Miscouche, PEI

(St. John the Baptist)


1817 - 1887


Pitre Extractions


Using LDS film #862450, I extracted the Pitre entries for baptisms, marriages, and burials. The registers were at times somewhat difficult to read and the spelling was sometimes difficult to decipher. The early registers are in French, eventually changing over to English.


The extracts below contain the essential information of event, date, person and parents, as well as sponsors and witnesses. My setup is fairly straightforward, but if any entry or abbreviation causes confusion, please contact me for explanation.



Miscouche, PEI 1817 - 1887


Mar. 25 Jul 1831 Maxime Pitre, major son (Jacques/Marie Blanchard) otp &

Madelaine Poirier, minor daughter (Benonie/Cecile Richard) otp,

Wit: Jacques Pitre, Benoni Poirier

Bap. 4 Aug 1861, b. 29 Jul Suzanne Pitre (Maurice/Anne McCarley),

(p-Felix Godet, m-Helene McCarley)

Bap. 7 Jun 1864, b. 5 Jun William Pitre (Maurice/Anne McCarty),

(sponsors: Anne Anbelapllis, Ursule Gaudet)

Bap. 21 Feb 1868, b. 21 Feb Marie Josephine Pitre (Gelas/Veronique Doiron),

(p-Augustin Pitre, m-Edese Pitre)

Bap. 2 May 1869, b. 10 Apr Catherine Pitre (Gelas/Veronique Doiron),

(p-Anicet Poirier, m-Aprie Desroches)



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