Cap Sante, Quebec Church Registers

Ste. Famille 1761 1871

Pitre Extractions



Using LDS films #1289952 (1761-1812), #1289953 (1812-1837), #1289954 (1837-1857), I have extracted the Pitre entries for baptisms, marriages, and burials.  The registers were sometimes difficult to read as the writing was very small and dense.  There is an index for 1837-1848 after 1848.  Entries after 1857 are from the online Drouin collection of registers.

The extracts below contain the essential information of event, date, person and parents, as well as sponsors and witnesses.   My setup is fairly straightforward, but if any entry or abbreviation causes confusion, please contact me for explanation. 



Ste. Famille, Cap Sante, Quebec:

Mar. 24 Jan 1774 Louis Pitre (dec. Joseph/Catherine Thibeaudau) & Madeleine Marcot (dec. Augustin/

     Madeleine Carpentier), wit: Joseph Frenet, Jean Carpentier, Jean Baptiste ---, Francois Marcot grandfather

bap. 27 Nov 1775, b. 26 Nov Louis Pitre (Louis/Madeleine Marcot),

     (sp: Joseph Frenet & Madeleine Carpentier)

bap. 12 Dec 1777, b. 11 Dec Marie Madeleine Pitre (Louis/Madeleine Marcot),

     (sp: Jean B. Marcot & Marie Joseph Gignac)

Mar. 8 Feb 1779 Joseph Pitre (dec. Joseph/Margueritte Tibodo) of Acadia & Madeleine Frenet (dec.

     Antoine/Charlotte Godin), wit: Louis Pitre brother, Joseph Frenet brother, Baptiste Frenet brother,

     Jacques Delisle, Alexis Langlois

bap. 30 Jan 1781, b. 29 Jan Scholastique Pitre (Louis/Madeleine Marcot),

     (sp: Francois Marcot & Josette Germain)

bap. 12 Sep 1784, b. 11 Sep Marie Rosalie Pitre (Louis/Madeleine Marcot),

     (sp: Joseph Frenet & Marie Judith ---)

Mar. 27 Oct 1788 Joseph Pitre, widower of Madeleine Frenet & Marie Francoise Langlois

     (dec. Pierre/Genevieve Lamot), wit: Louis Pitre, Alexis Langlois, Joseph Trier, --- Delisle

bap. 27 Sep 1789, b. 27 Sep Marie Francoise Pitre (Joseph/Marie Francoise Langlois),

     (sp: Jaques Delisle & Madeleine Marcot)

BUR. 5 Nov 1789, d. omitted Francoise Pitre, age about 1, wit: Jean LaMot & Jean Piche

bap. 19 Sep 1790, b. 19 Sep Joseph Pitre (Joseph/Francoise Langlois),

     (sp: Joseph Langlois & Genevieve ----)

bap. 7 Dec 1791, b. 7 Dec Francois Pitre (Joseph/Francoise Langlois),

     (sp: Francois Lamot & Madeleine Frenet)

bap. 10 Sep 1793, b. 10 Sep - Joseph Pitre (Joseph/Francoise Langlois),

     (sp: Alexis Langlois & Francoise Frenet)

Mar. 13 Feb 1795 Augustine Richard (Augustin/Marianne Tremble) & Madeleine Pitre (Louis/Madeleine

     Marcot), wit: Augustin Richard, Augustin Paquin, Louis Pitre, Augustin Marcot, Jean B. Marcot

bap. 21 Jun 1797, b. 21 Jun Alexis Pitre (Joseph, farmer/Francoise Langlois),

     (sp: Alexis Langlois & Marie Josephte Letourneau)

Mar. 16 Feb 1802 Pierre Page of Montreal (Piere/dec. Magdeleine Lamotte) & Rosalie Pitre

     min d/o (Louis/Magdeleine Marcot), 3rd degree consanguinity, wit: Joseph Page brother, Michel Page

     brother, Jean Page uncle, Michel Page uncle, Louis Pitre father, Joseph Pitre uncle, Augustin Richard

     beaufrere, Augustin Marcot uncle, Francois Marcot uncle

BUR. 10 Nov 1803, d. 9 Nov Marguerite Pitre (Joseph, farmer/dec. Magdeleine Frenet),

     age 19 years, wit: Louis Pitre & Francois Marcot

bap. 5 Nov 1809, b. 4 Nov Marguerite Eleonore Pitre (Joseph/Francoise Langlois),

     (sp: Charles Perrault & Marie Francoise Marcot, wife of Alexis Langlois)

BUR. 13 Nov 1810, d. 12 Nov Marie Magdeleine Marcot, wife of Louis O. Pitre, farmer,

     age 56 years, wit: Francois Morisset & Auguste Marcot

BUR. 24 Mar 1823, d. 23 Mar - Francois Pitre, age 32 years, wit: Louis Jacques, Antoine Germain

Mar. 5 Feb 1828 Alexis Pitre, farmer of Deschambault, maj s/o (Joseph/Francoise Langlois) &

     Justine Lefevre, min d/o (dec. Jean Baptiste, farmer/Francoise Morrisett), wit: Pierre Page cousin,

     Charles Noreau friend, Andre Marcot godfather, Eustache & Francois Xavier Marcot friends

BUR. 11 Apr 1829, d. 10 Apr - Joseph Pitre, age 77, wit: Antoine Germain, Francois Dupuis

bap. 30 Mar 1830, b. 29 Mar Marie Pitre (Alexis, farmer/Justine Lefebvre),

     (sp: Francois Pitre & Helene Lefevre)

BUR. 3 Apr 1830, d. 2 Apr Marie Pitre (Alexis/Justine Lefebvre), age 4 days,

     wit: Theophile Derocher & Leon Fremain

bap. 25 Feb 1831, b. 25 Feb Jean Pitre (Alexis, farmer/Justine Lefebvre),

     (sp: Jean Frenet & Eleonore Pitre)

Mar. 26 Nov 1833 Jean Baptiste Noro, day laborer, maj s/o (dec. Charles, farmer/Francoise Gaultuer)

     & Marguerite Eleonore Pitre, maj d/o (dec. Joseph, farmer/Francoise Langlois), wit: Augustin Gauthier

     uncle, Felix Xavier Frenet, Pierre --- cousin, Felix Xavier Page cousin

BUR. 6 Sep 1834, d. 4 Sep Louis Pitre, age 84 years, wit: Alexis Piche & Francois Germain

bap. 26 Mar 1835, b. 26 Mar Francois Pitre (Joseph, farmer/Madeleine Perrault) of Deschambault,

     (sp: Francois Lafranche & Eloyse Auger)

bap. 27 Aug 1836, b. 27 Aug Joseph Pitre (Alexis, day laborer/Justine Lefevre),

     (sp: Jean Baptiste Lefevre & Marie Flore Godin)

bap. 1 Apr 1845, b. 31 Mar Marie Adeline Pitre (Alexis, farmer/Justine Lefebvre),

     (sp: Felix Lefebvre & Marie Anne Briere)

bap. 20 Feb 1847, b. 20 Feb Basile Pitre (Alexis, farmer/Justine Lefebvre) of St. Basile,

     (sp: Basile Mottard & Marie Lina Marcot)

bap. 16 Apr 1848, b. 15 Apr Marie Celina Pitre (Alexis, day laborer/Justine Lefebvre),

     (sp: Felix Marcotte & Marie Pitre)

BUR. 11 Apr 1849, d. 9 Apr Rose Pitre dite Cayen, widow of Pierre Page, age 65, wit: Cyprien

     Matte & Prudent Garreau

bap. 5 Jun 1849, b. 5 Jun Louis Fleury Pitre (Alexis, day laborer/Justine Lefebvre),

     (sp: Jean Pitre & Adelaide Perreault)

BUR. 6 Nov 1851, d. 4 Nov Magdeleine Pitre, widow of Augustin Richard, age 70,

     wit: Damaret Piche & George Page

Mar. 24 Oct 1853 Joseph Narcisse Pitre, sailor, maj s/o (dec. Joseph/Magdeleine Perrault) of

     Deschambault & Virginie Frenette, min d/o (dec. Olivier/Angelique Richard), 3rd-4th degree

     consanguinity, wit: Felix Marcotte & Jean Richard uncle

bap. 14 Aug 1854, b. 14 Aug Joseph Philippe Pitre (Joseph, sailor/Marie Virginie Frenette),

     (sp: Jean Richard & Apolline Matte)

bap. 25 Sep 1856, b. 24 Sep Joseph Narcisse Augustin Pitre (Joseph Narcisse, sailor/Virginie Frenet),

     (sp: Joseph Poliquin & Louise Richard)

bap. 22 Sep 1858, b. 20 Sep - Joseph Ulderic Pitre (Joseph/Virginie Frenette),

     (sp: Real Richard & Lida Frenette)

Mar. 20 Feb 1860 - Elie Gignac, 'navigateur', maj s/o (dec. Jean Baptiste/Marie Anne Poliquin),

     & Adelaide Pitre, maj d/o (Alexis/Justine Lefebvre), wit: Alexis Pitre father, Odite Chevallier

bap. 18 Feb 1861, b. 17 Feb - Marie Pitre (Joseph/Virginie Frenette),

     (sp: Neree Beaudry & Eliza Richard)

bap. 23 Aug 1871, b. 22 Aug - Marie Hermine Pitre (Joseph, 'navigateur'/Virginie Frenette) of Portneuf,

     (sp: Andre Paquin & Marie Dusault)



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