Caraquet, New Brunswick Parish Registers

St. Pierre aux Liens

1768  - 1883




Using LDS film #859880 (1768-1773, 1786-1796 & 1806-1853) and film #859881 (1853-1883), I have extracted the Pitre entries.  There was a typed index in the first film covering baptisms/marriages/burials for the years 1852-1899, and a baptism index for the years 1900-1925.  There were no Pitre entries in either index.  There was only one Pitre marriage listed in the 1853-1883 registers.




Mar. 29 May 1786 – Jean Baptiste Chamberland (dec. Jean Baptiste/Marie Ursule),

     & Marie Pitre (Michel/Marie Champagne) of Pisigui.  They were married in front of

     witnesses three years before and have two children.  Wit: Melancon & all Pisigui.  At Miramichi.

Mar. 3 Jun 1789 – Michel Pitre (Michel/Marie Champagne) &

     Marguerite Boudrot (Joseph/Anne Ache), Wit: Joseph Boudrot father,

     Pierre Doucet, Joseph Bertin, Charles Doucet.  At Ouimpisiqui.

Mar. 3 May 1790 – Jean Joseph Bertin (dec. Gabriel Joseph/dec. Josephe Lefebvre),

     widower of Charlotte Dubois & Marguerite Pitre (dec. Michel/Marie Oroillon),

     Wit: Michel Pitre, Joseph Boudro, Joseph Ache, Pierre Pitre.  At Napisiqui.

bap. 29 Jun 1790, b. 25 May – Marie Nord-est (Michel/Marguerite Boudrot),

     sp: Sylvain Boudrot & Marguerite Nord-est

bap. 5 Jun 1795, b. 3 Nov 1794 – Esther Pitre (Michel/Marguerite Boudraut),

     sp: Pierre Boudraut & Cecile Pitre  At Nepegeguit.

bap. 21 Feb 1796, b. 9 Oct 1795 – Marie Angel Pitre (Michel/Marguerite Boudreau),

     sp: Cyprien Boudreau uncle & Magdelaine D’aigle

Mar. 4 Apr 1796 – Charles Pitre (deceased/Marie Orion) &

     Celeste Comeau (Francois, widower of Marie Bodry)

Mar. 21 Aug 1820 – Pierre Doucet laborer of Nepisiquit, widower of Marguerite Theriot,

     & Isabelle Pitre of Caraquet, major d/o (dec. Michel/Marguerite Boudrot),

     Wit: Raphael Blanchard & Tranquille Blanchard

Mar. 17 Apr 1830 – Charles Le berton, major s/o (Charles/Marguerite Gionnois) of Tracadie,

     & Cecile Pitre, widow of Jean Chagnon of Tracadie, Wit: Pierre Leger,

     Pierre Blanchard, Charles Comeau



Mar. 19 Sep 1857 – Charles LeGruchy & Delphine Pitre, 3rd degree consanguinity,

     Wit: Placide Cormier & Jean LeGruchy





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