Louisiana Census - 1930


Using online images of the U.S. census (www.ancestry.com), I have been extracting the Pitre families.  


My extractions include only the parent/s, children, ages, location, and others at the address.  There are also Acadian-surname families within some parishes that have race as black or mulatto (mixed race parentage).  These families were most probably the descendants of slaves from the various plantations and farms and quite likely were either given or took the surname of the owner as their own surname once slavery was abolished.  Race is white unless indicated otherwise: B for black, mul for mulatto. 



Questions asked on the 1930 census:

Name of street, avenue road, etc.; house number; number of dwellings in order of visitation; number of family in order of visitation; name of each person whose place of abode was with the family; relationship of person enumerated to the head of the family; whether home owned or rented; value of home if owned; if rented, monthly rental; whether family owned a radio set; whether family owned a farm; sex; color or race; age at last birthday; whether single, married, widowed, or divorced; age at first marriage; whether attended school or college any time since 1 September 1929; whether able to read or write; person's place of birth; father's place of birth; mother's place of birth; language spoken in home before immigration; year of immigration to United States; whether naturalized or alien; whether able to speak English; trade, profession, or particular kind of work done; industry, business, or establishment in which at work; whether employer, salary or wage worker, or working on own account; whether actually at work the previous work day; if not, line number on unemployment schedule (which no longer exist); whether veteran of U.S. military or naval forces, if yes, which war or expedition; number on farm schedule. 


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St. Charles

St. Landry

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