Lafayette Parish, LA  -  1920 Census

Pitre Extractions



Below are some Pitre occurrences within the 1920 Lafayette Parish census.  Any errors in transcription are mine.  Some entries were easy to read, some were barely distinguishable scribbles.  I have attempted to copy the entry as written.  The ‘probably’ column is my judgment as to the identity of the family.  More detailed information on the family is found within the Pitre Descendant Tree itself.



District 26, ward 1



Cecilia Pitte 57 mother-in-law (widow), living w/ family of Huberte Hebert 34 and wife Aloisa 34  [p. 13B]

Cecilia Melancon, widow of Jean Simpre Pitre (21 Jun 1860); daughter Aloysia Pitre (3 Dec 1885)

Elinor Pitts 32 farmer, wife Louisianais 30, Benoist 10, Camil 8, Paul 7, Johnny 5, Elinor 7 months, sister-in-law Alice Domingue 42. (W1, ED26, p. 14a] Illinois Adam Pitre (12 Dec 1887), wife Louisiane Domingue


District 30, ward 3



Joe P. Pitre 64 farm laborer, wife –atrice 56, Delton 19 farm laborer  [p. 14A]

Joseph Lesime Pitre (9 Feb 1858), wife Letitia Lagrange


District 32, ward 3



Walter Pitre 37 RR blacksmith, wife Mary L. 33, Allan J. 12, Lester J. 10, Joseph D. 3  [p. 7B]

Joseph Walter Pitre (28 Apr 1883), wife Marie Lalonde

Louis Blanc 36, wife Gladys 28, Regina 8y 1m, Euthemie 5y 1m, Lewis 2y 1m; widowed mother-in-law Fannie Pitre 54 not Acadian


District 35,



L. Pitre 40 widow, Adelle 20, Rene 17  [p. 23B]

Elia Dumesnil, widow of Emile Benoit Pitre (21 May 1876)



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