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1880 Census



David M. Waggroner 55 sawer (NY), Comodore Crishon 20 laborer (Can), Filix Lezambra 25 laborer (Can)  [Tuolumne, Confidence, p. 158A] Felix Pitre (5 Feb 1856)
Joseph Peets 30 (NY-Can-NY) barkeeper at the hotel, wife Larilla 22 (CA-MO-MO) dressmaker, Joseph 4, Edwin 3, Albert 11 months  [Santa Clara, Fremont, Village of Old Mountain Vein] Joseph Legembre (9 Dec 1849), unknown spouse


Felix Lajambe land issued 10 April 1882 Tuolumne, CA  (Felix Pitre, 5 Feb 1856)


1910 Census



Joseph P. Peters 31 (NY) cornice maker/outside, wife Cora E. 33  [San Francisco, San Francisco, ED99, p. 2b] Joseph Pitre (Mar 1879), unknown spouse


1920 Census



Widow Caroline Peters 57 (Can - immig 1880, nat 1881), Fred E. 37 (MI) truck driver/own acct., George J. 34 laborer/lumber yd., Irene 13 (MI), Evelyn 28 (MI) waitress/restaurant, husband William Dufton 39 (MN) repair work/auto fact.  [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED303, Dist 71, p. 14A]

Marie Caroline Lafond, widow of Louis Stanislas Pitre (19 Apr 1856)
Joseph Peters 41 (NY) metal worker/shop, wife Cora E. 43  [San Francisco, San Francisco, ED115, p. 2b] Joseph Pitre (Mar 1879), unknown spouse
Ellen Chaison 50 (Can) widow, Leo Peters 24 (MA-C-C), roomer Anna Jay 28 (Can)   [San Francisco, San Francisco, ED66, p. 6A] Leon Peters (c1895), s/o Clement Vitaly Peters & Ellen Catherine McEachern



1930 Census  



James Peets 43 (NE) (25) laborer/barrel factory, wife Clare 37 (IA) (19) presser/laundry, Lavina 17 (NE) usher/theatre, James Jr. 14 (NE), Rose 8 (NE) [Humboldt, Arcata, ED53, p. 12B/13A] James Edward Peets (16 Dec 1886), 2nd wife Clare A. Bettendorf
William H. Dufton 49 (MN-Eng-Eng) (33) checker/retail dairy, wife Evelyn 40 (MI) (24), Vernon G. 5, widowed mother-in-law Caroline Peters 68 (Can), brother-in-law Fred E. Peters 48 (MI) truck driver/city power & water, sister-in-law Irene P. Peters 23 (MI) icer/wholesale bakery, cousin Grace D. Prieur 25 (MI) wrapper/wholesale bakery, boarder Stanley E. Hultgren 9   [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED555, p. 10A/B] Marie Caroline Lafond, widow of Louis Stanislas Pitre (19 Apr 1856)
Arsene Lepitre 60 (ME-FR-USA) single, electrician, roomer  [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED 379, p. 10A] Arsene Exila Lepitre (28 May 1875)
Mathew L. Peters 41 (MI) bricklayer/building trades, wife Louise M. 44 (Can), Malcome M. 7, Clare M. 5  [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED646, p. 3B] Matthew Peters (4 Nov 1888), wife Louise McAlpine
Fred Peters 58 (MI-MI-Can) lodger, kitchen help/restaurant  [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED734, p. 6A, Salvation Army Hotel for Men] Louis Frederick Pitre (22 Nov 1871)
Harriet U. Carney 48 (IL-IL-IL) dry goods cashier, roomer Eulalie LaPetrie 50 (IL-NY-NY) dry goods exchange clerk  [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED 19-216, p. 22B] Eulalie Lily Lepitre (22 Oct 1867)
Joseph Peters 55 (25) (MA-MA-Ire) carpenter/contractor, wife Bertha 53 (19) (IL-Den-Den)  [Los Angeles, Los Angeles, ED1587]  
William Peete 54 (19) (NY-NY-NY) house painter, wife Rosana H. 53 (18) (FC-FC-FC), Rose M. 28 (NY), Ovlina A. 26 (MA), Lillian O. 24 (MA), Edward J. 22 (MA), Margarite M. 18 (MA), Mary L. 17 (VT)  [Los Angeles, Pasadena, ED 1208] William Peete (19 Dec 1876), wife Louise 'Rose Anne' Reindeau

Germaine Pitre 34 (C-C-C) lodger (widow)  [Los Angeles, Pasadena, ED1222, p. 1B]

Germaine Simone Trottier, widow of Andre Pitre (30 Apr 1895)

Eugene J. Peete 20 (20) (MA-FC-FC) interior decorating contractor, wife Margaret E. 18 (18) (IL-Eng-Eng), Margaret E. 1 month  [Los Angeles, Pasadena, ED 1230, p. 14B] Eugene J. Peete (5 Jun 1909), wife Margaret E. Wild
William F. Peete 30 (NY-NY-FC) National Bank auditor, wife Alice M. 30 (CA-Iowa-Iowa), Elaine C. 2 yrs. 5 mos.  [Los Angeles, Pasadena, ED 1241, p. 4A] William F. Peete (22 Dec 1899), wife Alice Mary Carroll
Leo Petre 39 iron factory polisher, wife Bessie 40, Leone 14 (MT), Betty M. 9 (WA), Robert 3 yrs. 2 mos.  [San Bernardino, Ontario, ED45, p. 21] Leo Julius Petre (21 Feb 1891), wife Bessie Marilla Snyder
Cora E. Peter 53 widow, companion/private family  [San Francisco, San Francisco, ED161, p. 8B] Cora Emily DeGear, widow of Joseph Patrick Pitre (17 Mar 1879)
Paul H. Petrie 38 (27) (Can) caretaker/cabin site, wife Vera N. 30 (19) (Can)  [Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, p. 3b, off San Marcos, Road] Paul Vincent Pitre (21 Jan 1889), wife Nellie Lavera Bradley


1940 Census

Humboldt, Eureka, 12-5  Index  
James Peets 24 teller/bank, wife Lonita 26 [W3] James L. Peets (4 Dec 1915), wife Lonita Price
Humboldt, Union, 12-49  Index  
James E. Peets 53 (NE) laborer/saw mill, wife Clare A. 47 (IA), June R. 18 (NE)  [p. 23B] James Edward Peets (16 Dec 1886), 2nd wife Clare A. Bettendorf

Humboldt, Union, 12-54  Index


William M. Petes 40 (NE) [$2000 house value] laborer/saw mill, wife Mildred M. 32 (IA), William L. 15 (IA)  [p. 7b, North H Street]

William McKinley Peets (9 Feb 1900), wife Mildred May Miller

Los Angeles, Alhambra, 19-668  Index


John M. Pitre 36 (LA) machinist/automotive parts, wife Frances 34, John M. Jr. 12, Remi Jerome 6, brother Milford 39 (LA) buffer/manufacturing electrical equipment  [San Gabriel, p. 5b]

John Mitchell Pitre (18 Aug 1906), wife Agnes Frances Johanson; brother Wilfred James Pitre (13 Dec 1903)

Los Angeles, Compton, 19-78  Index  
Michael A. Peter 72 (NY, wife Delima 58 (MN) Michel Augustus Pitre (12 Jul 1867), wife Mary Delima Deranleau
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 60-37  Index  

William H. Dufton 59 (MN) steam fitter/co-op cannery, wife Evelyn 50 (MI), Vernon 15, widowed mother-in-law Caroline Peters 78 (Can), niece Elaine Fisher 17 (Can), 2nd nieces (sic nephews) Maurice Fisher 1 & Oliver Fisher 0 months.  [p. 6A]

Marie Caroline Lafond, widow of Louis Stanislas Pitre (19 Apr 1856)
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 60-722  Index  
Joseph N. Peters 75 (MA) [$5000 house value], wife Bertha 63 (IL)  [p. 3]  

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 60-825  Index


Bernie Pitre 63 (LA) (mar.), general housework/private family  [p. 8b, 1155 Adams Blvd. - Negro]


Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 60-1122  Index


Willis W. Pitre 39 (LA) [$3000 house value] automobile mechanic/dairy, wife Mary 34 (NY), Robert 4  [p. 5a, 135 West Avenue 42]

Willis Wayne Pitre (c1901), wife Mary Trapani

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 60-1145  Index  
Mathew L. Peters 51 (MI) brick layer/construction work, wife Louise M. 54 (Can), Malcolm M. 17, Clair M. 15  [p. 15A, 1041 Saxon Avenue] Matthew Peters (4 Nov 1888), wife Louise McAlpine
Los Angeles, Pasadena, 19-488  Index  
William F. Peete 40 (NY) auditing clerk/bank, wife Alice M. 42, Elaine C. 12, William F., Jr. 8   [p. 5a, 181 S. Catalina Avenue] William F. Peete (22 Dec 1899), wife Alice Mary Carroll
Los Angeles, Pasadena, 19-493  Index  
Edward Wild 58 (Eng) [$1040 house value] blacksmith, wife Gertrude 58 (Eng), Edward 34 (Eng) cabinet maker/wholesale lumber, David 20 (NJ), lodgers Margaret Peete 28 (IL) (div.) office, Margaret 10, Patricia 9, Rose Marie 4  [p. 5b, 41 Daisy] Margaret E. Wild, ex-wife of Eugene Arthur Joseph Peete (5 Jun 1909)

Los Angeles, Santa Monica, 19-763A  Index


Luelle Pitre 49 (LA) widow, manager/apartment court, 2 lodgers  [p. 8b, 184 Bell Mar Place - Negro]


Placer, Newcastle, 31-28  Index  
Henry G. Peat 32 (ND) [$750 house value] quartz miner/gold mine, wife June A. 17 (MO)  [p. 1b] Henry George Peat (15 Mar 1908), unknown spouse
Manuel D. Machado 47 (Portugal) farmer/fruit farm, wife Virginia P. 46, son-in-law Ernest A. Peat 30 (ND) window draper/chain store, wife Mary M. 17 char girl/parents' house, Dian M. 4 months  [p. 3a] Ernest A. Peat (21 Dec 1909), wife Mary Machado
Placer, Newcastle, 31-29  Index  
George H. Peat 62 (ND) widower, janitor/public school, Alma 27 (ND) bookkeeper/title company, David Lloyd 12  [Penryn Road, p. 1b] George Henry Pete (8 Dec 1878) widower of Amanda Maude Dussault
Albert J. Peat 24 (ND) miner/gold mine, wife Eileen 19  [Penryn Road, p. 1b] Joseph Albert Peat (12 Nov 1915), wife Eileen Lucille Moffett
Riverside, Banning, 33-67  
Widow Della Peters 38 (MI), Thelma M. 12 (MI), Gloria T. 10 (MI)  [p. 1A] Della Peters, ex-wife? of Vernon David Peters (23 Aug 1900)
San Bernardino, Ontario, 36-70  
Jessie Pitre 40 (MI) Inspector/G.E. Co., widow, Arla 17 (MI), Lorraine 15 (MI)  [p. 62A] Jessie M. Cadwell, widow of Herbert Petre (17 Nov 1895)
San Bernardino, Ontario, 36-72  
Leo J. Petre 49 (MI) stationary engineer/General Electric, wife Bessie M. 50 (MI), Robert Warren 13   [p. 9B] Leo Julius Petre (21 Feb 1891), wife Bessie Marilla Snyder
San Francisco, San Francisco, 38-459  
Cora E. Peters 63 widow  [133 Collingwood Street] Cora Emily DeGear, widow of Joseph Patrick Pitre (17 Mar 1879)
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara  
Harry P. Petri 46 (FCan) gardener/private estate, wife Vera 42 (Can)  [p. 7a, 1118 Bath Street] Paul Vincent Pitre (21 Jan 1889), wife Nellie Lavera Bradley



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