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Those people already in the services were not included.  The cards are scanned online.  Some are very difficult to read.  The cards contain more information including current address, occupation, and employer.


Under each soldier's name I've included who I believe his parents were.  This is a judgment based on my files and the info given in the attestation paper.  While the name of the father or mother was often included in the document the names of both parents were not.  If you are aware of any corrections, additions or identifications please let me know.



Misc. States:



Name Place Birth Nearest Relative Description


Wilfred Pitre   [Vital Pitre/Marie Juvenile Chatigny] Anchorage, AK 18 Aug 1879 (Canada) Clara Pitre (wife) of Providence, RI medium/medium; grey eyes; brown hair


Joseph Patrick Peters  [Jean Baptiste Alphonse Pitre/Mary Rock] San Francisco, CA (12 Sep 1918) 17 Mar 1879 Cora Emilie Peters (135 Collingwood, San Francisco) short/medium, blue eyes, dark brown hair
Leo Thomas Peters  [Clement Vitaly/Ellen Catherine McEachern] San Francisco, CA 8 Jun 1895 (Lynn, MA) mother 5'9"/medium; blue eyes; dark hair


James Francis Pitre Denver, Denver, CO 2 Oct 1881 Angeline Mary Lambert (Oklahoma) Tall/stout; hazel eyes, lt. brown hair


John Patrick Peters  [Andre Pitre/Marguerite Doucet] Bridgeport, CT (5 Jun 1917) 20 Oct 1890 (PEI) wife; electrician medium/slender; brown eyes; black hair
Dore Joseph La Pite [Joseph Arsene Lepitre/Marie Louise Crevier] Rockville, CT 8 March 1900 Joseph La Pite (father) 5'6"; slender; hazel eyes
Joseph La Pite  [Joseph 'Sinai' Lepitre/Marie Odile Cartier dite Laflotte] Rockville, CT 26 Apr 1881 Mary La Pite medium/medium; blue eyes; sandy hair


Frank Peters     [Firmin Pitre/Louise Splude] Ft. Leavenworth, KS 5 June 1917 res. 35 Plummer, Gardiner, laborer employed at US Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Worth; single; PVT 7 years US Army medium/medium; blue eyes, brown hair


Benjamin Peters   [Henry Pitre/Emilienne Gallant] Westbrook, ME (12 Sep 1918) 5 May 1898 (Can) Henry Peters medium/slender; blue eyes; brown hair
Gilbert Peters  [Henry Pitre/Emilienne Gallant] Westbrook, ME (12 Sep 1918) 7 Aug 1900 (Can) Henry Peters (same address, Westbrook) medium/slender; blue eyes; blond hair
John Gilbert Peters  [Edward J. Peters/Lucy Jane Tarbox] Topsham, ME  (5 Jun 1917) 17 Dec 1894; Topsham, ME shipsmith helper; single tall/medium; blue eyes; black hair
Ralph Dewey Peters  [Edward J. Peters/Lucy Jane Tarbox] Topsham, ME (12 Sep 1918) 27 Mar 1898 working on father's farm (Edward J. Peters); contact mother Lucy J. Peters; recently released from Insane Asylum at Augusta medium/medium; brown eyes; black hair
Alex James Petrie      [Theodore Pitre/Georgia A. Turcotte] Orono, ME (5 Jun 1917) 15 Jan 1893; Orono, ME 31 Water Street, Orono, ME;  painter; single, support of mother & sister medium/medium; dark brown eyes & dark brown hair; 5 Jun 1917 Orono, ME.
Charles Ernest Petrie    [Stephen Pitre/Marguerite Anne Poirier] Ashland, ME      5 Jun 1917 4 Nov 1888;   Orono, ME res. Ashland Sheridan, ME; laborer; wife & 1 child medium/stout; brown eyes, brown hair
William James Petrie    [Stephen Pitre/Marguerite Anne Poirier] Houlton, ME  (12 Sep 1918) 14 Aug 1883 Eva Petrie; mill laborer medium/medium; blue eyes; black hair


Gaspard Lajambe  [Pierre Pitre/Marie Angele Bergevin] Red Lake, MN 22 Mar 1882 Adeline Lajambe (wife) medium/medium; brown eyes; black hair
Norman Lajambe  [Felix Pitre/Marie Arlene Prenovost] Red Lake, MN 12 Jun 1893  (Oklee, MN) none medium/medium; dark brown eyes; black hair; broken arm (stiff at elbow)
Norman Lajambe  [Pierre Pitre/Marie Angele Bergevin] Red Lake, MN age 22 (in 1918)  (Lambert, MN) none tall/slender; brown eyes; brown hair
Sylva Lajambe  [Charles Pitre/Virginie ---] Red Lake, MN 9 Nov 1898 Charlie Lajambe medium/medium; blue eyes; black hair
Jerry Sidney Lashomb  [Alexandre Lajambe/Marie Louise Hurteau] St. Paul, Hennepin, MN 7 Jan 1881 (age 37) Mrs. Alice Lashomb (currently at Turtle Lake, Wisconsin) medium/medium; brown eyes; brown hair
Isidore H. Peters   [Felix Pitre/Philomene Gallant] Hopkins, MN (12 Sep 1918) 19 Oct 1878 res. 3 Richfield, Hennepin, MN; Mary Peters (wife) tall/slender
Joseph Pitre Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN 29 Oct 1880  (naturalized) Josephine Pitre short/stout; black eyes; black hair


Henry Peets  [Ignace Pitre/Adelaide Gadway] Elliston, Powell, MT 28 Mar 1882 Belle Lozy Peets tall/stout; brown eyes; light hair
Walter William Peters [Pierre Pitre/Marcelline Hainault] Deer Lodge, MT  (5 Jun 1917) 14 Jan 1888 (Deer Lodge); deputy sheriff father & mother medium/medium; light brown eyes; dark brown hair
Floyd Louis Petre   [Toussaint Pitre/Gilfera 'Mary' Betwe] Billings, MT  (5 Jun 1917) 28 Feb 1888 (Gilford, MI) single; farmer short/stout, blue eyes, brown hair
Leo Petre   [Toussaint Pitre/Gilfera 'Mary' Betwe] Madison, MT  (5 Jun 1917) 21 Feb 1891 Gilford, MI res. Pony, MT; b. 21 Feb 1891 Gilford, MI; support for wife, father, mother, 1 child short/medium, blue eyes, light hair


Charles Edwin Peets  [George Edward/Catherine A. Wetzel] Antelope, Nebraska 18 April 1895  (Oakdale, Nebraska) single medium/medium; brown eyes; light hair
James E. Peets  [Jean Baptiste Pitre/Jane Crosier] Antelope, Nebraska 16 Dec 1886  (Oakdale, Nebraska) wife & 2 children medium/medium; brown eyes; black hair
William McKinley Peets   [Louis William Peets/Ada Shurts] Oakdale, Antelope, Nebraska  (12 Oct 1918) 9 Feb 1900 rel: Ada Mary Peets short/slender; blue eyes, dark hair

New Hampshire

Joseph Rosario Lepitre    [Joseph Philippe Lepitre/Marie Delphine Leclerc] Berlin, NH (5 Jun 1918) 30 Mar 1894 (East Angus, Quebec) res. Glen Ave., Berlin, NH; common labor; wife medium/medium; dark brown eyes; dark brown hair
Lawrence Peters    [Timothee Pitre/Catherine Gallant] Conway, New Hampshire    5 Jun 1917 11 Jan 1892  (Souris East, PEI) res. Kearsarge, NH; farming; single short/medium; brown eyes; dark brown hair; slightly bald
Samuel Peets  [Henry Pitre/Frances 'Nancy' Sancome] Keene, New Hampshire 15 Feb 1878 Elizabeth Peets short/medium; brown eyes; black hair


Gust O. Pete                    [Julius/Mary Louise Sancrant] Toledo, Ohio 19 May 1884 Ada Pete medium/medium; grey eyes; brown hair
Thomas Andrew Peets  [Maximilien Lepitre/Hannah M. Slocum] Lorain, Ohio 5 Oct 1885  (Wallaceburg, ONT) wife Francis Juliet Peets medium/medium; blue eyes; brown hair
William Pitre  [Narcisse Tancrede/Eva Giroux] Cuyahoga, OH 16 Apr 1894 (Brooklyn, NY) single medium/medium; grey eyes; brown hair


Joseph Stevens Peters     [Drusus 'Adruce' Pitre/Marie Gallant] Clackamas, OR  12 Sep 1918 8 Dec 1878 res. Milwaukee, OR; shipyard worker; contact Celia M. Peters (same address) tall/stout; blue eyes; light hair

Rhode Island

Isidore Francis Peters    [Diogene Pitre/Rufine Doiron] 12 Sep 1918 Providence, RI 15 Jul 1881 credit manager; rel. Gertrude Peters tall/stout, dark brown eyes & black hair
Theodore E. Peters    [Diogene Pitre/Rufine Doiron] 5 Jun 1917 Providence, RI 16 Feb 1887 St. Ann's, PEI 36 Reynolds Ave.; motor driver; wife & child medium/medium, dark brown eyes & black hair


Albert Eugene Peters   [Toussaint Pitre/Rose Sedilot dite Montreuil Port Orchard, WA  (12 Sep 1918) 22 Oct 1883 res. Bremerton; carpenter; rel. Louie Peters of 226 So. St., Rochester, MI short/medium; brown eyes, dark hair
Albert Lajambe  [Felix Pitre/Marie Arlene Prenovost] Yakima, WA 15 Apr 1898 Mary LaJambe (mother) tall/slender; brown eyes; black hair
Edward Joseph Peters   [Louis Pitre/Catherine Suliere] 12 Sep 1917 Seattle, WA. 19 Sep 1873 3226-12th, Seattle, WA; wife Mrs. Virginia Peters medium height & medium build, grey eyes & dark hair;
Joseph Louis Lajambe  [Pierre Pitre/Marie Angele Bergevin] Yakima, WA 14 Nov 1879 Antoinette La Jambe medium/stout; grey eyes; grey hair
Joseph Henry Peter        [Michel Lepitre/Mary Cecelia Bisaillon] Yakima, WA  (12 Sep 1918) 7 Oct 1881 wife Josephine Beatrice Peter short/medium, blue eyes, light hair
Paul Edward Peters        [Michel Lepitre/Mary Cecelia Bisaillon] Seattle, WA  (5 Jun 1917) 17 Nov 1890 (Rapid City, South Dakota) parents; single; res. 843 Trenton, Seattle tall/medium, grey eyes, brown hair
Joseph Edward Pitre  [Joseph Louis/Genevieve Doiron] Seattle, King, WA (12 Sep 1918) 9 Jun 1881 (Quebec) George S. Pitre (Quebec) 5'8"/slender; grey eyes; brown hair; missing one finger
Paul Napoleon Pitre  [Alphonse /Marie Valasine Euphrosine Longtin] Wenatchee, Chelan, WA 24 May 1873 (Canada) Mrs. P. Pitre (Rockland, ONT) tall/medium; grey eyes; grey hair


James Pete                  [Antoine Pitre/Irene Arquette] Rusk, WI (5 Jun 1917) 25 Nov 1892 (Necedah, WI) wife & child tall/stout; brown eyes; black hair
Robert Henry Pete      [Antoine Pitre/Irene Arquette] 5 Jun 1917 (lives Owen) 25 Jun 1895 (Necedah, WI) single; assistant millwright (enlisted in Co. A, 2nd Regt., Marshfield) tall/medium; dark brown eyes; black hair


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