Pierre Pitre

1725 Acadia 21 February 1757 Ile St. Jean




Continuation of tree (2nd child of Joseph Pitre/Elisabeth (Isabelle) Boudrot); all known surname descendants:

     4     Pierre Pitre  b: Abt. 1725  Acadia; d: 21 February 1757  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean

                        +Anne Bourg  b: Abt. 1726  Cobequit, Acadia; m: 6 June 1753  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean [Jean Baptiste/Francoise Aucoin]

            5          Francois Xavier Pitre  b: 16 July 1754  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean; d: Bet. 1826-1845  L'Ardoise, Richmond, NS

                                    +Marie Modeste Cheverie  b: 27 February 1755  Ile St. Jean; m: Abt. 1774  Prince Edward Island [Antoine/Marie Pinet]; d: 16 February 1845  L'Ardoise, Richmond, NS

            5          Firmin Pitre  b: 17 August 1755  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean

            5          Anne Josephe Pitre  b: 27 October 1757  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean



Notes for Pierre Pitre:

Both Pierre & Anne's families took refuge on Ile St. Jean as they are found in the 1752 census.  This difficult respite was short-lived.  The couple married in 1753 and produced 3 children before Pierre's early death in 1757.  Whatever became of the rest of the family is unknown to me, only that Francois Xavier lived long enough to marry (his widow's burial entry reads thus: Modeste Chavery, about 94 yrs old, d. Feb. 16, 1845, bur. Feb. 18, 1845, widow of Xavier Pitre, witness: Emmanuel --?--, Pierre Samson.)




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Items in RED verified from transcriptions in the following:

- Letter from Stephen A. White to Leo Peters

- Holy Guardian Angels, L'Ardoise registers (online)


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