Pitre Men who were

Union Soldiers during the Civil War


The list below is a compilation from a variety of sources.  The “Who Was He?” column is my theory as to the identity of each man.  If you know or have reason to believe an identity is incorrect, please contact me so that this list can be corrected.  If you know of other Pitres who served in the Union Army please contact me so that they can be added.







1- Angus (Anglice) La Jomb


Co. A

92nd NY Infantry


11 November 1861


Age 18

Re-enlisted in Co.A, 92nd Infantry Rgmt NY on 3 January 1864; Transfered to Co. D, 96th Infantry Rgmt NY on 1 December 1864. Deserted at Warrenton, VA on 16 September 1865

Angus Pitre (Jan 1844)

2- Edward Lajomb


Co. U

14th NY Artillery

27 August 1863


Age 25

Enlisted in Co. A, 92nd Infantry Regt. NY on 11 November 1861. Reenlisted on 3 January 1864. Transferred to Co. D, 96th Infantry Rgmt on 1 December 1864. Deserted Co. D, 96th Infantry Rgmt. on 16 September 1865 at Warrenton, VA

Edouard Lajambe (14 Feb 1836)

3- Eneas S. Peat


Co. H

10th MN Infantry

12 August 1862

Enlisted Co. B 8th Regt. Minn Vols.; Enlisted Co. H 10th Regt. Minn Vols.; Listed as Age 27 in 1862; Transferred to 15th Regt. Veteran Reserve Corps, December 21st 1864

Ignace Pitre (25 Nov 1831)

4- Charles Franklin Peters 16th MI infantry 16 February 1864


Enlisted in Brady's Sharpshooters attached to the 16th Michigan infantry. Injured during the Battle of Petersburg (shot in the jaw), Virginia on 16th June 1864; Mustered out at Harper Hospital, Detroit, MI on 15th April 1865.  



Charles Franklin Peters (20 Sep 1842)



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