Bonaventure, Quebec Church Registers

Ste. Brigitte, Maria

Pitre Extractions



I have extracted the Pitre entries from online Drouin collection registers using search facilities. 



Ste. Brigitte, Maria, Bonaventure, Quebec:  

Mar. 25 May 1881 - Louis Salomon Miousse, maj s/o (Frederic/dec. Helene Goulet), & Marie Pitre,

     'institutrice', maj d/o (dec. Sylvestre/dec. Sophie Buote) of St. Alexis, Matapedia, wit: Frederic Miousse

     father & Joseph Goulet [signed: Marie Pitre]

Mar. 29 Mar 1893 Salomon Miousse, maj s/o (Frederic/dec. Helene Goulet) & Marie Pitre, maj d/o

     (dec. Sylvestre/dec. Sophie Buote), 3rd to 4th degree consanguinity, wit: Hippolyte Porlier, Honore

     Mercier  [signed: Marie Pitre]    [Rehabilitation from 25 May 1881 at Ste. Brigitte, Maria]

bap. 11 Mar 1897, b. 10 Mar Joseph Philippe Ernest Pitre (Georges Alexis/Marcelline Boudreau),

     (sp: James Boudreau & Emelie Lapointe grandparents)     [signed: George Alexis Pitre]

Mar. 8 Sep 1902 - Louis Boudreau, maj s/o (dec. Laurent/Felicite Normandeau) of Cascapedia, & Marie

     Julie Pitre, maj d/o (Andre/dec. Marie Nazarine Arseneau) of St. Alexis, wit: Edouard Normandeau,

     Solomon Miousse  [signed: Marie Julie Pitre]

Mar. 19 Sep 1911 Joseph Albert Pitre, of St. Laurent, maj s/o (Moise/Armeline Doiron) & Clara Guite,

     min d/o (dec. Alfred/Julie Cyr), wit: Moise Pitre father, Evariste Guite brother  [signed: Albert Pitre]

BUR. 24 May 1913, d. 21 May Marie Pitre, wife of Salomon Miousse, age 55 years 6 months, wit:

     Salomon Miousse husband, Andre Pitre nephew, Josephat Normandeau  [signed: Andre Pitre]



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