St. Mary Parish, LA  –  1920 Census

Pitre Extractions



St. Mary Parish was created from Assumption Parish in 1811.  Below are all the Pitre occurrences within the 1920 census of St. Mary Parish.  Omissions are either the enumerator’s fault or mine.  Any errors in transcription are mine.  Some entries were easy to read, some were barely distinguishable scribbles. 


I have attempted to copy the entry as written.  The ‘probably’ column is my judgment as to the identity of the family.  More detailed information on the family is found within the Pitre Descendant Tree itself.



District 69, ward 1east of ‘Cut Off Road’ through Adeline Plantation   - None –


District 70, ward 1west of ‘Cut Off Road’ through Adeline Plantation



Jules Pitre 46 general farmer, wife Olivia 35, Emma 14, Felix 13, Edna 12, Enieaux 11, Renat 7, Alix 5, Emile 4, Rita 3, Jules Jr. 10 months; William Ashiel 48 farm laborer (B), wife Louisa 30 farm laborer (B), son Arren 12 (B)  (Jefferson Hwy.)        [p. 13A]

Jules Honore Pitre (15 May 1873), wife Olivia Goula


District 71 & 72, ward 2  - None -

District 73, 74 & 75, ward 3Baldwin & Franklin  - None -


District 76Franklin (south of Willow St. to city limits, including parish jail)



Leonard Pitre 36, wife Ellen 30, Clara 15, Lorena 12, Lenard 10, Lionel 5, Hebert 3, Lydia 3 months  (all B) (S. Robison St.)    [p. 6B]

Leonard Pitre, wife Aileen Lijeau


District 77Franklin (north of Willow St. to city limits)



Charles Pete 40 laborer, wife Clara 28, Emma 15, Avery 10, Alfred 5  (all B)   [p. 7B]



District 78, ward 4east of a north & south line at St. Schwann’s road & bridge



Harris Pete 40 farm employee (widowed), Amie 17, Variey 15f  [Verdunville, p. 5A]

Harris Pitre (Oct 1875), wife Elizabeth Madeleine Pontiff

Willie Pete 42 farm employee, wife Maggie 35, Joseph 13, Justilian 9, Henry 7, Harris 3  [Verdunville, p. 5A]

William Shelton Pitre (12 Aug 1872), 2nd wife Marguerite Leboeuf


District 79, ward 4west of a north & south line at Schwann’s bridge; Bayou Sale  - None -

District 80, ward 5  - None -

District 81Patterson


District 82, ward 6



L.C. Pete 26 fisherman, wife Beulah 19, Horace 3, Ira 1  [Wax Bayou, W6, p. 9B/10A]

Victor Elie Pitre (5 Nov 1893), wife Beulah Mary Kiffe


District 83Morgan City, north side of Everette St. running from Atachafala River eastward to city limits

District 84Morgan City, south side of Everette St. running from Atachafala River to city limits


District 85, ward 7



Sidney Pietre 30 farmer, sister Elodie 38, brother Elie 35 laborer (widowed)  [p. 16B]

Peter Sydney Pitre (18 Oct 1888), sister Elodie Pitre (20 Oct 1881), brother Joseph Elie Pitre (20 Oct 1885)


District 86, ward 8Berwick



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