Egmont Bay, PEI

(St. James)

1821 1900

Pitre Extractions



Using LDS film #862441, I extracted the Pitre entries for baptisms and burials.  I could find no Pitre marriages entries.  The registers were at times somewhat difficult to read and the spelling sometimes difficult to decipher.  The early registers are in French, eventually changing over to English.


Gary Gallant has noted that the church in Egmont Bay is St. Philippe & St. Jacques, not St. James as it appears on the film. 



EGMONT BAY, PEI   1821 1900  (baptisms/burials)

bap. 20 Nov 1864, b. 20 Nov Hubert Pitre (Helie/Judith Gallant),

     (p-Dominique Gallant, m-Elisabette Cormier)

bap. 5 Nov 1866, b. 26 Oct - Thomas Pitre (Hubert/Jane ---),

     (p-Sylvain Arseneault, m-Isabelle Gallant)

bap. 3 May 1871, b. 2 May Marie Emelie Pitre (Felix/Julie Arseneau),

     (p-Abram Arseneau, m-Luce Arseneau)

bap. 23 Mar 1877, b. 21 Mar Joseph Andre Pitre (Felix/Julie Arseneau),

     (p-Zeuzaine Arseneau, m-Magdeleine Arseneau)

bap. 8 Dec 1879, b. 7 Dec Marie Luce Marguerite Pitre (Pierre/Magdeleine

     Arceneau), (p-Charles Bariau, m-Marguerite Arceneau)

bap. 12 Jan 1880, b. 11 Jan Marie Genevieve Angelyne Pitre (Felix/Julie Arseneau),

     (p-Pierre Pitre, m-Marguerite Bariau)  [married Thomas J. Conlon, Eglise St. Ignace,

     Brooklyn, NY, 28 Jun 19-3]

bap. 13 Jul 1882, b. 13 Jul Joseph Robert Pitre (Felix/Julie Arseneau),

     (p-Pierre Bariau, m-Julie Miencar ?)

bap. 1 Dec 1884, b. 27 Nov Joseph Charles Pitre (Felix/Julie Arsenault),

     (p-Valentin Barriau, m-Emelie Pitre)

BUR. 27 Jul 1885, d. 25 Jul Sophique Pitre, wife of Philias Arseneault, age 46,

     wit: Gilbert Bernard, Joseph Arseneault

BUR. 4 Apr 1887 Jean Pierre Pitre, infant (Daniel/Genevieve Gallant),

     wit: Manuel Arseneault, Joseph Bernard

bap. 20 Jun 1887, b. 19 Jun Joseph Aisene Pitre (Felix/Julie Arseneault),

     (p-Maxime Pitre, m-Philomene Arseneault)

BUR. 24 Feb 1888 Joseph Pitre, infant (Felix/Julie Arseneault),

     wit: Pierre Pitre, Maxime Pitre

BUR. 12 Mar 1889 Daniel Pitre, husband of Genevieve Gallant, age about 88,

     Wit: Stanislas Arseneault, Gilbert Bernard, Joseph Bernard

BUR. 1 Jun 1890 Felix Pitre, husband of Julie Arseneault,

     Wit: Gilbert Bernard, Joseph Arseneault

bap. 13 Dec 1896, b. 11 Dec Joseph Edmond Pitre (Florentin/Julette Gallant),

     (p-Joseph Doucet, m-Annie Sherry)

BUR. 30 Jul 1897 Marie Blanche Pitre, wife of Francois Arseneault,

     wit: Joseph Arseneault, Florentin Pitre)

BUR. 12 Mar 1898 Judith Pitre, wife of Azade Arseneault,

     wit: Joseph Arseneault, James McNally, Florentin Pitre




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