire) of West Bury,

     (sp: Francois Lepitre brother & Marie Lepitre cousin)

Mar. 16 Jan 1886 Eusebe Boisvert, widowed of Marie Jacques, of St. Medard, Warwick, & Arthemise

     Lepitre, widow of Francois Champagne, of St. Louis , Westbury, wit: Leandre Fortin, Olivier Lepitre

bap. 12 May 1886, b. 28 Apr Joseph Malion Lepitre (Onesime/Angele Lemire),

     (sp: Joseph L Heureaux & Elise Lepitre sister)

BUR. 21 Mar 1887, d. 19 Mar Edouard Lepitre (Joseph Vuiai/Odille Laflotte), age 2 years,

     buried at St. Louis Cem., Westbury, wit: Onezime Lepitre, Joseph Lepitre

bap. 19 May 1887, b. 15 May Josephine Lepitre (Thare/Marie Chouinard), of St. Louis , Westbury,

     (sp: Joseph Fortin & Luce Chouinard aunt)

Mar. 25 Apr 1898 Olivier Robida, widowed of Marie Champagne, & Artemise Lepitre, widow of Eusebe

     Boisvert, wit: Joseph Robida brother, Louis Boisvert

bap. 3 Jan 1900, b. 1 Jan Joseph Etienne Lepitre (Thare/Marie Chouinard),

     (sp: Etienne Laramer & Mathilde Lepitre)  [signed: Mathilde Lepitre]

Mar. 20 Nov 1904 Olivier Robidas & Arthemise Lepitre revalidation of marriage

Mar. 10 Jan 1912 Joseph Edouard Lepitre, maj s/o (Thare/Marie Chouinard) & Marie Rose Audila Ashby,

     min d/o (Philias/Georgelina Geoffroy)  [signed: Edouard Lepitre, Thare Lepite]

BUR. 25 Nov 1933, d. 22 Nov Julie Lepitre, widow of Emery Savage, age 78 years, 10 months,

     wit: Alfred Beaudoin

Mar. 25 Jan 1934 Edouard Lepitre, widowed of Odila Ashby, & Marie Anne Roy, widow of Gustave

     Lessard, wit: Alfred Lessard & Ephrem Roy father  [signed: Edouard Lepitre]

bap. 19 Dec 1934, b. 19 Dec Marie Rose Noella Lepitre (Edouard/Marie Anne Roy ),

     (sp: Josephat Roy uncle & Lilianne Lessard sister)  [signed: Edouard Lepitre]

BUR. 22 Dec 1934, b. 20 Dec Marie Rose Noella Lepitre (Edouard/Marie Anne Roy), age 1 day,

     Wit: father, Ephrem Roy  [signed: Edouard Lepitre]

bap. 20 Jun 1937, b. 18 Jun Marie Laurence Uquette Lepitre (Edouard/Marie Anne Roy ),

     (sp: Eugene Bernier & Marie Jeanne Lepitre his wife)  [signed: Marie Jeanne Lepitre, Edouard Lepitre]

Mar. 27 Aug 1938 Lucien Lepitre, maj s/o (Narcisse/Clara Cote) & Rose Menard, min d/o (Cyrille/

     Rose de Lima Beauregard), wit: Cyrille Menard father  [signed: Lucien Lepitre]



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